5+ Best Smartwatches To Buy In Australia (Buyers Guide)

If you're a health conscious individual then you really should consider buying a smartwatch. Whether you're here looking for something for the first time, to replace an existing one or simply to buy a gift for someone else, we'll show you five of the best smartwatches. 

A few years ago, this market was expensive with 'fitbit' being the brand of choice for most. However these days, there are dozens of manufacturers offering the latest tech, at very budget friendly prices. 

Best Smartwatch Australia

1. Garmin Vívosmart 4

  • Funky colours, slim design
  • Measure and monitor
  • Vibration alerts
  • 7 day battery life

Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 is a modern slim design smartwatch with all the tracking features you’re looking for and available in a range of smart funky colours.

The Vivosmart combines fashion with loads of features. The Pulse Ox sensor will gauge your blood oxygen saturation levels at any time, or overnight while you sleep (note however that this is not a medical instrument).

You can track your sleep stages and your movement whilst asleep. And the watch also measures and monitors other fitness and health-related bodily functions such as daily steps, calories burned, heart rate, stress levels, relaxation breathing rate, VO2 max, Body Battery energy and much more.

Use the wrist-based Vivo 4 smartwatch to time your exercise regimes. To let you know the optimum time for your body to exercise and rest.

And get vibration alerts for all sorts of notifications relating to your health and fitness. Use the Garmin Connect Mobile App to store and compare your stats and to programme alerts. The Vivosmart 4 can calculate your fitness age and your current fitness level.

You can also use it to be connected to other areas of life like the weather, the music you’re listening to, the location of your phone, social media notifications, phone calls and texts.

The battery will last up to 7 days, and you can safely swim and shower with it on.

The display is only on when you need it and will auto-adjust to ambient light levels for easy-to-read display even in bright sunlight.

2. Ticwatch Pro

  • Up to 30 days battery life
  • 2 layer face design
  • Health & fitness features
  • Built-in GPS tracker

With more watch-faces to choose from than you will ever need, the Ticwatch Pro is not only aesthetically pleasing but it will soon become an indispensable part of your daily life.

The Ticwatch Pro is a smartwatch which has two screens for extended battery life by having a ‘basic’ function (Essential Mode) screen and a Smart Mode screen for all the functions that you’re not going to need to access all the time.

Using the Essential Mode only will give you up to 30 days of battery life. Smart Mode reduces that to 2 days. Switching between the two is very easy. The 2-layer face design means that the display is easy to read in any light conditions.

The Ticwatch is Google Play compatible so you can download all your favourite apps directly onto your watch – your wrist will hold everything you need from Music to Messenger to Maps.

And of course, there are all the health and fitness features you’d expect from a smartwatch.

There’s a built-in GPS tracker, steps and calorie counter, heart rate monitor, fitness apps (Google Fit, Strava etc), and more.

For Android phone users, you can tell the Ticwatch to send a message, make a call, pay for a coffee, or give you directions with the Google Assistant.

3. Garmin Forerunner 235

  • Sleek design and colours
  • Health & fitness tracking
  • Vibration alerts
  • Built-in GPS

Another Garmin brand smartwatch featuring on the market is the Forerunner 235. This is also compatible with Garmin Connect for record-keeping, activity tracking, notifications and alerts, audio prompts, customised apps and widgets.

The Forerunner 235 features a GPS running app which uses Elevate wrist heart rate technology. The watch tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate and more from your wrist alone. It tracks your steps and calories as well as distance and sleep.

It will monitor your oxygen levels and usage. And it will send you alerts via vibrations, for example when it is time to move or time to rest.

The Forerunner interacts with your phone to display emails, make and receive calls, access social media and receive other alerts. The watch uses wireless connectivity to give you weather information. There are a lot more smart features to discover after you take delivery of the Forerunner 235.

The Forerunner 235 is light and unobtrusive to wear and is very quick to pick up satellite transmission points for its GPS. It is also water-resistant. The display is a good size to see easily while you’re on the move, and the straps are well ventilated to stop perspiration accumulation under the strap.

The premium feature of the Garmin Forerunner 235 is its prowess as a fitness running watch. Its other smartwatch features are also good but if you’re into fitness tracking in a major way this is an excellent choice for you.

4. Vivomove HR Sport

  • Discreet display
  • Touch screen face
  • Waterproof material
  • 5 day battery life

Looking for a smartwatch that looks just like a stylish timepiece? The Vivomove HR Sport is a hybrid smartwatch with a highly discreet display which doesn’t scream Fitbit. It features a traditional-looking analogue watch face with precision ticking hands which belie the intelligent functionality of this smartwatch.

The watch face is a touchscreen. The hands magically disappear as you move through the other functions on offer including heart rate monitoring, step counting, stress tracking, relaxation timer with an alert, fitness monitoring tools, calorie counter, distance measurer, and more.

Elevate wrist heart rate monitoring is on the Vivomove hybrid, as is Vo2 Max, My Fitness Pal and other Garmin fitness monitoring technology. The watch is waterproof so you can use it when swimming or in the shower. And the battery life is an impressive 5 days or thereabouts with average use.

And enjoy connectivity with your Android phone to control music, make and receive calls and texts, access social media and emails, and even check the weather. The Vivo move will sync with an Apple device for data collection, storage and monitoring purposes.

The Garmin Connect app will help you manage and monitor all aspects of your fitness records, and keep you connected to and sharing with the online community.

5. Samsung SM-R800 Smart Watch

  • Track 39 exercises
  • Built-in GPS tracking
  • Water resistant
  • Lots of connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy SM-R800 Smartwatch is a perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone – or most other iPhones and smartphones.

The Galaxy Watch tracks over 39 exercises plus sleep and heart rate and keeps track of your progress towards your fitness goals. Download the Samsung Health App and choose from a variety of fitness and relaxation programs as well as monitoring your health.

The Samsung Smartwatch will count steps and calories, monitor your heart rate, detect your stress levels, track your route with its built-in GPS, and (when connected to the Samsung Health app) upload all the data to your compatible device for analysis and for developing fitness programmes and relaxation routines.

The watch is compatible with most iPhone and Android smartphones and devices. It is durable and water-resistant so you can use it when swimming to count strokes. The watch is not suitable for deep water or high-velocity activities like diving or motorised water sports.

When synced to your phone you can receive many notifications, emails, messages and calls on your wrist with Bluetooth connectivity. Your enabled watch will be able to use Samsung Pay, store and stream your music, and get directions using Google Maps.

The Samsung Galaxy SM-R800 is also a very stylish watch, which is important for most people. It’s lightweight and very comfortable. It’s also a very intuitive watch to use.

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Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys