10+ Best Electric Scooters In Australia For 2022

Are you looking for the best electric scooters Australia has to offer? Want to commute or go on adventures around the city? Well now you can, affordably too. 

The team at best five has been looking at ten of the best scooters, money can buy to suit every budget. Whether you want to go off-road, a long distance or simply get to work on time, there's a model for you below. 

Please note that each state and territory has its own road rules around the use of electric scooters, which you should check before purchase or use.

Additionally, the legal limit for electric scooters in Australia is 25km/h and many companies include restrictions on e-scooters so the speeds below should be used off-road only. 

1. Xiaomi Mi M365

Motor: 280W | Speed: <25km/h | Range: 30km | Weight: 12.5kg | Rider Weight: <100kg

  • Smart phone app
  • Most popular worldwide
  • Lights, ABS, cruise control

The Mi M365 Electric Scooter from Xiaomi boasts many features that you'll absolutely fall in love with. This is a scooter which meets all expectations.

It’s made from lightweight and strong aircraft-grade aluminium alloy (it only weighs 12.5kg) and has a unique folding design with easy levers for easy transportation on public transport, in the car or as you walk.

A curved pedalboard is extremely comfortable to use, and the overall geometric design works well and looks great.

Using a simple button to start the motor, the scooter is powered by an 18650 Lithium-ion battery pack which has a capacity of 280Wh and a distance of up to 30km at cruise speed.

An intelligent battery system (BMS) means that you can use a free app on your phone to keep track of your battery status including life and various protection functions.

There’s even a cruise control function for relaxed riding. The scooter also features a kinetic energy recovery system which converts kinetic energy (created by the wheels’ spinning motion) into electric energy (stored in the battery) to prolong battery life.

Its advanced E-ABS braking system on the front wheel is anti-lock for safety, and the rear wheel has a mechanical disk brake. It has a braking distance of down to 4 metres, again for enhanced safety. The Xiaomi free Smart app also lets you monitor your riding habits.

The scooter has four LED lights for night riding. 

2. Segway Ninebot ES2

Motor: 300W | Speed: <25km/h | Range: 16km | Weight: 12.5kg | Rider Weight: <100kg

  • Lightweight design
  • Low maintenance
  • Reputable brand/model

The KickScooter Series from Segway is a new range of high-quality folding electric scooters built for eco-friendly travel over shorter distances.

With a stylish black slimline design and orange accents, the Ninebot ES2 is an easy-fold electric scooter to meet the needs of those wanting to commute to work or school and still be able to use public transport and/or carry the bike and store it.

Because it’s made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and has a one-push folding frame the scooter is minimalistic in its design and allows effortless travelling and easy carrying and storage.

It weighs only 12.5kg and folds down in a single movement into a compact carrying size (it is small and light enough to be carried in one hand).

Powered by a powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery the scooter can travel at speeds up to 25km/hr. There is the option of adding an extra battery to give you a longer distance between recharges.

And the speed is controlled by an easy to manage button on the scooter’s comfort-grip handle. An ultra-smooth ride is guaranteed by front and rear shock-absorption.

The large wheels and tyres (which are solid) are low maintenance. And dual electric (front) and mechanical (rear) brakes increase the safety whilst riding.

3. Razor E-XR E-XR Electric Scooter

Motor: 350W | Speed: <65km/h | Range: 25km | Weight: 16.3kg | Rider Weight: <100kg

  • Brushless motor
  • Extra large wheels
  • Night lights

The E-XR electric scooter from Razor is their most advanced option and has all the features you might be looking for to satisfy your needs for performance, comfort and control.

This is an ideal product to meet your local transportation needs or that ‘last mile’ of a commute to work or school.

It has a distance capacity of up to 25.6km or 60 minutes on one charge of the powerful Lithium-ion battery which operates the high torque, brushless, hub motor.

These estimates are reported to be conservative by users. The scooter features a large pneumatic front tyre measuring 22.9cm which provides a smooth comfortable ride due to its highly shock-absorbent properties.

