5+ Best Boys Toys Over $100,000 In Australia

For some amazing experiences with friends you will never forget, you may want to consider having some luxurious fun with some of these boys toys over $100,000

You might be tired of drinks at the bar, or movie nights at home with friends, try spicing things up with one of our adventurous and amusing suggestions for a big budget. 

From hot tubs and barbecues on the water, to jet-packing and diving deep in a whale-shaped submarine, for the right amount of money, you can have all sorts of fun!

The following 5 lavish boys toys may seem extravagant, but are a worthwhile investment if you wish to form long-lasting memories and crazy stories with your closest of friends. 

Best Boys Toys Over $100,000 In Australia

1. Killer Whale Submarine

  • Price: $228,800 
  • Speeds of up to 40km/h
  • Surface and submarine

The Killer Whale Submarine is a real two-person motorised ocean explorer with a top speed of 80km/hr when hydroplaning on the surface and a speed of 40km/hr underwater.

The design is a precise replica of a giant orca and the experience in the ocean water is just that.

With plenty of room for two large adults in its 5-meter length, this is a watercraft which can travel both on the surface and under the ocean to a depth of 1.5 meters.

Just by the pilot controlling its pectoral fins from the cockpit, this can dive into and leap out of the water just like its namesake, breaching and submerging with ease.

The passenger can enjoy the ride and look out for interesting aquatic life to record with the camera built into the dorsal fin.

This camera feeds a continual live video stream to the cockpit to make sure you don’t run into any passing yachts or other nearby watercraft.

Both pilot and passenger have four-point racing-style harnesses for safety.

The watertight ½” skin protects the occupants completely.
This super-fun watercraft has both surface and submarine capabilities to enjoy, and the speeds are exhilarating, to say the least. 

2. Water Powered Jet Pack

  • Price: $66,800
  • Real life jet pack
  • Connects to your jet ski

The JetLev Water-Powered Jet Pack is an easy-to-use gadget which is a feat of engineering design which uses water alone to propel it (and its passenger – you) sky-high into the air, up to 10 meters!

The JetLev Water Powered Jet Pack is a derivative from the earlier jetski technology and came onto the market in 2009.

It uses a backpack with two nozzles and two control arms. Very basically, the jetpack is ejecting water at an extremely high speed downwards towards the water below.

This, in accordance with Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (that every action has an equal and opposite reaction), causes the pack and therefore the rider to maintain flight in the air for as long as that stream of water is being ejected.

Amazingly, the JetPack can also be used to dive into the water and jetpack out!

The power for the jetpack to be pulling in that water it’s ejecting is derived by a long (10-meter) hose which is attached to the backpack and then attached to a pump in a boat or other watercraft floating underneath the rider.

The rider can use the two arms as well as the two nozzles to control and manoeuvre the Jetpack.

Now to the specs: assuming a 68kg pilot you can achieve a top speed of 35km/hr, a flight ceiling of 8.5m, a flight duration of 1 – 2 hours depending on your throttle opening.

3. The Hot Tub Boat

  • Price: $82,500
  • As seen in Europe cities
  • Entertain all year round

A wonderful combination of relaxing hot bubbles and ice-cold lake or ocean travel, the Hot Tub Boat can give you just that.

This is a floating jacuzzi which is also a motorised boat. It travels at speeds up to 6.5km/hr for up to 10 hours at a time. The entire housing measures 5 meters in length and the hot tub is a comfortable 2.5 meters (16ft) long.

So you can entertain up to six adult friends or simply have a romantic night for two on the water. The boat is powered by a 24V electric (rechargeable battery) motor and steering is by a joystick. Recharging is via an onboard power connector.

It can hold 2100 pounds of water in the hot tub built into the deck. A boiler (powered by diesel fuel) heats the water up to 40-degrees Celsius). A thermostat ensures that the water temperature remains steady at your preferred level.

The beautiful decking around the tub is hand made from African teak and includes a swim step for easy access to the surrounding water for water fun and swimming.

A waterproof stereo system with speakers allows you to play all your favourite playlists via your MP3. Four ice-chests are built into the deck for drinks and food, and there are other waterproof storage areas for clothing and accessories like phones.

4. Yamaha Road Star BMS Motorcycle Chopper

  • Price: $218,800
  • Most expensive chopper out there
  • Looks sick!

The Yamaha Road Star BMS Motorcycle Chopper is the ultimate in road cruising as well as a roaring take-off from 0mph!

The ‘star’ feature of this motorcycle is the 102 cubic-inch air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV 48-degree twin engine.

This engine provides so much torque that you'll reach amazing speeds within seconds from idling, as well as smooth effortless cruising performance on the open road.

This is a beauty in every aspect. Its technical specs are superb.

From the pushrod valve actuation, the hydraulic valve lifters driven by twin camshafts, dual 298mm front disc brakes and 320mm single-disc rear brake, Mikuni 40mm CV carburettor with throttle position sensor, electronic fuel and accelerator pumps and heater, to so much more.

And the exterior features are equally superb.

They include a wide touring rider and passenger seat, brushed steel forks, lustrous paint and gorgeous chrome accents, an ultra-thin tank-mounted speedometer, shiny laced wheels with whitewall tyres, and other classic custom features to make this cycle really stand out of the crowd and turn heads.

There’s nothing to not like on the Yamaha Road Star, and there are plenty of Yamaha accessories available to add to yours to make it even more unique to you.

5. The BBQ Boat

  • Price: $116,500
  • Take the BBQ on the water
  • Entertain up to 10 guests

Making your BBQ something different, The BBQ Boat is a floating and motorised fully equipped BBQ experience for you and up to nine other adults.

This is a 3.6-meter diameter bright orange boat with a 30-watt electric (rechargeable battery) motor which can travel on the water up to 4 km/hr for up to 8 hours.

Inside the boat, there are a built-in sturdy ABS plastic table, seating for 10 people, an umbrella, a large BBQ grill, and several storage compartments.

The 60-cm steel charcoal grill is in the centre and the table surrounds it. The place settings each have recessed plate and glass holders and a cutlery tray.

The comfortable ABS plastic seats have storage compartments underneath for supplies. A 3.3-meter diameter umbrella overhead (made from water and weather-proof nylon) is retractable for when the weather is good and when using the grill.

The BBQ Boat is designed for calm water use so is preferably used on lakes or calm river waters. And because it has a small 2HP motor you do not need a driver’s or boating licence to take one out on a lake or river, although of course, you should check with your local regulations and you may need to complete a water safety checklist before launching.

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