5+ Best Waterproof Notebooks In Australia

Want to write down your thoughts or work notes while out on the road, camp site or even in the shower? Well now you can, with the best waterproof notebooks. 

These waterproof notepads are great for writing in the rain, as well as reading notes while the paper is getting wet, but the ink isn't running. 

The technology behind this is pretty impressive, which is why these notebooks are much more expensive than your traditional pen and paper, however these is a range of brands and models to suit every budget.

These make the perfect gift for the outdoors fanatic, or the up and coming entrepreneur who is always jotting down new business ideas in the shower! 

1. Field Notes: Expedition 3-Pack

  • 3 Pack, 3.5x5.5" size
  • 48 pages per pad
  • Memo book template

Each notebook from this pack measures 3.5 by 5.5 inches which is around pocket size. There are 48 pages in total, with dot-graph markings in a grey shade. The pages are made from Yupo Synthetic material which offers waterproof and tearproof properties.

It is highly recommended that Sharpies and ballpoint pens be used in order to get the best writing experience.

The covers display outlines of Antarctica with black and orange backdrops. These American-made notebooks from Field Notes are targeted at those who work in outdoors or rough environments. It is best for auto technicians, marine biologists and urban planners.

2. Rite in the Rain Notebooks

  • 1 Pack, 4.6x7"
  • 32 sheets per pad
  • Lined template

This notebook from Rite in the Rain measures 4.625 by 7 inches and is available in several bright colours. Thanks to the spiral Wire-o binding, this book will still maintain integrity even in roughest environments.

There are 32 sheets of paper which are marked with regular lines. The pages are slightly grey in colour to minimise glare. The pages are resistant to water, grease and can survive in the laundry as well.

Ballpoint pens and permanent markers can be used during both rainy and sunny days without smudges.

This book is covered with a polydura fabric which is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

3. All Terrain Waterproof Notebooks

  • 3 Pack, 3.5x5.5"
  • 48 pages per pad
  • Good with a pencil

This pack of 3 from All Terrain is designed for those who work in the outdoors, such as marine biologists. Each book is about pocket sized, measuring 3.5 by 5.5 inches.

There are 48 pages, lined with a dot-graph arrangement. These pages are supported by a sewn binding to keep everything intact. The sheets are made out of stone paper which has waterproof qualities. It is recommended that a pencil be used in damp environments.

Each notebook is covered with a waterproof material in a dark black hue. This item can be stored in a pocket shirt or any small area.

4. EMT Vital Notebooks

  • 3 Pack, 5 x 3" size
  • 140 pages in each pad
  • Format pages

This pack of 3 from Swiss Safe is designed for those working in the healthcare industry. Each notebook is 5 by 3 inches in size which fits in any shirt pocket.

Every pad comes with 140 pages which have water-resistant properties. There is room for writing confidential patient information like addresses.

The pages also have appropriate format for documenting vital signs and other health assessments. There are separate pages for medication and patient notes as well. 

The pages are kept intact with spirals and protected with a waterproof cover. This pack comes with pens in blue, black and red.

5. GLORYFIRE Waterproof Notebooks

  • 48 lined sheets of paper
  • Pocket sized, 3 x 5"
  • 5 pack

This set comes with 5 GLORYFIRE notebooks. Each book comes with 48 lined sheets of waterproof paper secured with Wire-o binding.

Papers come in a light brown colour to reduce glare. The pages are also resistant to oil and mud, making it ideal for those in outdoor environments.

It is recommended that a ballpoint pen be used in dry and wet conditions for the best writing experience. However, markers and pencils can also be utilised.

These notebooks are pocket sized, measuring 3 by 5 inches. There is a waterproof PVC cover available in a military green colour. There is a 2-year warranty with this pack.

Now you know the best waterproof notepads Australia has to offer, why not checkout these other related guides and articles. 

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