Best Mosquito Pest Control Traps (Reviews)

The dangers of mosquitoes are egregiously underestimated in the average Australian household, with mosquito bites becoming a common and overlooked occurrence. 

As one of the number one carriers of disease, epidemics such as the Zika virus, Ross River virus and Yellow Fever, can be attributed to the mosquitoes plaguing Australia. 

A simple swatter, citronella candle or mosquito net will not do the trick anymore, as much of the mosquito population has grown immune to some of these methods due to frequent use.

Only the best mosquito pest control traps are heavy-duty enough to fend off these annoying pests and the lethal diseases they bring with them, using cutting-edge technology, proven science and extensive research, these mosquito pest control products have been created specifically to target pesky mosquitoes. 

5 Best Mosquito Pest Control Traps

  • Perfect, fast results
  • Non-toxic and harmless
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries

Environmentally friendly and easy to use both indoors and outside, the ValueHall electric mosquito and general bug zapper delivers a jolt of electric shock to kill flying insects on the spot.

Simply wave the swatter at the insect and press the button to electrocute it. Repeat until effective.

The zapper is non-toxic and has no odours. It’s convenient and safe for people to use although children should be supervised when using it.

The electric shock is not harmful to human beings – high voltage but low current which is fatal for insects only. Its compact size and lightweight makes it ideal to have on hand when sitting outdoors, especially at night.

Made from safe ABS materials and a galvanised steel wire mesh net, it has good insulating properties and low temperature resistance. It is durable and has no chemicals or toxins.

The swatter may become non-functional when damp or wet and if so should be dried in sunshine or with a hairdryer. To clean simply wipe over with the included brush to remove insect carcasses.

The surface of the net should not be touched when it is turned on or being charged.The zapper uses two AA batteries (not included) which will last around 600 uses.

  • 360 degree trap/killer
  • Powerful 3000V Grid
  • Acrylic isolation safety net

The two-in-one outdoor light and insect killer from GutReise is ideal for the BBQ area of every house. Designed to be both useful and look great, the light/zapper uses a Lithium Polymer battery (supplied) which is solar-powered and uses LED bulbs to create a lovely ambience. 

Doubling as an insect killer it emits powerful ultraviolet light rays which attract insects like mosquitoes and flies and then kills them with a strong 3000 Volt shock of electricity.

The electrical grid is also powered by the solar panels if used outdoors. A power adaptor is supplied for indoor use of the device.

Avoid smelly, sticky, toxic and allergenic sprays and pesticides and still get rid of annoying flying insects.

This is also excellent for areas where sprays cannot be used such as kitchens, restaurants, schools, and hospitals.There is no maintenance required for this light/insect zapper. No batteries or light globes to change.

Dead insects drop into an easy to empty tray at the base. And there is an acrylic isolation net to prevent children’s fingers from exploring it.

It’s made from stainless steel and waterproof solar panels, with an acrylic plastic frame which looks very stylish.

3. Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator

  • Purifies air through TiO2 effect
  • Titanium dioxide-coated funnel
  • Covers 1000m/sq
  • Quiet, no zapping noises

Pestrol’s Mosquito Exterminator Trap is easily installed and uses no nasty chemicals or expensive alluring materials.

It traps insects by using an UltraViolet bulb to attract them and then a funnel coated with titanium dioxide draws them via the carbon dioxide produced into a vacuum fan which traps and kills them as they dehydrate and die naturally in the cage below the fan which contains a photo-catalyst lamp.

This is a natural chemical process which does not rely on other pesticides or toxins. It is odourless and non-toxic to humans.

The mosquito are first drawn to the carbon dioxide created by the titanium dioxide. Then they are drawn even further by the heat and the wavelength created by the photo catalyst lamp.

Once inside the cage they cannot escape due to the vacuum seal and they dehydrate and die.This is an absolutely silent process. There are no zapping noises. The system works best in the outdoor but can be used inside.

