5+ Best Mobility Scooters To Buy Online [Australia]

Mobility scooters give the older generation their freedom back, the ability to go where and whenever they want, without relying on others. 

Until recently, buying a mobility scooter was a tricky process. You'd usually go to one of only a handful of stores selling them around the country and have them delivered. They could cost anywhere from a few thousand up to $10,000. 

There's a new trend, and you can now buy a mobility scooter online in Australia for as low as $1,000 plus delivery. We take a look at the highest rated, most popular options to suit every budget. 

The 6 Best Mobility Scooters

1. AUSWHEEL Electric Mobility Scooter

  • Speed: Up to 6km/h 
  • Range: 20km 
  • Battery: 6 hour charge 
  • Max Weight: 100kg 

This product can bear a maximum weight of 100kg. It can travel as fast as 6km per hour and operates using an electromagnetic brake system. Basically, the scoot automatically stops when there no contact is sensed with the handle.

There is a maximum driving range of 20km. Additionally, this product runs on 12V 12Ah batteries and takes around 6 hours to fully charge. It is supported by 4 anti-tip wheels and weighs around 40kg. The tyres are 8-inches thick and leave behind no markings,

For an additional layer of security, there is a large bumper positioned at the front. Lights are positioned at the rear for use in low-light settings.

Several parts are modifiable, such as the seat height, joystick, hand rest and hand grips. The control board houses the control level, battery indicator, key switch and a speed dial.

There is a storage basket at the front and an insert at the back as well. This scooter comes in a black and blue colourway. 

2. Drive Medical Panther Captain Seat

  • Speed: Up to 13km/h 
  • Range: 40km 
  • Battery: 6 hour charge 
  • Max Weight: 192kg 

This scooter from Drive Medical can bear a maximum weight of 192kg. It can move up to 13km can tolerate a driving range up to 40km. The battery life is long-lasting and the life may vary depending on usage.

Also included is a USB port to charge tablets and smartphones. This product is supported by 14-inch pneumatic tyres and anti-tip wheels which can tolerate both indoor and outdoor environments. There is also an electromagnetic brake system.

Several parts are adjustable, such as the tiller, backrest, headrest and seat height. There is room for storage with the front basket and rear insert. To ensure safety, this scooter has rear and front LEDs for driving in low-light environments.

The control panel allows easy access to speed and turn signals. There is also a power indicator. 12V 12Ah batteries are required and come included with a purchase. The throttle is easy to control, as well as the tiller.

This item is 69kg in weight and comes in a red and black finish.

3. Pride Victory 10 LX Mobility Scooter

  • Speed: Up to 9km/h 
  • Range: 26km 
  • Battery: 6-8 hours charge 
  • Max Weight: 180kg 

This scooter from Pride weighs 91kg but has a weight bearing capacity of 180kg. It can run up to 9km per hour and cover 26km before charging is required. This product runs on 12V batteries and has a regenerative and electromechanical brake system.

This 4-wheel drive has 10-inch tyres which can withstand several terrains. There is a front basket for storage. There is also a deep pocket at the back to store newspapers, wallets and other valuables. There is more storage located underneath the tiller as well.

Several components like the armrest, back and seat height are adjustable. There are LED lights located at the front and rear for safe driving at night. Lights are visible during turns as well.

The control panel allows access to the power indicator, speed dial, turn signals and key switch. The handles are easy to grip and provide easy control.

This product is available in red and black. A purchase is inclusive of a crutch and bag.

4. Drive Medical Scout Power Scooter

  • Speed: Up to 7km/h 
  • Range: 14.5km 
  • Battery: 6-8 hours charge 
  • Max Weight: 136kg 

This scooter from Drive Medical can bear up to 136kg in weight. A maximum of 7km per hour can be reached in speed. Additionally, this scooter can run for 14.5km before charging is required. It weighs 43kg on its own.

This scooter provides comfort with a swivel seat, as well as adjustable arm and back rests. It is supported by 4 tyres which can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Anti-tip wheels are included for additional security.

The key switch is conveniently located next to the oval handle which can be managed even with limited agility. The control panel consists of a speed dial and allows turns to be safely made.

