5+ Best RC Sail Boats To Buy Online [Top Rated]

Remote control boats are fun, and while some people like super fast brushless boats capable of speeds of up to 100km/h, others prefer slower RC sail boats, or yachts. 

Today we're looking at the best RC sail boats in our opinion from brands such as Volantexrc, ZT, Joysway and Monsoon. 

These realistic mini sailing boats look and feel just like the real thing, and move across the water intriguing anyone watching on from the river bank. 

So are you ready to get your rc sail boat? 

1. Volantexrc 791

The Volantex RC Compass V791-1 is a beginner-friendly product for those who are new to sail boat racing. This model is especially optimized for RG65 races.

This boat has an overall length of 650mm, making it a compact and small device, coming in at 1300g meaning that it can easily be packed and moved around to different pools, ponds and lakes.

The mast is almost 1 meter in height. ABS plastic was used in the construction of the Volantex hull, providing permanence and robustness at the same time. The ABS plastic also has waterproof properties that protects the electric components inside the boat from water damage.

Precise control is powered by a small servo and a 3kg winch servo. To control this sail boat, there is a 2.4GHz transmitter included with this product.

This product comes partly pre-assembled with only the addition of AA batteries needed for the transmitter and boat. The batteries do not come included.

As this is a smaller sail boat model, it is recommended for use in small bodies of water such as pools. This model is not optimized for racing on any salt water regions. This product comes in a red, black and white colour scheme with a smooth sheen.

2. ZT Model AB03401 Voyager

The ZT Model AB03401 Voyager is a light sail boat with a scale size of 1:43 and height of over 440mm and light, ideal for novice racers. It is equipped with 2 servos, allowing smooth and seamless control.

The transmitter that can be used to manage the sailboat has a 2.4GHz system which prevents data interference as well as giving the option to control the boat from a far distance.

The whole of this product is structured out of ABS plastic which is waterproof and delivers a smooth surface that is compatible with racing on different bodies of water. The ABS plastic is also designed to protect the internal electric pieces from harm when the boat capsizes.

This sailboat comes in a variety of different color options ranging from green, red and blue against a white backdrop.

A special feature is that 80 players can race together. The battery required is a 3.7V 150mAh LiPo which can provide up to an hour of playing time depending on the speed and distance travelled.

The battery comes included with a purchase of the boat. This fun-sized model is best suited to smaller regions of water such a pool.

3. Joysway DragonForce 65

The Joysway DragonForce 65 is a racing sailboat at 650mm and a weight of 1200g. This product is powered by a digital rudder servo in addition to a sail winch which delivers focused and powerful control over the twists and turns.

Additionally, the digital rudder servo has been upgraded to provide 10% more precision than the other version 6 editions. The hull is painted and made out of plastic while the mast
is constructed out of carbon fibre.

The sails are Mylar film at a thin 50 microns in length. There is stability and durability provided by the aluminium keel at the bottom of the boat.

Rig fittings such as the Jib Boom and Compression Strut have been re-structured to ensure less hassle when putting the boat together. Speed and direction is enabled through a 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver which has 4 channels.

The product is inclusive of a display stand for storage. This sailboat is compatible with AA batteries which do not come included with a purchase of this product. Playing times vary depending on the speed and distance.

This sailboat is available in a classic all-white design with a stripped mast. This should not be raced on salt water bodies.

4. Joysway 8812 Focus 2

The Joysway 8812 Focus 2 is a bigger sailboat with a total length of 995mm and solid weight of 3450g. Power is delivered through a 10kg metal geared winch servo coupled with a rudder servo.

The combination of these 2 features ensure focused movements and turns without power being sacrificed. Several different materials were used in the construction of this sail boat to provide both durability and smooth performance.

With a plastic hull and carbon fibre mast, this whole model is supported by a plastic keel, offering waterproof protection for the electric pieces

The mast is extremely large at a height of over 1500mm, which makes it easy to track the boat from a far interspace. Speed and other settings are delivered through the included 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver which also has 4 channels.

A display stand comes included with a purchase of this racing sailboat. AA batteries are necessary to power both the boat and transmitter.

Running times can vary based on the battery used. This boat comes in a grey colour with bright orange accents like the stripes on the mast. This boat is not compatible with salt water.

5. Monsoon 900

The Monsoon 900 racing yacht is catered towards more experienced and serious sail boat racers. It is a bigger boat, with a length of 900mm and height of 1800mm. This boat requires a minimum 1kg filling for the ballast in order to function.

The hull of this product is made out of a composite fibre glass material, which prevents chemical corrosion and provides a lightweight yet sturdy construction. The hull is coated with enamel for extra protection.

The mast of this boat is structured out of aluminum alloy with an oxygenated exterior that enables play time on a salt water body without concerns of damage.

The rig is designed to withstand strong winds while high density Terylene cloth was used for the sail, preventing tears that can generate from extreme weather conditions. A rudder servo is embedded into this product to enable precise control, alongside a metal geared winch servo.

Control is given through the included 2.4GHz remote which has 2 or more channels. This product comes partially pre-assembled and is compatible with batteries ranging from 4.8-6V which determines the running time.

This yacht comes in a white finish with orange and blue accents throughout.



Now you know the best RC sail boats to buy online in Australia, why not checkout some of our other articles on RC toys and games. 

Kirsty Scott

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