Best Car Ramps In Australia (Reviews & Ratings)

Whether you live on a hill, got a curb in the way, going to a car show or simply need to raise your car to change a tire, a car ramp is definitely a smart idea for any home or budding mechanic.

We've looked at some of the best car ramps you can buy here in Australia to suit a wide range of use cases. There are literally hundreds of ramps to choose from across many different brands. Some are branded, most are unbranded Chinese models. Choosing a popular and sturdy branded ramp is definitely the most preferred option, especially if you're working underneath!

Below you'll find our top 5 picks for the best car ramps in 2020 as well as in-depth product reviews for each. Whatever you need a car ramp for, we hopefully have something suitable for you. 

The Best Car Ramps In Australia

1. Rhino Ramps

  • 17 degree incline
  • Up to 12,000lbs gross weight
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base

Constructed with a patented polymer internal support system RhinoRamps for raising your car for underneath access are extra strong with great weight distribution.

A unique CoreTrac base prevents slippage (each ramp features a small rubber 'catch' at the front to keep the ramp from slipping when a vehicle is driven up). For added safety, it's easy enough to position a bar behind the front wheel once it's up the ramp to make sure it doesn't roll backwards.The 17-degree ramp slope is easy to use for low clearance vehicles.

The ramps have a good wide stance for ease of access by drive on as well as the distribution of the vehicle’s weight and the ability to manage wide tyres.

Easily transported these ramps are great value for money and suit cars, utes, vans and pick-ups. They’re also useful for storage of vehicles. And they stack on top of each other for storage.

Another safety tip is to position some tyres or another backup underneath whilst working on the underside of a vehicle just as a precaution against ramp failure.

The ramps have a gross vehicle weight capacity of 12,000 pounds. They each measure 35.6*30.5*94cm.

2. Pyle Driveway Ramp

  • 2 pc heavy duty ramp
  • Supports up to 55,000lbs
  • Holes for permanent fixation

Pyle’s multipurpose driveway ramps are ideal for loading docks, driveway vehicle servicing, wheel changes, wheelchair access, steep curb-side and driveway access ramps, and other jobs needing ramps, whether temporary or permanent.

These are most commonly used as a solution to steep driveway entrances where the underside of the car is scraped against the entry.

The ramps can be permanently mounted to provide a smooth entry over silent rubber, saving both noise and scraping. They are an excellently priced and simple solution to a very common problem.Each ramp is 30*60*10cm and two ramps will carry a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds.

They feature cut-out holes for optional permanent mounting. The manufacturer recommends using mounting bolts measuring 10cm length and 10mm diameter for mounting (not supplied).

The ramps are made from a high-density industrial grade engineered rubber which is both heavy-duty and rugged. They are marine-grade waterproof and weather-resistant. The surface is heavily textured to increase the traction between the ramps and the vehicle tyres.

And the level of vibration and noise on the vehicle is reduced by the texturing as well.They are a deep black with multiple prominent squares of reflective bright yellow for visibility and safety.

3. Pyle Lightweight Curb Ramps

  • 2 piece heavy duty design
  • Up to 6,000lbs support
  • Suitable for smaller vehicles

Lightweight and particularly portable, Pyle’s curb ramps are made from a moulded industrial grade compound plastic.

They are especially suited to providing access on uneven curbs, driveways, garages and footpaths for vehicles, wheelchairs, forklifts, trucks, etc.

They can be used either temporarily or mounted as permanent fixtures with mounting bolts no smaller than 10cm long and 10mm diameter (not supplied) fitted into the pre-cut recessed mounting holes. If you need a wider ramp it’s easy to place several side by side.

Despite their light weight, they are rugged and heavy-duty and have a marine-grade water-proofing construction. The plastic compound used is Polypropylene, an exceptionally strong and durable material.

They are angled up to 4.1" high over a 20" length and 10.6" width. Each pair has a weight-bearing capacity of 6,600 pounds.

The ramp’s surface is heavily textured for increased traction and friction, greatly reducing the risk of slippage and ensuring that heavier vehicles can gain easily traction on the ramps.Each package includes 2 ramps: one black, one yellow.

Note that your local council may have regulations around the installation of permanent curb ramps so it’s always best to check first.

4. Tomioka Racing Super Slopes

  • Perfect for car shows
  • Raise car by 2.5"
  • Holds up to 5000kg weight.

Tomioka brand’s racing super slopes are portable car ramps designed for owners of lower vehicles (especially racing cars) to gain access to all parts of the undercarriage jack points for limited maintenance purposes.

The ramps are manufactured from super strong Polypropylene plastic (newly made rather than recycled) but are nonetheless extremely lightweight (3.8kg per set of two) and quite compact (68.6*7.6*20.3 cm) so are easily transported and stored away when not in use.

They raise the vehicle by 3 inches (up to 70mm) and are strong enough to hold the weight of a small car (3000kg). The lower profile of the ramps means that they will fit under front lips and lip extensions.They have been tested to hold up to 5000kg of weight but the rated safe load is 3000kg.

The upside of having two separate ramps is that it gives you flexibility around the width of the ramp you’re needing for your vehicle.Designed as anti-skid they are textured across the surface for increased friction and traction on the tyres.

 These ramps are quite small and don’t offer much clearance under the car compared to other brands but are good for the smaller lower vehicles when you just want to check underneath and perform a simple job such as an oil change.

5. Rage Powersports Curb Ramp

  • Access curbs up to 6" high
  • Up to 60,000lbs weight
  • Heavy duty 35lbs.

Designed to provide easy access over curbs and other impediments for trucks, wheelchairs, forklifts and vehicles generally, the Rage Powersports curb ramp is a super-strong ramp made from heavy-duty rubber.

Innovative uses of curb ramps are for small pets to access pet door flaps, toddlers to access toilet seats, removal trolleys at entry and exit doors, etc…..ingenuity at its best!

These ramps can handle weights up to 60,000 pounds and can be used either permanently (there are two pre-drilled mounting holes underneath the surface) or as temporary transportable ramps.

Similarly, the modular design means that they can be used in pairs or more to create wider ramps in areas where heavy machinery is being used.

You will need a filler if you have a curved curb as the design of this ramp includes a 90-degree angle at its top so a curb which leans back at a ‘negative’ angle will leave a gap.

There are also integrated channels underneath the ramp to accommodate wiring and hoses where a permanent ramp is being installed.

A dip at the top of the ramps ensures that wheels will not slip back once they’ve reached the top. Optional end caps are available.

The ramp measures 35.6*59.7*15.2cm. It weighs approximately 14 pounds and rises to approximately 4” over a 10” slope.

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