A strong heavy-duty steel frame and fork are ready for even the roughest of terrains. The scooter can handle weights up to 100kg. To add to the comfort of your ride the scooter features a wide 66.6cm foot-bed which is anti-slip. The kick-start and thumb-operated paddle throttle make riding the scooter super easy.

A projection-style beam headlamp illuminates night-time riding and LED taillight and brake light enhance your safety at all times. The E-XR is the largest and most powerful stand-up scooter that Razor markets and it’s made to enjoy.

4. Inokim Super Light 2

Motor: 350W | Speed: <35km/h | Range: 35km | Weight: 13kg | Rider Weight: <100kg

  • Five exciting colours
  • 8.5" wheels
  • LCD display, LED lights

The Super Light 2 electric scooter from Inokim is the new model of this scooter (released in 2018) with improvements in all aspects of performance, safety, technology and technical specs.

Electric scooters are great for leisure riding or travelling to work or school. This one is also fairly easily foldable in a few motions for easy transportation and storage – weighing only 13kg it’s easily carried in one hand.

This comes in five exciting and highly visible colours which not only look great but also enhance your safety on the ride.

 The rear 350W brushless motor which may not be as powerful as others but is certainly enough to manage normal riding needs.

With the 36V Lithium-ion battery you’ll achieve speeds up to 35km/hr and distances up to 35km on a single charge. Drum brakes on both wheels ensure that you’re safe in all situations. The wheels both measure 8.5” and have pneumatic tyres for good shock absorption on all terrains.

And the rear wheel has a mudguard to prevent water, stones and debris from flying up on to your feet and legs. A nice wide handlebar with comfortable non-slip grips gives you good control of the scooter and features a bell, the brake paddles and the thumb throttle control.

It also has an LCD display which shows your speed control, battery life etc. Lights on both the front and the rear of the scooter (which flash when you’re braking) keep you illuminated and safe at night. A kickstand enables you to stand the scooter upright when you need to.

The maximum weight load is still 100kg. 

5. Mearth X Pro

Motor: 188Wh | Speed: <<25km/h | Range: 45km | Weight: 12kg | Rider Weight: <120kg

  • Bold rugged design
  • LCD pnale, LED lights
  • Narrow foot-bed

From Australian brand Mearth comes the Mearth X Pro electric scooter. This is a bold scooter with a rugged looking design in all black with strong features. And it is made to be durable. In reality, it is also quite streamlined, weighing only 12kg with wheel diameters of 8”. The foot-bed is quite narrow but still comfortable.

It has a smallish motor and battery (188Wh), a maximum speed of 25km/hr and maximum distance per charge of 45km. The recommended maximum incline is 15-degrees. It will, however, manage a rider weight up to 120kg.

You can add an extra battery to increase your distance and speed. There are speed controls on the handlebar, as well as the controls for lighting, throttle, brakes and the LCD panel showing your speed, battery life, etc.

Lights on the front and the rear are another good safety feature and, clearly, necessary for night riding. Regenerative braking on the front wheel and highly reactive rear wheel braking are a really good safety feature of this scooter.

A handy kickstand allows you to keep the scooter upright if need be without having to lie it down or lean it up against a wall or tree.

Portability is another excellent feature, with a super-easy single motion fold down system for easy transporting. 

6. Inokim OX Super

Motor: 1000W | Speed: <65km/h | Range: 110km | Weight: 33.5kg | Rider Weight: <100kg

  • Super fast speeds
  • Huge distance w/ single charge
  • Adjustable suspension

Capable of managing both urban and off-road terrains the Inokim OX Super electric scooter is a high-end scooter with a lot to boast about. This has dual 1000W brushless motors which are silent and which, together with the powerful 60V 25.6Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, will reach speeds of an amazing 65km/hr.

The maximum distances on a single charge can be as far as 110km on Eco-Speed setting. Note that the charge time is 14 hours so that needs to be factored into your use of this scooter. This is a transportable scooter – it will unfold in 5 seconds to a compact 122*59*54cm and weighs 33.5kg.

