5+ Best Tyre Changer Machines In Australia

Whether you've got an auto shop, a large workshop or you want to change your own tyres for track days or show cars, you can now buy your own tyre machine in Australia from $1500. 

Today we'll be looking at the various products on offer from various brands. Gone are the days that you need to a professional mechanic to get your hands on one. 

Before rushing out to buy, make sure you check the wheel dimensions, some models are designed for cars, while others will cater for trucks, buses and 4x4's as well. 

1. Carhoist Tyre Changer (Cars)

If you’re in the automotive wrecking industry or a car mechanic, a tyre changing machine is a great piece of equipment to have on board for saving time and your back!

The Tyre Changer Fitting Machine from Carhoist.com.au is a flexible tyre changer which can be used to change tyres with inner rims between 12-24” and outer rims between 10-18”. The maximum tyre diameter it can handle is 1120mm and width is 360mm.

The mounting tool features an explosion-proof water-oil separator and retractable pedal system. Maintenance of the machine is straightforward, with a stainless-steel air cylinder and air fittings.

2. WES-C831 Tyre Changer (Cars)

The WES-C831 Tyre Changer is designed for cars particularly so is ideal for car wreckers and motor mechanics. It is powered by a 240V electric motor.

The machine can clamp rimes with outer rims between 11-18” and inner rims between 12-20”. The maximum tyre diameter it can manage is 900mm and width is 280mm.

The bead breaker cylinder operating force is 2500kg, and the pressure is 6-8 bars. The turntable’s maximum rotating torque is 1100nm.

The equipment is made from high-quality parts, including a stainless-steel bead breaker canister, brass connectors, steel hose connectors and a powder-coated box.

3. Bright LC810 Tyre Changer (Cars & 4x4’s)

From Bright Australia, established in 1988 and a world leader in wheel service equipment, the LC810 Tyre Changer is an excellent choice for home mechanics or smaller motor workshops.

This is designed with cars and 4x4’s in mind and features a heavy-duty electric motor and high-quality parts. Bright Australia uses only CE certified products in their equipment and machinery so you can trust their products to outperform their competitors.

The LC810 can handle wheel diameters up to 960mm, and wheel widths between 3-12”. The inside clamping range is 12-23” and the outside range is 10-20”. The machine’s operating pressure is 8-10 bar, and its bead breaker force is 2500kg.

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4. WES-C661R Tyre Changing Machine

The WES-C661R Commercial-Grade Tyre Changing Machine is a premium piece of equipment designed for heavy-duty usage in a high-volume environment.

This is an industrial-standard, high-performance and safe machine made from superior parts and built to last. The tyre changer features a single phase tilt column arm assist which is especially useful for low profile and flat tyres.

The rim clamping capacity is 13-22” (outer rim) and 13-24” (inner rims). The maximum tyre diameter is 1000mm and the maximum width is 350mm.

This has a bead breaker operating force of 2500kg and an operating pressure of 8-10 bar. The turntable rotation rate is 10rpm.

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5. Truck Tyre Changer Machine

Featuring a quality German pump and European CE certified, this truck tyre changer and fitting machine (Model number TC116) is an excellent choice for large road transport company depots or independent owner/drivers.

The equipment can handle rim sizes between 14-26”, tyre diameters up to 1600mm and tyre widths up to 780mm. It has a maximum loading of 500kg. The electric motor is 240V (50Hz, 1ph, 15Amp).

This piece of equipment is an essential item for anyone working on trucks. Manual tyre changes and fitting is simply not an option. The smooth pump and lever actions make short work of this part of truck maintenance.

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