5+ Best Cheap Remote Control Fighter Jets

Some of the best remote control planes to fly are fighter jets, so we decided to take a look at the best cheap RC fighter jets money can buy, from various Australian hobby stores. 

Believe it or not, you can get a miniature ready to fly, fighter jet for as little as $50 USD. 

Gone are the days of crashing into the ground and destroying your plane too, with high quality crash-proof materials, safe modes on the receivers and various flight styles. 

Without further ado, grab your wallet and get yourself one of these radio controlled fighter jets. 

1. Eachine Mini F22 Raptor RTF

  • Good for beginners
  • 6-AXIS Gyroscope system
  • Single touch loops
  • Ready to fly out of the box

The fighter jet from Eachine comes out of the box fully assembled and is targeted towards beginner controllers. It is fitted with a 1S 3.7V 360mAh Li-Po battery which offers a playing time of around 14 minutes. It takes around 2 and a half hours before this item is fully charged.

This product is powered by a 10mm coreless motor and 3 pieces of 2g plastic gear servo. It is structured out of EPP plastic which has is resistant to chemical corrosion and designed to withstand small impacts.

The built-in 6-axis gyroscope system allows this fighter jet to stay in balance when up in flight. 

The jet can be controlled by the included 2.4G 4-channel transmitter. This radio system is designed reduce data interference and function even when there are several planes flying in the same range.

There are 3 modes: beginner, intermediate and expert. The controller also features a key that enables the jet to make a U-turn and return to the starting position. Flips and loops can also be added in using single-press keys to make it easy for entry-level players.

This fighter jet has a wingspan of 260mm and is available in a military-gray colour scheme.

2. QT-MODEL T45 V2

  • Large scale, good for intermediates
  • ARTR, add battery & servo
  • Huge 96cm wingspan
  • Amazing navy colour scheme

This airplane is made up of an 8-piece 9G servo and a 2860-1850KV outrunner motor. It is structured out of EPO plastic which is impact-resistant and often used in toy airplane construction. There is an 80A brushless ESC as well to control the speed.

Additionally, there is a 12-blade ducted fan unit for effortless flight and motion. This item is recommended to be fitted with a 6S 4000mAh battery which does not come along with the jet.

However, a larger or smaller battery can also be inserted depending on the power desired. A 6-channel transmitter and receiver also need to be bought separately to control this item.

As this product does not come with a battery and charger, charging times and playing times will vary greatly. Depending on the controller, basic functions such as moving forwards, backwards and turning can be expected.

Flips, loops and inverted flying depend on the transmitter used in conjunction with the plane.
This is a bigger plane with a wingspan of 960mm.

This is a replicate of the T-45 Goshawk with navy, blue, black and white colouring. This product does not come pre-assembled and needs to be set up before flying.

3. H-King Radjet 800

  • Goes like a cut cat
  • Good for intermediates
  • Slick colour schemes

The Radjet 800 is equipped with a 2010 1800KV brushless outrunner motor in additional to 9g digital servos. There is also a 20A brushless ESC to control the speed of the machine. The ESC has BEC embedded for power regulation and conversion.

Additionally, the ESC is surrounded by a cooling system that is designed to prevent overheating. It is a larger plane with a wingspan of 800mm and it is made out of EPO foam.

The EPO construction ensures impact resistance and durability. There is a plastic skid on the fuselage for scratch resistance when landing. 

There is no battery or transmitter along with a purchase of this product. The recommended battery is a 1300-1600mAh 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po battery depending on the power wanted. Charging times and running times will depend on the battery inserted and charger used.

A 4-channel transmitter and 6-channel receiver is also recommended. Due to the slim design of this plane, a variety of difficult tricks can be performed such as large loops and smooth glides.

This airplane is available in a white backsplash with neon pink and black decals already applied. This item does not come pre-assembled. 

4. H-King Jetstar

  • High impact crash resistance
  • Good for intermediates
  • Stylish colour schemes

The H-King Jetstar is a larger plane with a wingspan of 800mm. It is engineered with a D2839-3300KV motor and a mix of plastic and metal gear servos. Speed is delivered and managed through a 60A brushless ESC.

The EPO foam construction is designed to have impact resistant and is a common material in automobile pieces. There are 11-blade electric ducted fan (EDF) already integrated into the model to deliver a seamless flying experience.

The EDF system creates a true turbine jet sound when in motion, delivering an immersive experience. This product has a nose wheel for better controlled landings. A 2200mAh 4S Li-Po battery needs to be bought separately and installed into the product.

The plane has a wide canopy to easily insert the battery. With that battery, a running time of 5 minutes can be expected.

A separate transmitter and receiver need to be purchased to control this item. Depending on the controller, flips, inverted flying and loops can be enacted. This is a product catered towards players of all experience levels.

The exterior comes out of the box with the decals pre-adhered in neon green and black against a white background. This product does not come pre-assembled.

5. H-King Flycat

  • Super fast wooshing sound
  • Good for advanced flyers
  • Amazing acrobatics guaranteed

The H-King Flycat is a bigger jet plane with a wingspan of 1042mm, which is over a meter. It is powered by a 3048-2000KV motor and an 80A ESC. The 80A ESC is inclusive of BEC for improve power regulation and conversion.

This product is also fitted with 9g metal geared servos and a 12-blade EDF unit. This plane is extremely resilient due to the EPO foam construction, making harsh bumps a minor hassle. A true to life whooshing sound can be heard when this plane is set in motion.

This product is not inclusive of a battery so charging times and flight times can differ. A 3000mAh 6S 30-60 Li-Po battery is recommended as well as a 6-channel radio system. This plane is built for super-fast flying and various maneuvers.

Due to the large battery required, the plane has a large canopy area for easy insertion. The servo arms are also wrapped to prevent scratches. This product is catered towards more experienced players who enjoy high speed racing and tricks.

This plane is available in a white finish with pink, yellow, orange, black and red stickers already placed. This product does not come pre-assembled. 

How fast do RC fighter jets fly?

It really depends on the model you're buying, however RC jets fly much faster than conventional remote control aircraft, as this is how they stay in the air. 

Firstly you should check whether it's a brushed or brushless motor. Brushless will always offer a much faster speed in the air and will also offer more of a wooosh as the aeroplane flies by. 

Larger jets, typically fly at a slower speed than the small jets. Both of the Hobby King Jets we mentioned above are good examples of this, they are capable of speeds of up to 80mph.

Additionally your choice of battery will impact the speed so choose wisely. 

Duncan Liu