5+ Best Pop Up Tents In Australia [3 Second Setup]

Upgrade your camping experience and revamp your accommodation, by considering purchasing one of the best pop up tents we have listed below.

Saving you the time, but more importantly, the aggravation of setting up a tent for hours, pop up tents are an amazing affordable alternative.

While they are typically lightweight and compact, pop up tents don't lack any of the necessary protective, space or camping features and ordinary tent offers. 

So instead of letting a cumbersome, ordinary tent deter you from the great outdoors, take a look at some of these great options for the top pop up tents on the market. 

1. Zenph Automatic Tent

Ideal for shade on a day at the beach or a camping trip the Zenph pop-up tent is large enough to comfortably sleep two to three adults.

Set it up in three seconds by simply throwing the folded tent into the air and it will land fully opened on the ground below.

The tent measures 102 x 62 x 43 inches (260 x 157 x 110 cm) and the base is designed to make the bed space as large as possible.

Made from durable 150D Oxford cloth, tensile 68D/185T polyester and an outer PU coating it is strong, durable and importantly water and moisture-proof.

In fact, the waterproof level is superior to many other materials such as rubber with the base reaching a high 3000MM level.

Ventilation is provided by a three-dimensional aeration system front and rear which promotes a comfortable crossflow of air even on a hot summer day.

The air vents are fitted with B3-grade gauze, and the door has a screen as well, to keep mosquito at bay. The door also has a solid external gate for a quiet night’s sleep.

Pockets on the side are a handy place to store small items such as phones, wallets, sunscreen etc. Folding the tent back up is quite straightforward once you get the hang of it – there is a handy YouTube video which other users have found helpful.

2. ZoMake Pop up Tent

Pop-up tents work like magic. So easy to set up in literally seconds simply by tossing them in the air. No need for poles and tent pegs and no collapsing in the middle of the night.

The tent does have a pole inside simply to prevent it flying away should a strong wind come up (the tent only weighs around 2.2kg).

This model from ZoMake is large enough to accommodate three to four adults, measuring approximately 81 x 81 x 4 cm.

It's designed and intended for use as a sun shelter at the beach or other days out in the sun. Even as a kids’ playhouse in the back garden.

The design is open plan with openings at both ends and large windows as well. All the openings have fold-down mesh covers for ventilation and insect protection.

Two handy pouches inside provide space to store small items such as phones.

The tent is made from 190TPU polyester with a base of 210D Oxford fabric (also known as tarpaulin), both of which are waterproof.

The tent folds back down to a circle (78cm diameter) and into a carry case supplied.

3. Abco Tech Pop up Tent

This two-person pop-up tent from Abco is so portable and easy to set up (literally like throwing a Frisbie into the air) that it’s worth having in the car ready for those day trips to the beach or camping holidays.

Children also love playing in it in the back yard.

The tent does come with stakes for securing it to the ground – it is very lightweight (only 1.7kg) so needs to be held down in any winds.

With two large zippered screen doors on the longer sides, and smaller gauze windows on the back and front, the ventilation is optimised and insects repelled for maximum comfort.

All openings have fold-down solid nylon outer covers which close with Velcro fastenings for privacy and for night-time blackout.

Measuring 88.6L x 47.2W x 37.4H ins (225L x 120W x 95H cm) the tent comfortable sleeps two adults.

When not in use the tent folds down into a compact circular shape and into a carry bag with strap. A smaller bag is also provided for storage of small items.

Although water repellent to some degree this product is not suitable for use in heavy rain.

Folding it down can be difficult the first time and there are YouTube videos on how to do this which are very informative.

4. Mosodo Pop Up Tent

Large enough to sleep four adults the Mosodo pop up tent is actually two tents which can be used together for four or separately for two people in each one.

The pop-up feature applies to the double-layered four-person choice, the separate tents take around five minutes to set up.

The tent(s) have double layer windows and doors, including windows in the roof, which all have both mesh and nylon curtains for air ventilation and light control.

Both waterproof and windproof, the tent(s) are manufactured from high-quality 190T silver polyester and 210D Oxford fabric (tarpaulin).

The result is a water resistance rating of PU 3000mm. The tent(s) are extremely durable and feature a thickened groundsheet for waterproofing and insect protection

It also makes the ground a softer place to sit and lie on inside the tent.

The materials used in manufacture also make the product lightning protected, fire retardant, UV protected, and scratch-resistant.

Because the tents are so light (only weighing just under 4kg), the design includes a reinforced fibreglass pole skeleton (with a ground anchor and strong nylon rope) to ensure that the structure doesn’t blow away or otherwise become destabilised.

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5. VidaXL Pop Up Tent

The VidaXL pop-up camping tent is easy to pitch in minutes by tossing it in the air and then assembling the fibreglass frame to keep it stable in all weather conditions.

The fibreglass frame is extremely light for transportation of the tent but it’s still very durable and strong.

The tent accommodates three adults, the sleeping area measuring 200L x 200W cm. The full measurements are 280L x 210W x 120H.

The product is constructed from a breathable polyester inner wall and has a water repellent flysheet and a floor of durable and waterproof PE material.

It’s recommended that the tent be sprayed to enhance the waterproofing properties of the materials.

There is just the one opening - the large front door which has a mesh screen for both air ventilation and insect deterrence.

The heavy nylon flap folds down over the screen door at night for privacy and blackout. This creates a dry and comfortable environment for both sleep and daytime shelter.

The tent has extra space within it for storage of camping gear, food and other items. When folded the tent fits into a polyester carry bag measuring 61 x 15 x 15 cm. 

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What to look for in a pop up tent?

You'll want to consider these seven important factors; 

Frame & Material: You'll want to ensure you've got a lightweight frame, especially if you're going to be carrying this down to the beach, in your backpack or on a camping trip. Most come with a fibreglass frame, which is constructed of breathable polyester waterproof PE material. 

Weatherproof: You'll definitely want something that's waterproof, or comes with a waterproof cover if it's not. Some models are designed as sun shades, rather than multi purpose tents. 

Size: You'll want to see how many people the pop up tent is designed for. Some can only accommodate 1 person while others might have 2,3 or 4. Again depending on what you want this for, you may find it's too small and you need to purchase a larger tent instead. 

Sleeping Area: You'll want to check the measurements on the sleeping area, especially the length. Some models are less than 2 metres which can make it uncomfortable to stretch out for taller individuals. If it's an option choose a model that offers up to 2.5-3 metres. 

Portability: The idea behind a pop up tent is that it folds away into a small carry bag, however not all tents are the same size when compacted so be sure to check that out. Anything around 60 x 20 x 20cm is a good size to work with. 

Ventilation: You'll likely want to ensure the tent has good ventilation, especially in countries such as Australia where the weather really heats up. Most have a door opening with mesh screen for insect protection, but others might have windows or a rear access. 

Blackout: If you're going to be sleeping inside, or the sun is beaming down, blackout flaps can be a good factor to consider having. Some models offer this, which is good for privacy and day time naps, as well as sleeping early in the evening. 

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When choosing a pop up tent it can be confusing as there's dozens of brands all claiming to be the best, but they all look very similar. 

You as a consumer should consider buyer reviews, in addition to our guidance to ensure you're not buying a product that's going to break on you in the next few months. 

Alternatively head to your local camping store, for some assistance. 

After our initial research and testing, we believe the best pop up tent is the Zanph automatic tent, which looks sleek, has a safety conscious colour scheme and has been bought by 100's of people. 

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