Everfit Titan Flywheel Rowing Machine Review

Are you looking for information on the Everfit Titan rowing machine? This magnetic flywheel rowing machine is available to purchase in Australia and is an affordable alternative to expensive models, yet offers the same high quality features and specifications.

With a magnetic resistance mechanism, a fairly lightweight (31kg) base, and 10 different resistance levels it's perfect for your back, legs, arms and abs. Plus with a weight capacity of 200kg, it's perfect for nearly every Australian gym junkie. 

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What is the Everfit Titan Rowing Machine?

If you are looking for a piece of equipment to work out all areas of the body, the Everfit Titan Rowing Machine should be a standout choice.

This device allows even beginners to exercise using basic rowing movements. This product comes with 10 different resistance settings, catering to different fitness levels.

With adjustable functions and an LCD screen that monitors important vital signs, this is the perfect product for anyone looking to get into or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The Everfit rower makes a great addition to any home gym. With a weight of just 31kg and dimensions of 208.5 by 48 by 58.5cm. it can be tucked away in the corner without taking up much space. 

The Everfit Titan Rowing Machine would be a perfect fit for someone serious about their fitness and want personalised results.

What is the Everfit Titan Rowing Machine for?

The Everfit Titan Rowing Machine offers an innovative way of working out without ever stepping outdoors. For those who enjoy rowing but hate the inconvenience of having to meet water, this is a wonderful product. 

This machine allows even beginners to quickly get used to the rowing motion and design their own workouts using the different resistance levels. With a user-friendly LCD panel, it offers a great way to keep track of workout progress.

Features of the Everfit Titan Rowing Machine

This product can withstand a maximum weight of 200kg, making it great for both small and large adults. At the most intensive level, the length with the rope can be extended to over 2m. It measures 208.5 by 48 by 58.5cm. 

This machine runs on magnetic-resistance technology, powered by the workout itself and the 5kg flywheel. This technology allows you to exercise large muscle groups such as the abdominals, chest, back, arms and shoulders.

Other than targeting specific regions of this body, alternating rhythms and intensity levels also enable several fun cardio sessions. Overall, the rowing mechanisms are said to be able to condition more than 80% of the body’s large muscle areas.

A big benefit of the magnetic-resistance system (how it works?) is that this machine requires absolutely no electricity to run. This makes it great for anyone who is environmentally conscious, or just want to save on utility fees.

Additionally, the magnetic force is incredibly silent, even with the most intense workouts. This allows you to workout with the rowing machine late at night without waking up housemates or neighbours. 

This item is equipped with an LCD screen which can be viewed during workouts. This display provides information, such as time, calories burnt and more.

Settings such as mode adjustments can also be accessed through the touch-buttons just beneath the LCD display. 

An adjustable dial is also included to place different resistance levels, numbered from 1 to 10. This is a manual dial.

There are several mechanical features which make the Everfit Titan Rowing Machine truly attractive. The main body is made out of steel which provides durability and ensures long-term use for years to come.

This is a contoured seat that cushions the buttocks and allows firm attachment, even during the most vigorous sessions.

For extra stability and comfort, foot straps are included with the foot podium. There are rubber feet to prevent skidding and accidents.

One of the best features is that wheels are attached, which make it easy to store and transport between locations. 

This item is designed to imitate the action of rowing, and comes with pulling straps which measure 130cm. These straps have high tensile strength which enables smooth rowing movements without any delays and jerks.

Depending on the resistance level, the pulling straps can be harder or easier to pull. It is highly suggested that beginners start with the lowest intensity to avoid in injuries.

For maximum convenience, this machine can be folded to save room when not in use. This can be done so by loosening the screws beforehand. 

No additional accessories are provided. Only one rowing machine is included within the box. 

Not the rower for you? Try their water resistance model.

Everfit Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

All in all, the Everfit Rowing Machine is a wonderful piece of equipment that requires no electricity in order to fit in a great workout. 

With a silent magnetic flywheel system, it can be used any time during the day without disturbing those nearby.

Available in a black and red colourway, this product can blend in with any background.

Check out this testimonial from Maree:
“I like how easy it is to use and how quiet it is to operate. Using each day for fitness.”

Verdict: An awesome, budget friendly rowing machine from Everfit. Highly rated online, with lots of resistance settings.
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