5+ Best Montblanc Pens To Buy In Australia

If you want the very best in the market, Montblanc is the brand to consider. Offering a range of rollerball and classique style pens, they are well crafted and are a staple on any corporate executives desk. 

These are great gift ideas, and when combined with these other Montblanc gift ideas, are great for office gifts, birthdays or Christmas presents. 

So without further ado, checkout the best Montblanc pens to buy in Australia. 

1. Meisterstück Platinum Line Classique (Platinum)

This rollerball pen comes in a black finish with platinum-coloured clip that has a unique serial number. Personal names and initials can also be carved in. There are also 3 rings with the Montblanc logo engraved.

The barrel is made out of resin which provides an ample weight between the fingers. The cap is also resin constructed with the Montblac signal displayed in white.

This pen delivers a luxuriously smooth writing experience, whether that be for long letters or quick signatures. There is a large range of ink refill options available from black, orange, red, blue and green hues.

2. Meisterstück Classique Rollerball Pen

This rollerball pen from Montblac is decorated with striking rose-gold colouring against a sleek black polish.

The clip is in a rose-gold hue alongside the 3 rings as well. Additionally, these rings have been intricately carved with stamped with the Montblac logo clearly displayed. The pen barrel and cap are moulded out of resin which feels both smooth and cool to the touch.

The cap also has the Montblac detail in white. With the inclusion of rose-gold accents, this pen is crafted to provide an opulent writing adventure. There are several colour refills available from reds to blues.

3. StarWalker Precious Resin Fineliner Pen

This item embodies the ideas and feelings of space expedition. This pen is fitted with a see-through cap with the Montblanc signal in suspension and displayed against a blue background which was inspired by the appearance of the Earth and the horizon.

The cap is platinum-coated as well as the rings. The barrel and cap are available in a black colourway and structured out of resin.

There is a finliner nib with metal cladding, making it particularly ideal for handwritten letters or graphic drawings. A classic black ink colour is available with the option to choose brighter and coloured options as well.

4. Montblanc Black Pix Rollerball Pen

This Montblac writing equipment is best catered towards minimalists who desire pens to be functional and simplistic at best. This pen is fitted with a rollerball nib for a smooth and lush writing affair.

The appearance of this pen is based on the Bauhaus art movement, with a narrow barrel that bulges out in the midsection. The cap consists of a platinum-coated tip and the Montblac signal at the top.

With black resin formation making up both the cap and barrel, this is a sleek pen. The colour options vary greatly with vivid ink options available in every shade.

5. Meisterstück Platinum Line Classique (Black)

This product is a timely component of the Montblanc pen line. It features a ballpoint nib that is best suited to filling out basic forms and writing long letters. There is a platinum-coated clip in addition to rings featuring the intricate Montblac logo.

The barrel and cap are curated out of black resin which provides the darkest hue, making the platinum colouring stand out. The top of the cap features the Montblac symbol in a classic white colour.

Like all Montblanc pens, names or initials can be embossed to create a personalized touch. A wide array of refill inks is available besides classic black.

Why do Montblanc pens so expensive?

Montblanc combines brand reputation, quality and marketing. They have been around since the early twentieth century and manufactured celluloid pens. Today they've gone on to produce the Meisterstruck and 149 lines that have become world famous. 

Additionally Montblanc has carved out space for them in the luxury goods market. I'm sure you've seen the news stories about Tiffany selling a paper clip for over $800. Same thing. It's more about the brand, than the actual product you're buying. 

Montblanc is an expensive high end brand, and while some might say the quality output is similar to other brands that are much cheaper, again it's about the brand name you're buying, using and supporting. 

Montblanc offer superior build quality on their pens, as well as a high level of finish, and good customer service. They are well known as a luxury executive and corporate gift of choice. 

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