This is not as compact or as light as many other commuter scooters, but then this is designed as an all-terrain adventure rather than a commuter scooter. The design includes a patented adjustable suspension system for added stability at higher speeds and on rougher surfaces.

The two 10 x 2.5” pneumatic tyres increase its functionality and the looks. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are an extra safety feature. An auto motor cut off function is an added safety bonus.

A nice wide foot-bed increases rider stability and comfort.
The body is made from high-quality aluminium for strength, durability and lightweight

All controls are on the well-designed handlebar, which features an electronic throttle and an LCD display with lots of information provided around speed, distance, battery status, cruise controls, etc. An auto power-off function is also handy.

Please note that each state and territory has its own road rules around the use of electric scooters, which you should check before purchase or use. 

7. Inokim Quick 3+ Super

Motor: 400W | Speed: <30km/h | Range: 45km | Weight: 17.2kg | Rider Weight: <120kg

  • Ideal for commuting
  • Large 10" wheels
  • LCD screen, LED lights

With new and improved technology and features the Inokim Quick 3+ electric scooter is an exciting addition to the market. This is a high-powered 400W geared brushless motor and 48V Li-Ion battery for outstanding performance on all terrains and steep inclines.

It can achieve a top speed of 30km/hour and a top distance of up to 45km – dependent on several factors including speed, terrain, rider weight (up to 120kg), riding style etc.

The scooter is a foldable design so is ideal for commuting purposes. It weighs 17.2kg and has an easy and quick-fold design which can be carried with one hand.

10” wheels with pneumatic tyres handle bumpy and slippery surfaces with ease. Front and rear calliper brakes allow better control and therefore safety in riding and handling.

Large front and rear lights are perfect for night riding and flicker when the brakes are engaged. The lights are controlled from the handlebar.

The handlebar is ergonomically designed with a long curve for comfort, control and stability. It has the 3-speed throttle with thumb paddle control, the LCD monitor for display of information n seed, distance, battery status etc, brake controls, and comfortable non-slip grip handles.

The anti-slip foot deck is a comfortable 240mm in width and 440mm long. Please note that each state and territory has its own road rules around the use of electric scooters, which you should check before purchase or use. 

8. Kaabo Mantis Pro Elite

Motor: Dual 1000W | Speed: <60km/h | Range: 70km | Weight: 28kg | Rider Weight: <120kg

  • Huge motor and power
  • 3-speed settings
  • LCD, LED lights

Featuring dual motors and dual suspension the Kaabo Mantis Pro Elite electric scooter is designed primarily as a commuter scooter. That means that it’s designed for urban terrain not rural.

The dual 1000W motors provide a peak of 3200W output. A powerful 18.2Ah LG Lithium-ion battery means that the scooter can reach speeds up to 25km/hr and distances up to 70km. Clearly, these figures depend on several factors including rider weight, terrain, incline, speed etc.

There is a Cruise Control function which maximises the battery life and distance range, as well as reducing rider fatigue. And you can choose to use one or both motors, and Eco or Turbo modes, again controlling juice and distance. 3-speed setting options are another useful feature in riding comfort.

The scooter frame is made from 6061-T6 Aviation Quality Aluminium Alloy for strength, durability and minimal weight. This is important for maximising speed and distance capacities and transportability when collapsed (refer below).

Suspension mounted on both front and rear provide an excellent smooth ride over bumps and potholes on the riding surface. It even copes with gravel surfaces beautifully.

The wheels are fitted with 10" pneumatic street tyres. As a commuter scooter, it can be quickly and easily collapsed with a foot release lever. The weight of 28kg is not especially light but it's manageable over short distances.

There are front LED’s, underbody blue LED’s, a rear tail light and rear LED brake light. The maximum recommended rider weight is 120kg.

