5+ Best Brushless RC Boats Under $250

When I was young, I had an RC boat, but it was slow and depressing, the battery would die within minutes. It wasn't long before I saw someone using a brushless RC boat at the local park and I was hooked. Faster, more powerful, noisier and a huge spray of water behind it's stern. 

Fast forward 10 years and I'm now a hobbyist who loves to take my favourite RC boat to the local park with my own son. Today we'll be looking at the best brushless rc boats under $250, with delivery direct to Australia.

Most of these radio controlled boats are ready to run, but some may require batteries or servo equipment so please ensure you read the sales page carefully to avoid disappointment. 

Most of the boats are also self-rightable and can be optimised for faster speeds with higher powered batteries (optional addon). 

1. Volantex V792-4 70cm ATOMIC RTR

  • Out of the box up to 60km/h
  • Increase battery size for faster speeds
  • 70cm length, vibrant yellow

The Volantex v7920-4 is an atomic boat that can travel up to 60km/hour. It is equipped with a brushless 1800KV motor and a brushless ESC 40A ESC.

Both the motor and ESC have water cooling qualities to prevent overheating. It is powered by a 1V 2600mAh 25C LiPo battery and requires a LiPo balance charger.

A playing time of 5-10 minutes can be expected with the battery size. A bigger battery can be fitted into this boat to give longer play time.

The speed and maneuvers can be controlled through the included 2.4GHz transmitter. This is a bigger boat at 700mm and is partially filled with foam to help float on water.

Basic functions on this device include turning left and right and going forward. There is no self-righting function, meaning that the boat has to be manually turned upright after capsizing.

This boat is constructed out of ABS plastic, ensuring durability and limited scratches. The ABS plastic also protects the internal units from being damaged.

The package contents include the boat, a transmitter, a battery and a charger. This boat comes in a bright yellow finish, adorned by some sleek black highlights.

2. FT012 Brushless RC Racing Boat

  • Out of the box up to 45km/h
  • 46cm length, black colour
  • Racing style controller

The 460mm FT012 racing boat is powered by a 11.1V 1800mAh 25C battery which allows 5-6 minutes of running time before charging is required.

This product is constructed out of durable ABS plastic to give a hard exterior and waterproof qualities. Equipment on this item include a 2815-35,000KV brushless motor and when combined with the battery, this boat can run at a maximum speed of 45km/hour.

The electronic speed control setup is engineered to keep this product balanced and has characteristics that prevent over voltage, over current and low voltage.

This product has self-righting technology, meaning that the boat will return to a normal upright position when capsized, preventing any extra water damage.

The boat can be controlled using the 35A speed controller which has a 2.4G receiver, allowing controls to transmit easily without trouble.

This controller can be used around 100-150 meters away from the boat without any trouble or interference.

Contents in this whole set include the boat, a battery, a transmitter, a charger, a boat holder, an anti-collision part and 2 propellers.

This model is available in a sleek black and white finish with minimal red accents. The transmitter shares the same colour scheme.

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3. WL Toys WL915 Catamaran

  • Up to 45km/h out of box
  • Smaller 43cm vessel
  • F1 racing style, looks hot

The 430mm WL915 Catamaran is a racing boat which can travel a maximum speed of 45km/hour. This item features a 2848/1900KV brushless motor and a brushless 30A ESC.

The brushless 30A ESC has a water-cooling setup. The battery that is compatible with this product is a 11.1V 1200mAH 20C Li-ion battery which allows around 5-15 minutes of running time before it needs to be plugged in.

This boat is programmed to move forwards, backwards, left and right using the 2.4GHz transmitter. This transmitter functions about 80-100 meters from the boat without interference issues.

This boat is structured out of ABS plastic which is resistant to chemical corrosion and can withstand water. To protect the internal electric components from water damage, there is a sealing ring.

Additionally, this boat when capsized, will get back upright due to the self-righting technology embedded in the construction.

The whole content is inclusive of the boat, the remote controller, a battery, an extra propeller, a charger, a wrench set and a user guide in the English language.

This boat is based on the F1 racing boat, with a red base adorned by some black and white colouring. However, there is also a green colour finish available.

4. H-King Marine Aquaholic

  • Brushless RTR motor
  • Up to 60km/h out of the box
  • Long 73cm boat, hot in yellow

The H-King Marine Aquaholic in black and yellow is equipped with a 2815 out-runner brushless motor that has a water-cooling system.

Additionally, there is a 60A ESC which allows a maximum speed of over 60km/hour.

Playing times can range from 5-15 minutes depending on the batteries used. The 60A ESC is also water-cooled.

The design features a Deep Vee hull made out of ABS plastic for long-lasting durability and strength. The Deep Vee hull also allows a wide range of movements, whether that is in a straight line or twists and turns.

This racing boat has the basic functions of going forward and moving left and right.

Furthermore, movements can be controlled through the Hobbyking 2.4GHz controller which has a water-resistant receiver and a 37g steering servo.

The 3-blade propeller attached to this device supports smooth movement across water.

This is a bigger racing boat, coming in at 730mm. The Aquaholic requires 2 7.4 2S 4000mAh 35C LiPo batteries to function.

However, this product is also compatible with bigger LiPo batteries. A LiPo charger is also required. Batteries and chargers do not come with a purchase of this product but a display stand is included.

5. Volantex Vector SR48

  • Up to 40km/h out of box
  • Mid range 44.6cm boat
  • Sleek colour scheme

The 446mm Volantex Vector SR48 features a waterproof servo in addition to a brushless 2212/2600KV motor.

There is also a brushless 20A ESC. Both the ESC and motor have water-cooling properties to prevent overheating.

Through the motor, this racing boat can travel up to 40km/hour. An 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo battery is needed for this boat to function.

The battery allows for 5-15 minutes of running time on water depending on speed levels and the battery. Simple functions include moving upwards, left and right.

These functions can be controlled through the 2.4GHz transmitter which is designed to reduce data interference.

There is self-righting technology embedded into this device which helps the boat turn upright again when capsized.

This helps protect the internal components from water damage. The boat is made out of ABS plastic, meaning that different water settings can be played upon without chemical corrosion concerns.

Contents include the boat, a surface radio, a surface Rx, the motor and ESC, the battery, a LiPo charger and a user manual.

Even though this product is most compatible with a 1000mAh battery, a bigger LiPo battery can be fitted in to provide more power.

This racing boat is available in a black colour with neon green and white accents.

Why Buy A Brushless RC Boat?

You might be wondering what the difference between brushless and brushed is. Well this relates to the motor, with brushless being much faster than brushed. 

Those cheap rc boats from toy stores are most likely brushed, a cheap motor that offers slow speeds. Those high speeds you see from hobbyists are most definitely brushless motor powered. 

Brushless units don't have brushes, instead using magnets to generate power and are better adapted, offering no friction, less heating and better performance. 

The same principal applies to any type of motor on electrical goods such as power tools

Brushless RC Boat Verdict

There are many brushless rc boats available to buy online, to get the best deals you need to order online with delivery from overseas. There are of course local hobby shops where you'll find the same models, but often at a much higher price. 

In our opinion the best brushless rc boat in Australia is the Volantex V792-4 combining a wealth of features, ultra high speed and reliability. It's easy to see why it's one of the most highly rated models online for those looking for big boat feels, at a budget friendly price. 

Caleb McLaughlin

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