There is a basket at the front which provides ample storage. This is a smaller and more compact scooter, which makes it ideal to move between locations.

This scooter comes in an all-black design. There are blue and red plates which can be inserted to give a pop of colour. 12V batteries are required.

5. Equipmed FreeRoam Mobility Scooter

  • Speed: Up to 8km/h 
  • Range: 25km 
  • Battery: 6 hour charge 
  • Max Weight: 120kg 

This scooter from Equipmed can run as fast as 8km per hour and travels for 15-25km before charging is required. Overall, up to 6 hours is needed for a full charge. Safety is prioritised with LED lights positioned at the front and rear for maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

This product can bear up to 120kg in weight and weighs 43kg on its own. There are electromagnetic brakes for security.

This scooter is also designed for comfort with a fully-rotatable swivel chair. The hand rails and backrest can all be adjusted to suit different body sizes.

For storage, a front basket is provided. An insert is also embedded onto the backrest to store valuable items. This scooter runs on thick tyres that do not need air. There are also anti-tip wheels included.

The Delta handle provides easy maneuverability. This product is designed for easy transport as it folds up in less than 20 seconds.

There are 12V batteries that come included. This FreeRoam is available in a bright red finish.

6. Pride Pathrider ES10 Mobility Scooter

  • Speed: Up to 8.8km/h 
  • Range: 18km 
  • Battery: 6-8 hours charge 
  • Max Weight: 158kg 

The Pride ES10 can go as fast as 8.8km per hour and covers 18km in distance before charging is required. This product weighs only 52kg but can accommodate a maximum weight of 158kg.

The control panel consists of a back-lit battery indicator positioned next to a modifiable tiller. This scooter is held up by 10-inch tyres which are designed for outdoor use. There is a regenerative and electromechanical brake network for maximum security.

The seat height and hand rests can all be adjusted to suit different body types. The front features a basket for storage. There is also an LED light at the front for visibility at night.

Then handles are easy to grip and positioned close to the controls to allow turning when required. 12V batteries are needed for smooth operation.

This is a mid-sized scooter that is convenient for transporting between places. It can be taken apart in seconds.

The Pride ES10 is available in a red colourway.

How to choose the best mobility scooter? 

While price is most likely forefront of most consumers minds, you may also want to consider factors such as speed, range, battery life, charging time, weight and reliability. 

These factors can impact your decision. While speed is important, it's not the most important, a mobility scooter can be fast but struggle up hills, something that offers a lower speed, might be better for hills and going up or down inclines. 

Most mobility scooters come with a 6-8 hour charging time, perfect for overnight charging. You can usually charge these scooters by plugging them into a standard Australian wall port. 

All mobility scooters come with LED lights for night time use, as well as a storage basket. Some may have more storage than others so you need to consider your usage before buying a portable unit that may have no storage options. 

Most mobility scooters come with a dry weight and a supported weight. The weight of the individual is often referred to as the supported weight and is the figure we provided above. 

Where to buy a mobility scooter from?

Our personal favourites are Crazy Sales and Amazon for budget friendly options. There are many other mobility equipment specialists including:

  • MobilityHQ
  • AidaCare
  • ScootersAUS
  • SHHC
  • Easy Care Australia
  • Pride Mobility
  • South West Mobility
  • Freedom Mobility
  • Active Scooters
  • 5 Star Scooters
  • InvaCare
  • Total Mobility. 

We haven't used any of the websites above so you'll need to do your own due diligence and research before spending thousands of dollars on a mobility scooter. 

Are their mobility scooter subsidies in Australia?

Buying a mobility scooter can be expensive but there are a few subsidies available in Australia. Some of the best scooters we found are around $1500 to $2000, but some models can cost upwards of $5,000 so a subsidy can definitely help. 

There are a few places you can try including:

  • NDIS
  • Services Australia
  • Department of Social Services

Most Australian residents are most likely going to apply via NDIS for funding. 

Sometimes a subsidy can take a long time to be approved, so most people will prefer to buy a mobility scooter online that's delivered fast and can be used right away. 

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