The whole exterminator measures 30*25*24cm and weighs 1.4kg. It does use power supplied from a mains power source (a 3m power cord is supplied). One exterminator will cover approximately 1000 square metres.

4. Mozzie Free Premium Mosquito Trap

  • Small in size, big on results
  • Up to 1/4 acre results
  • Quiet, no zapping noises

Pestrol’s Mozzie Free Premium Metal Mosquito Trap is small in size but huge on results.

This trap is reliant on the use of an UltraViolet LED light to attract the mosquitoes (they love the warmth and the bright white light), then it emits small amounts of carbon dioxide (another one of their favourite things) and finally, a powerful fan draws them into the trap inside the unit where they dehydrate and eventually die, unable to escape.

This trap covers an area up to ¼ of an acre. It’s extremely durable, being made from the finest of corrosive-free stainless steel, and comes in three beautiful colours: Antique Copper, Tungsten and Satin Nickel.

These traps are totally pesticide and odour free. They are whisper quiet with no zapping or buzzing.

If you’re keen to be eco-friendly but also want to rid yourself of mosquito bites and buzzing these are the go. They are based on sound principles of mosquito behavior and they work.

They also look good enough to be on the outdoor table, with a light to brighten up an evening meal. They sit 30cm high and have a diameter of 17cm.

There’s the option to turbocharge your trap with an optional Booster Pod. The trap has a brush included to regularly clean the cage with.

5. Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap

  • Indoor only functionality
  • Safe around family members
  • Bionic mosquito-trapping
  • Optional booster add-ons

Ridding your home of mosquitoes without using smelly and toxic pesticides has been a challenge for many of us for many years.

Pestrol is a company devoted to finding ways of doing exactly that. By studying the behaviour of mosquitoes they have come up with some ingenious products for the elimination of pests without toxins, even without any noise, and often with great looks!

Their Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap is one of their latest innovations.

It looks like a bedside lamp that you’d buy from a modernist home décor shop, but in reality, it's a clever mosquito killer. It also kills flies and other flying insects.

Similar in principle to their other pest traps the Sleep Easy also lures the pests by using an UltraViolet LED light to attract the mosquitoes (they love the warmth and the bright white light), then it emits small amounts of carbon dioxide (another one of their favourite things) and finally, a powerful fan draws them into the trap inside the unit where they dehydrate and eventually die, unable to escape.

There is an easily removable tray for emptying and cleaning.Because this is an indoor unit there are some different rules to its use than apply to outdoor traps.

If you’re not at home then it’s best used in a dark room, preferably where mosquito congregate (dark damper areas like bathroom, laundry and kitchen). When you’re home at night and going to bed then the unit can be moved into the bedrooms.

The trap is powered by USB with a DC 5V safe voltage via an adaptor, phone, tablet etc. It has an intelligent light control mode which allows you to programme the start time for say 30 minutes before bedtime to trap them before you retire for the night. Or use the Sundown Sensor option which automatically turns the unit on at sunset.

The LED light has two brightness levels (dim and bright), and a soft-touch electronic switch. Boosters can be purchased separately to supercharge the speed of the trap.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with all the Operating Instructions before use as these are an indoor electronic product.

Do mosquito traps really work?

Absolutely, traps work well, especially here in Australia. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide that humans exhale and to UV light. Most of the traps featured above include lights that attract and lure them into the trap. You can also buy boosters which fit under or in your trap that can lure them faster into the trap. 

Are mosquito traps safe for humans?

Absolutely, there is no harm caused to humans by operating mosquito traps indoors or outdoors. All the traps featured above are chemical-free and are 100% safe to be placed around family members, children and pets. All include no chemicals or pesticides. 

Editors Verdict

Whether you're looking for a simple mosquito swatter to catch a couple of mozzies, or you need something on a much larger scale, we've listed some of the best mosquito pest control traps you an purchase online, with delivery to your home.


Remember to do your own research and check the individual product reviews to ensure you're buying the best one. Also check coverage areas and whether you need to buy boosters, if you want to catch them faster! 

James Hunter

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