5+ Best Luggage Weighing Scales For Traveling

Are you looking for the best luggage weighing scale? If so, you've landed on the right article. Recently we flew overseas and struggled to workout how close we were to the airlines 23kg limit. 

I'm sure you've been there yourself, you think your luggage weighs about 20kg only to pop it on the scale at the airport and get hit with the $200 per kg overcharge fee. 

Avoid situations like this with a $20 gadget that can make your traveling hassle free. Connect the scale straps around your handle and lift the luggage off the ground, and instantly tell how much you're carrying. Within seconds you can reshuffle between bags or leave a few things behind. 

We're looking at a wide range of the most top rated options found online, with plenty of positive reviews, budget friendly prices and fast delivery. 

Best Luggage Weighing Scales Australia

1. Fosmon Digital Luggage Scale

  • Support: Up to 50kg
  • Strap: Buckle
  • Screen: Digital

This scale from Fosmon can tolerate weights up to 50kg. It can be used internationally and has readings in grams, ounces, kilograms and pounds. The digital display allows easy viewing of measurements with convenient location next to the on/off switch.

This scale uses a buckle strap to hold weights. The display sends a warning to show when a bag is over the weight allowed. There is also a battery indicator.

This is a compact and lightweight product which can fit into backpack or purse. It comes in black and with batteries. There is a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer service.

2. QUMOX High Precision Digital Travel Scale

  • Support: Up to 50kg
  • Strap: Buckle
  • Screen: Digital

This scale from QUMOX is made from stainless steel and comes in a silver finish. It can tolerate a maximum of 50kg. This product uses a strap and hook system where you can place your luggage.

The digital panel gives measurements in pounds, grams, ounces and kilograms. There is an auto-off setting and low battery warning.

The handle of this product can be held using two hands when lifting heavier bags. It is incredibly small in size and can fit into any compartment. It is a great item to measure suitcases before checking in to avoid fees.

Batteries come included with this scale.

3. Luxebell 110lbs Digital Luggage Scale

  • Support: Up to 50kg
  • Strap: Buckle
  • Screen: Digital

The Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale provides readings in pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams. It has a weight bearing capacity up to 50kg, which is well above what most airlines allow. The backlit LCD display is easy to view and has auto-off and auto-lock functions.

This item has a large enough handle for use with 2 hands. There is a durable buckle network to securely lift heavy bags and suitcases. Despite the strength of this product, it is small in size. It can be placed in any front pocket for easy access while travelling.

This product comes in silver finish and batteries provided.

4. Travelon Stop & Lock Scale

  • Support: Up to 34kg 
  • Strap: Hook 
  • Screen: Mechanical 

The Travelon Stop & Lock Scale gives a reliable reading through a mechanic dial. The mechanism allows you to lift your bag and then place it down to view the measurement. All you need to do is wait for the hand to stop at a number.

There is a secure hook area to hang items. This product goes up-to 34kg. There are readings in both kilograms and pounds.

Thanks to the simplistic nature of this item, no batteries are required for it to operate. A tape measure is also included.

This is a lightweight and compact scale which can fit into any small pocket.

5. Lewis N. Clark Luggage Scale

  • Support: Up to 36kg
  • Strap: Buckle
  • Display: Mechanical

This scale from Lewis N. Clark can tolerate a weight of around 36kg. It utilises a mechanical scale that measures in both pounds and kilograms. There is a strap and buckle system used to attach to bags and suitcases. The handle is lined with rubber to offer support when lifting heavy items.

Simple lift a luggage and wait for a beeping sound that indicates a finished reading. The scale can be turned back to zero to weigh other suitcases.

This item is small and lightweight. It comes with a measuring tape as well. This scale is available in a light blue finish.

How to choose the best luggage weighing scale?

What makes these different models stand out from each other?


Most of the mechanical models only support weights up to 40kg, whereas the digital LCD models usually support weights up to 50kg. However for most travellers your suitcase can't be any heavier than 30kg, so either option is usually sufficient for your needs. 

Type of Scale

Personally I'm a big fan of the mechanical scales as they are more accurate, however the LCD digital models are still pretty accurate and on a recent trip overseas our #1 model was bang on! There are many stories online about the digital luggage weighing scales being inaccurate, but we found ours was accurate, so each to their own. 

We found the digital scales take a few seconds to turn on and startup, whereas the mechanical ones are ready to go instantly. This can get a bit tedious if you're lifting up multiple cases as the digital ones have to reset themselves each time. It can sometimes be quicker to turn it off/on again to force it to reset quicker. 


Most of the models we looked at come with a buckle, that fits through the handle and latches on to the other side of the strap. This allows you to quickly mount a suitcase and turn it on. 

Mechanical ones may just have a hook which can get bent in your bag if you're travelling with it, however it's much quicker to load and lift, without waiting for the scale reading to reset. 

Weight Modes

Nearly all models will come with readings in KGs and LBS. Digital ones may need to be reset using a button whereas the mechanical ones usually have the two readings around the side of the scale, similar to a fruit shop scale. 

Ensure it's easy to switch modes on the digital version, as it can get tedious if you're traveling to countries that use lbs rather than kgs and having to switch each time. 


Most models are the same, just rebranded under different companies, so you probably shouldn't need to spend more than $20 for a high quality luggage scale. You can pay more for a very accurate mechanical scale, however we prefer the digital ones. 

During our research we found digital weighing scales as low as $10 and as high as $30. 

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