5+ Best Pedometers In Australia [Top Rated]

One of the best and most efficient ways to maintain your fitness and health, is by staying on top of your daily exercise with a reliable pedometer.

Counting your steps in your head is an obviously impractical endeavour, and can be made infinitely easier with this incredibly useful step-tracking device.

With a model to suit every budget and lifestyle, this gadget comes in a variety of forms that can be worn on your belt, neck, or wrist, or in the safety of your pocket or purse.

Make a positive impact on your overall health and start keeping track of your daily steps with a high-quality pedometer! Here are our top 5 picks available to purchase online.

1. 3DFitBud Pedometer

  • Accurate 3D single step monitoring
  • No complicated technology
  • Ideal for elderly, kids, parents

Best overall crowd-pleaser

The 3DFitBud Pedometer is an easy to use step counter to put in your pocket, purse or to hang around your neck.

Battery-operated, it’s an accurate 3D single step monitoring device which doesn’t rely on technology to function.

No Bluetooth, no complicated app to download, no syncing. Just pull out the battery tab, switch it on and start walking.

This simple little pedometer is ideal for the elderly or kids or anyone who doesn’t need complexity or anything more than a daily step counter.

The device will start counting steps after the tenth step – once you have taken ten steps it will record from 11, 12, 13 etc. Once you’re done for the day you simply reset to zero to start fresh the next day.

Its advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology is super-accurate and will count at any angle, so you can wear it or carry it wherever you prefer: around your neck, in your pocket, on your belt or in your purse.

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2. 3DTriSport Pedometer

  • Simple, no fuss technology
  • Large easy to read LCD screen
  • 30 day data memory

The most advanced pedometer

The 3DTriSport Walking Pedometer is designed for anyone who wants a simple no-fuss step counter to record and store their walking and running steps as well as distance, calories burned and time.

The device will store the information for up to 30 days with aggregated records so you can monitor your progress against your fitness targets.

Because this is a mechanical pedometer there is no other technology necessary for its operation. No apps or Smartphone syncing is involved, just a simple set up explained in the User Manual.

This is a battery-operated pedometer which is extremely easy to set up. The supplied battery will last you for a full year and is easily replaced.

It has a large easy-to-read LCD screen and is extremely accurate thanks to the Tri-Accelerometer Technology.

The 3D Sensor means that it will work at any angle and can be carried on your belt (clip supplied), in your pocket, in your bag or around your neck (lanyard also supplied).

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3. OZO Fitness SC 3D

  • Simple, no fuss technology
  • Two button design
  • 30 day data memory

Best simplicity model

With no complicated technology needed to set it up or keep records, the OZO Fitness SC 3D Pedometer is an ideal step counter for everyone of any age including kids and the elderly.

This compact device is a digital pedometer which features a large screen for easy reading of the data, which includes steps, distance travelled, calories burned and time spent.

Its 30-day memory log will record the data and allow you to track your fitness or rehab goals.

A simple two-button operating system makes it a very easy to use pedometer, and it has a built-in clock and an auto-reset at midnight every night.

A lanyard and clip supplied mean you can wear it around your neck or on your belt, or you can put in a pocket or in your bag. It won't affect its operation or accuracy because of the 3D Sensor technology which allows it to count your steps at any angle.

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  • No technology required
  • Large LCD screen
  • 3D sensor tracking

Best large screen pedometer

From MAYMOC, the 3D Pedometer and Step Tracker has a 30-day memory for tracking steps, distance, calories burned and exercise time. The accuracy is very true due to the advanced Tri-Axis Sensor technology.

No other technology is required – no Bluetooth, no apps to download or Smartphone syncing to be done. Just a simple, easy to follow set up manual for a mechanical pedometer.

The 30-day memory will help you monitor how well you’re going compared to your fitness goals, which can be easily programmed into the device. The large screen is very easy to read, making this an ideal pedometer for the elderly to use.

Because of the 3D Sensor, the pedometer will track at any angle so it can be carried in any way you like – in your pocket or bag, around your neck (lanyard is supplied) or on your belt (clip is supplied as well). It’s very compact and light.

And, unlike most pedometers, this comes with a 12-month warranty.

5. Timex T5E011

  • Extremely accurate tracking
  • Spring-loaded belt clip
  • Flip-top screen protector

Best rugged device

The Timex T5E011 Digital Pedometer is a simple battery-operated pedometer which can count up to 99,999 steps and calculates calories burned and distance travelled as well.

The tracking function is extremely accurate. And there is the ability to set specific goals and track your progress against those goals.

The device is compact and has a sturdy resin case with a spring-loaded belt clip for easy carrying on pants, or it can be put into a pocket or bag. Unlike other pedometers on the market, this doesn't have to be worn on your wrist so you can wear your normal wristwatch as well.

A flip-top case design protects the large screen from accidental damage. It features an easy to read screen and a reset button which is recessed so it can’t be accidentally pressed.

This is an ideal pedometer for those who want simplicity, without any other technology and with just a few functions.

What To Look For In A Pedometer?

There are plenty of fitness trackers on the market, but for those not interested in the latest tech, or those who want to track steps without the fuss and setup procedures, a pedometer is a great alternative that's inexpensive and discreet. 

Accuracy is the most important thing to consider when you're buying a pedometer. The first thing you'll want to do with any new device, is walk 100 steps and count them as you go. Then compare the result to your pedometer. 

You'll also want to consider the following:

Battery Life

Most devices come with a battery, either rechargeable or not. You'll want to check the battery life, longer is obviously better. Changing a battery every few weeks is going to be frustrating so ensure you can walk a long way before having to swap this out. 

Memory Storage

Most pedometers come with either a 7 or 30 day memory log. The longer the better, especially if you like to keep track of your overall performance. 

Calorie Counters

Some devices come with calorie counters which allow you to keep track of the distance walked and calories burned. It's not something everyone needs, but you can get a lot of good information on your fitness regime by keeping track of this. 


You'll likely want something with an easy to use LCD screen. Some devices come with smaller screens than others, while some may not have an LCD screen at all. 

Others may have larger screens, so if you need bigger numbers be sure to checkout the different options available to you. 

Some units also have an LCD screen cover, which can protect the screen from damage. 


You'll most likely want something that is easy to attach to your wrist, or your belt, so check the compatibility for each and see which is going to work with your personal preferences. 

Not all devices clip on to belts, you may require an additional accessory or mount. 

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