5+ Best Wireless Gaming Mouses In Australia

Every gamer knows that a good mouse can be the difference between getting shot vs shooting your opponent, and having an accurate sensor that tracks and precisely lands shots is vital. 

Today we're looking at 5 of the best wireless gaming mouses available to buy in Australia. Hardcore gamers definitely want a cable, but for those who want the same great features in a wireless capacity can with these options.

Offering a range of features including optical sensors, super fast tracking speeds, programmable buttons and a range of on-board memory profiles, there's many features to consider. 

Gaming mouses come with customisable RGB lighting allowing you to choose your favourite colours, plus most come with additional accessories such as a printed scroll wheel, or even the ability to add a mini joystick to the device.

With something for every budget, we've listed our top 5 picks for the year.  

The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse's

1. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • 4 on board memory profiles
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • RGB multi colour scheme

This wireless gaming mouse from Razer is designed for long gaming sessions with a battery life of 50 hours with a full charge. With the integration of the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor, there is a high resolution of 16,000DPI which allows small and focused movements.

There is a tracking speed of up to 450IPS with 50G acceleration. The switches are highly sensitive and have a life cycle of 50 million clicks. This mouse also houses cloud storage and on-board memory for 4 profiles.

The silhouette of this product is designed to fit nicely against different palm sizes and comes in at 104 grams. There are grips on the side to enable long gaming sessions and minimise the risk of strains.

There are also 7 programmable buttons where shortcuts and commands can be placed to save time during intense matches. Commands can be programmed in using Razer Synapse 3.

Another aspect of this mouse is the imprinted scroll wheel which makes it easy to locate and control without having to look down. This mouse comes in an all-black finish with the classic Razer emblem.

There are millions of RBG colour options available to customise the details. This mouse is geared towards right-handed gamers. 

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Long life battery, 50 hours
  • 4-8 programmable buttons
  • Ultra lightweight, only 80g

This Logitech mouse is geared towards gaming professionals due to the high specifications and technology in place. The HERO 16K sensor allows both precision and high-speed tracking at 400IPS. There is a high resolution of 16,000DPI with smoothing-prevention technology.

The mechanical switches can withstand up to 50 million clicks, providing a long lifecycle. There are minimal concerns over data interference during wireless use due to a report rate of 1 MS. On-board memory is included which enables up to 5 profiles to be saved at once. 

This mouse can endure around 50 hours of gaming on a single charge. There is 1 LIGHTSYNC RGB zone which can be personalized through Logitech G HUB to add in bright or muted colours.

Through Logitech G HUB, up to 8 buttons can be configured to place in commands and shortcuts. The buttons can be detached from the main body to further customise the feel of the mouse. All in all, the mouse can house between 4-8 programmable buttons.

The scroll wheel is textured to enable tangible control. This is a slim and compact device, weighing 80 grams. This mouse comes in a classic black design with the Logitech logo. It is best for right-handed usage.

3. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse

  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Ultra lightweight, only 83g
  • Long battery life

This gaming mouse has an incredibly long battery life of up to 285 hours on fully wireless use through HyperSpeed mode. This product is also compatible with Bluetooth which can be used to lengthen the running time to 450 hours.

The mechanical switches are also long-lasting with an advertised lifespan of 50 million clicks. Inside the mouse is the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor which has a resolution of 16,000DPI, enabling accurate movements.

There is also a maximum tracking speed of 450IPS with a 40G acceleration speed, allowing quick responses and snipes. Stable wireless connection is always supported, even in data-filled arenas. A maximum of 5 profiles can be stored using on-board memory.

This mouse has 6 programmable buttons which can be customised through Razer Synapse 3 to add in secondary commands. There is a tactile scroll wheel which runs smoothly. This product is designed for right-hand dominant gamers.

The physical build of this device includes a dedicated thumb position to reduce tension in the hand. This item is lightweight, coming in at 83 grams. It comes in a modern black finish, and does not have RGB lighting. It is catered towards long gaming sessions due to the battery life.

4. Asus ROG Chakram Mouse

  • Long life battery, 79 hours
  • Aura Sync RBG lighting
  • Includes gaming joystick

The Asus ROG Chakram is equipped with an optical sensor that has a resolution of 16,000DPI for meticulous aims in-game. There is a tracking speed of 400IPS with a 40G acceleration as well.

This mouse can be connected to Bluetooth and has a battery life of 79 hours, ideal for gaming marathons. This device also has an exclusive DPI On-The-Scroll, using the scroll wheel to modify the responsiveness.

The mechanical switches can be easily swapped out, as well as the buttons and main cover. No screws or tools are needed, making it a truly customisable mouse. Through Aura Sync RBG lighting, several colours and colour animations can be set.

AMOURY II can be used to change colours and other settings. This wireless mouse comes with joysticks of different lengths, to play racing games. The joystick can also be detached when not needed.

This product is geared towards right-handed gamers as there is a slot for the thumb to reduce stress and strains.

Wireless charging can be enabled through usage with Qi charging equipment. It is a heftier mouse at 130 grams. This item comes in black with the ROG logo displayed but there is a blank badge included as well.

5. Corsair IRONCLAW SlipStream Gaming Mouse

  • 10 programmable buttons
  • Lightweight, only 105g
  • On-board memory for 3 profiles

This Corsair wireless gaming mouse is designed to accommodate precise and accurate movements with an optical sensor that has a maximum resolution of 18,000DPI. There is a rapid report rate of 1 MS through Slipstream Corsair Wireless Technology, enabling a reliable wire-free connection.

The report rate can also be adjusted from 250Hz to 1000Hz depending on the game played. Between 30-50 hours of game time is available on a single charge while the switches can withstand up to 50 million clicks.

There is a maximum acceleration of 50G and a tracking speed of 400IPS for smooth performance. The on-board memory can support up to 3 profiles.

This mouse has 10 programmable buttons available and RBG lighting at different zones. Commands and colour schemes can be customized through the Corsair iCUE software. This is a palm-grip mouse, ideal for larger hand sizes and right-hand dominant gamers.

The physical design includes a dedicated region for the thumb so that tension is reduced during long gaming hours. This is a compact and lightweight mouse at 105 grams.

It is also compatible with Bluetooth connection. It is geared towards experienced gamers due to the customisable features available.

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