Freein Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Today we're looking at the Freein Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board. We got this model from Amazon and decided to do a full review on it, what you get, whether it's actually worth it. 

You can pick this up for around $550 - $699 depending on the size. They currently offer, 10", 10.2" and 11" with a weight of only 23lbs once fully inflated, a deduction in around 20-25% on a traditional inflatable stand up paddle board. 

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What is the Freein Explorer SUP?

The Freein Explorer SUP Paddle Board is the perfect piece of equipment for the summer time. This is an inflatable paddle board that is incredibly sturdy and can withstand up to 138kg. 

At over 3.3m in length and almost a meter in width, this product can be used for people and animals of all sizes. It has several features, such as a GoPro mount, which makes it great for recording outdoor adventures.

This is a great product that is designed to be compact and easy to handle thanks to the inflatable nature. It can be set up and deflated in just a couple of minutes, allowing for fun right out of the box.

The Freein Explorer SUP would make a great gift for any water lover, or any person interested in paddle boarding.

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What is the Freein Explorer SUP for?

Like the name suggests, it is an ideal and convenient product for regular paddle boarding excursions. 

Due to the inflatable nature, it is a lightweight and compact item that can be easily transported between home and the beach. This is also a multi-function item that can double up as a piece of workout equipment

Features of the Freein Explorer SUP

This paddle board measures 3.3m by 0.8m and has a depth of 15cm. It is made with double-stitch technology which allows it to remain relatively lightweight, while still maintaining sturdiness. 

When inflated, this item weighs around 17kg. It can also withstand a maximum pressure of 27PSI.

This product consists of 6 different layers. The vast majority is space yarn which provides a smooth base for the rest of the fabrics. There are 3 layers of protective cloth which are designed to provide comfort while still providing a firm and stable surface.

The top layer is an EVA pad which as anti-slip properties to prevent accidents when paddle boarding. All in all, several coatings of PVC are integrated for resistance against the toughest currents.

This product is also adorned with carbon fibre railing for increased temperature tolerance and durability.

The Freein Explorer SUP comes with several attractive features for comfort and portability. There is a textured grove footpad which ensures a firm grip between the board and the body.

At the rear end of the board is a D-ring attachment to store or transport this item. The centre of this product is lined with a wide handle for easily moving it between locations.

On of the most noticeable aspects of this paddle board is the GoPro mount, which is conveniently located at the front.

This can fit most standard GoPro items such as the GoPro Max and GoPro HERO9. The mount allows you to easily record breath taking footage on beaches, lakes, rivers and several other landscapes.

The Freein Explorer SUP enables several items to be attached to the board itself. The bungee cords can be used to store personal luggage and items.

This further makes it a great product for the beach, it is large enough to store bathing suits, towels and more.

As this is an inflatable product, it comes with a large valve at the back end of the board. The pressure can easily be modified simply by turning the knob.

What comes with the Freein Explorer SUP?

This inflatable paddle board comes with all the necessary equipment to immediately launch into the water. The inclusion of a user-friendly hand pump allows people of all sizes to inflate the board within minutes. 

A paddle to go alongside the board is also provided. This paddle can be separated into 3 different pieces to maximise storage.

An ankle leash is given with this product. The leash is almost 3m in length, which allows the board to always be reachable, no matter the distance. For minor rips and scratches, a tool kit is included to easily mend the damages.

As previously mentioned, the Freein Explorer SUP is an incredibly convenient product. This statement is further solidified thanks to the included carrying case and drybag.

The carrying case is perfect for storing the board when it is deflated and not in use. The drybag is 20L in capacity, and can be used to protect precious belongings from water damage.

D-rings are provided for attaching personal items and other luggage.

Other Freein Sizes To Consider

If the 3.3m size is just too large, there are also other size options available which all come with the additional accessories.

The 3m paddle board is a great option for kids and smaller adults. Additionally, there is also a 3.2m size.

Freein Explorer Reviews

“LOVE THIS. It’s super easy to blow up/deflate which is perfect. It’s super sturdy and we always have a blast when we use it. Love the quality. My Australian shepherd loves sitting at the front while I’m paddling and it doesn’t even wobble! If I ever needed another board, I would for sure buy this again.”

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