9. Inokim OXO Super

Motor: Dual 1000W | Speed: <65km/h | Range: 110km | Weight: 33.5kg | Rider Weight: <120kg

  • Goes like a cut cat
  • Good for off-road use
  • LCD, LED lights

The Inokim OXO Super electric scooter is tough-looking, matching its reputation as an all-terrain heavy-duty design and features.  This is a scooter with everything you could ask for if you’re wanting to really tackle some rugged terrain, but also ride it around town.

While it’s similar to the Inokim OX, it has many new features. The battery is larger: it’s a 60V 25.8Ah system for more power and a longer distance range between recharges.

It also has a dual brushless motor system, one on each 10” pneumatic wheel. Each motor is a 1000W motor, peaking at 2600W when both motors are engaged.

The acceleration and torque on this scooter are very strong and the surge is more powerful than most scooters. It’s great for rugged terrains and steep climbs. All cables are strong and are encased in braiding for protection and durability.

The top speed is 65km/hr and the distance range between 60 – 110 km depending on mode and conditions.  The scooter weighs 33.5kg and can take a rider weight of 120kg.

The handlebar has new large rubberised grips which are super comfortable and make you feel more in control of the scooter.  There are high-powered hydraulic disc brakes front and rear with very strong arms holding the brakes to the frame very securely. This will stand you in good stead when riding off-road.

The foot-deck is still comfortably wide and non-slip, again for comfort, control and safety. This is a foldable scooter for urban commuter use.

10. Zero 10X Electric Scooter

Motor: Dual 800W | Speed: <65km/h | Range: 110km | Weight: 10" | Rider Weight: <150kg

  • High performance scooter
  • Dual modes
  • LCD, LED lights

The Zero 10X eScooter is a high-performance all-terrain value for money scooter featuring a dual-motor drive and a dual suspension system for both power and comfort even on rough of surfaces and inclines.

It can reach top speeds of 65 km/hr and travel for distances up to 110km on a single charge in Eco mode, depending on riding conditions. The scooter can handle a rider weight of 150kg – way higher than most scooters on the market.

The dual 800W hub motors provide up to 1600W total power with a peak of 3200W. Optimal power is maintained by a heat dissipation system involving 2 x 25A speed controllers which prevents the motors from overheating and losing power.

A 52V 18Ah battery provides lots of juice to last for long periods and/or over long periods, and adding an extra battery is an option to increase those distance capacities.
The original -road model of the Zero was used as the basis for this primarily urban model.

It features suspension arms connecting the wheels to the frame which are supported by two hydraulic/spring shock absorbers. These are significant in their contribution to the comfort of the ride.

Then the dual motors were added. One in each wheel. The rider has the option of riding in Eco mode, using one motor to conserve power and take advantage of having a longer distance to use. Or he can opt to use both motors in Turbo mode to go faster.

The wheels are full-sized 10” pneumatic with excellent traction and rolling efficiency for great comfort. Both front and rear wheels have disc brakes fitted for safety and instant stopping power. Steep gradients are not a problem with the powerful motors on board.

Please note that each state and territory has its own road rules around the use of electric scooters, which you should check before purchase or use. 

What Is The Fastest Electric Scooter?

The world's fastest electric scooter you can buy off the shelve is the Nanrobot LS7 which has a top speed of 85km/h. It's pretty rare to find this scooter in Australia, as Nanrobot doesn't have an official distributor here in Australia.

You are likely to find the Nanrobot LS7 on eBay, from a private importer from overseas. This scooter comes with dual 1800W motors with all-wheel drive. It weighs 84lbs though, so it's slightly too heavy for the average user to carry. It does however come with a huge 90km range. 

This scooter is far too powerful and fast for Australian standards. It's likely you'd get pulled over operating a scooter of such a high calibre. 

How To Choose The Best Electric Scooter?

When it comes to choosing your ideal scooter, there's a few factors that you should consider. You should firstly decide on your intentions, is this scooter for leisure or to commute?

