5+ Best 4CH RC Helicopters To Buy Online

Getting yourself a remote control helicopter is easier than ever, with many companies offering up fully functional 4 and 6 channel helicopters from as low as $40. 

Today we're taking a look at the best 4CH RC helicopters you can buy online. We take a look at WL Toys, Eachine and FX070C, all low budget brands, that offer realistic flying experiences. 

Most come ready to fly out of the box, simply charge and fly. Plus don't forget to load up on your AA or AAA batteries as these can't be shipped through the mail. 

4 Channel is a much better option for beginners, with 6 Channel often reserved for intermediate to advanced users who want a more collective pitch. 

Best 4CH RC Helicopters 

1. WLtoys V911S RTF

The WLtoys V911S RTF is an ideal product for beginners. This 245mm long helicopter is powered by an 8520 coreless main motor in addition to a 0716 coreless tail motor.

These motors in combination with a 3.7V 250mAh LiPo battery allow a playing time of 6-7 minutes at 80-100m before charging is required. The dual motor system also provides lag-free and powerful flight.

The blades are more blunt than normal which prevents cuts and other accidents. Furthermore, these blades are not equipped with an aileron arrangement. This product utilizes a flybarless 6-axis gyroscope, allowing the helicopter to stay stable when in flight.

This model is smaller and lightweight, with a flight weight of 43.5g. Directions and speed can be managed through the unique 4CH controller.

The controller comes with an LCD screen and several features such as a modifiable hovering position and a low voltage signal.

There are 2 modes, one for the right-hand throttle while the other is for the left-hand throttle. 6 1.5V AA batteries are needed for the controller and do not come with the product.

Before play, this helicopter requires 35-40 minutes to fully charge. The colours on this device are eye-catching with a neon green, black and bright blue hues.

2. Eachine E119 RTF

The Eachine E119 RTF is a compact product with a length of 268mm and a flying weight of only 46g.

Around 15 minutes of running time at 80-100m can be expected with an hour long wait for the model to be charged. There is an 8520 coreless main motor and a 0615 coreless tail motor integrated into this device.

These motors are specifically designed to prevent demagnetization due to a temperature tolerance of up to 150°C. Strong and crash-resistant materials such as carbon fiber composite were used construct this helicopter to ensure durability.

POM was used for the gears which generates only low-level noises. The blades and main body are kept in balance using the 6-axis gyroscope.

The helicopter is compatible with a 3.7V 350mAh LiPo battery while the controller requires 6 1.5V AA batteries which need to be bought separately.

The controller has an LCD screen and is set with 2 modes, one for right-hand and one for left-hand usage.

A special feature on this model is the RED LED indicator at the top which makes it easy to spot the helicopter flying. The indicator also signals when the battery life is low.

Black, blue, white and orange colours make this device stand out.

3. FX070C 2.4G RTF

The FX070C 2.4G RTF is a massive black and orange coloured helicopter at over 60cm and a regular weight of 686g.

The technology configured is a 6-axis gyro flybarless design. Qualities of this design include even stability and higher resistance to strong wings which may make the helicopter topple over.

Additionally, this flybarless apparatus is highly sensitive and reactive to controls.

Damage from minor crashes and collisions can be minimized by fitting in the damping balls included.

Due to the large size, a charging time of 3 hours and 30 minutes is required before operating. There is an estimated 7-8 minutes of running time available. The control distance is at around 50m.

This helicopter is embedded with a 613mm main rotor and a 185mm tail rotor.

An 11.1V Li-battery at 1100mAh is needed for the main body, while 6 1.5V AA batteries are required for the controller. Controller batteries do not come with a purchase of this product.

The controller has an LCD screen and hand usage can be switched using a single lever. A red LED signal will be flashing, indicating that the battery is below 7V and requires charging. The helicopter needs to be within 50 meters of the controller to continue flying.

4. WLtoys V988 Power Star

With the WLtoys V988 Power Star, players can spend between 8-9 full minutes flying this helicopter. The 6-axis gyro provides equilibrium, making this a beginner-friendly product for those just starting out with remote controlled helicopters.

This is a miniature device, with a length of 245mm and a flight weight of 41.5g. The propeller is structured out of a flexible medium which prevents major damage coming upon bumps and small crashes.

The 6-axis gyro system has self-righting technology where repositioning will occur automatically if strong wings hit. There is also a feature where getting caught in a structure will result in a systematic shut-down to prevent more impacts.

A dual engine system allows the player to have more steering control. A 245mm rotor is engineered in the main body as well as a high-speed motor. A 3.7V 250mAh 25C battery is essential for the helicopter to fly.

Charging times can vary depending on the option to charge 2 batteries at the same time or USB connection. A distance of up to 80 meters need to be maintained between the product and controller.

The controller has an LCD screen and conventional turn options. This helicopter comes available in a bright green and yellow finish.

5. WLtoys V913

The WLtoys V913 is a suitable helicopter for operating both inside the house and outside. This is a longer product with a length of over 70cm.

It is also heavier than a lot of other helicopters with a standard weight of 1848 grams. It is powered up by a brushless main motor and a tail motor.

A 7.4V 1500mAh battery ensures a playing time of around 8 minutes as long as the helicopter is within 150 meters of the controller.

An hour is required to charge this product before flying. A combination of alloy metal and plastic was used to create this smooth and impact-resistant model.

The blades can be twisted 180°C without snapping, displaying flexibility which is especially useful against strong winds. Security is further supported through the gyroscope which also enables focused movements.

The transmitter requires 4 AA batteries which do not come with a purchase of this product. The transmitter contains basic controls like left, right, forwards, backwards and the option to choose left- or right-hand usage.

The helicopter can also be operated in low-light areas due to a white LED headlight. Depending on the supplier, a red and orange color scheme or full-back hue can be expected.

Difference Between 4CH and 6CH Helicopters?

4CH helicopters cannot change the pitch angle on their main blades, whereas 6CH can. On full scale helicopters, you'll be able to change this, so a 6CH RC model is identical to a real helicopter. 

If a helicopter is hovering and you want to climb vertically up, you can increase the pitch of the blades and throttle so that the helicopter can keep the blades turning at the same speed. 

With a 4CH model, this is not possible, as the blades angle is fixed. 

Sometimes this is referred to as collective pitch (6CH) or fixed pitch (4CH).

However, for beginners the difference is marginal. You can still lift, you just have less control. If you want the full experience, you may opt for a more expensive 6 channel remote control heli. 

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