Leisure scooters can be faster, but this comes at the price of being heavy. If you're commuting you'll want something lightweight, that you can fold up and take into the office, which means you'll need to compromise speed, power and battery life for portability. 

Speed of electric scooters is determined by the motor power, riders weight and tyres. Quoted speeds are usually indicative of a normal weight of 70kg. Our advice is to avoid choosing a scooter simply for the top speed. In Australia, legally you can only go 25km/h on public paths. 

Range: Most scooters come with a certain range, however these depend on how you use the scooter, whether you're going up or down hills, how fast you're going. It's true, a higher range is definitely better for commuters, but these scooters are heavy and may not be portable. You need to draw a fine line between range and weight. 

Weight: Most electric scooters are around 15kg. This is quite heavy, especially if you've got to carry it up stairs or into the lift. There are some lighter scooters out there, but you'll nearly always compromise speed and range for a lighter scooter. Some super fast scooters can be up to 25kg. 

Wheel Size: Nearly all scooters come with wheels that are 6-8 inches in diameter. Smaller wheels give a rougher and bumpy ride, while larger wheels (10") plus can often be used for off-road scooter use, or used on heavier scooters. 

Suspension: If you're going to take your scooter up and down kerbs, having a decent suspension is advisable. Nearly all the premium brands come with suspension, which will give a smoother ride on cobbles and brick roads (less common in Australia, vs the UK).

Brakes: You'll want good stopping power, especially if you're hurtling along at 30km/h. Brakes usually come in three types; 

  • Electric brakes: low maintenance but less effective at stopping fast
  • Disc brakes: Most common, similar to cars, may need to be replaced often
  • Foot brakes: Less common but similar to a push scooter and motorcycle. 

Build Quality: There's a lot of trashy electric scooters out there claiming to be the best. They look amazing in photos but their parts are cheap and will often break. The Xiaomi M365 is one of the world's most popular scooters, but there's many fakes floating around. Be careful. If in doubt, check a store's feedback on sites such as Trustpilot and ProductReviews before buying. 

Size: You should ensure you buy an electric scooter that's right for you. If you're over 6ft 2, you'll want something larger than if you're under 6ft. Some expensive scooters are fully adjustable so suit larger or smaller riders. Cheaper brands will claim a one size fits all, but can be uncomfortable.

You should consider:

  • Bar height and width
  • Deck size
  • Foldability and fold down side  

Maximum Load: If you're a heavy individual you'll want to look for an electric scooter that offers a deck size capable of supporting up to 150kg. Most scooters are only designed for 100kg. 

Lights: If you plan to use your scooter at night, you'll need lights to ensure you're compliant here in Australia. Some have built-in lights while others only have reflectors, so check before purchase. 

Noise: Some scooters make an annoying sound when the motor is in action. This is especially common if the motor is brushed, so look for a brushless motor if you want quiet riding. 

Warranty: Nearly all retailers offer a warranty of at least one year. You should do your own research to see how reputable a company is, will they stick around or disappear? If you're buying a major brand you might be able to claim a manufacturer warranty from other retailers. Check if you're buying from a parallel importer or an official distributor/retailer. 

Cost: Buying a scooter here in Australia means you won't have to pay import taxes if you buy from overseas. Be wary of buying scooters on eBay as they may be coming from overseas. 

Additionally to the price of your scooter, you may need to consider: 

  • Finance available: if possible you might be able to use Afterpay, Zippay or in house finance. 
  • Delivery: scooters are heavy so you may need to pay a delivery fee or it may be free. 

How To Repair An Electric Scooter? 

Most electric scooter stores offer a repair process, in fact this is how they make most of their money as the margins on retailing e-scooters isn't great. 

You'll nearly always find parts available for common scooter brands on a wide variety of scooter sites here in Australia. If you're confident you can fix yourself. 

If you're not prepared to fix yourself, if it's a warranty claim you should contact the store you bought it from. They can help you further. If it's damage, you'll probably have to pay for the repair, unless you took out electric scooter insurance coverage before. 

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