Best Travel Pillow Australia (Sleep Easy On The Move)

It seems like every one is travelling these days and Australia is fairly isolated so heading overseas usually means a 3+ hour flight even to New Zealand. Other adventurers head to the UK which is nearly 22 hours away.

Aeroplane seats are getting more and more comfortable but face it, they are not designed for sleeping upright. Some airlines have side bits on the seat that allow you to form your own pillow while others have nothing.

Flying on a budget airline you can probably assume there will be nothing of the sort. Many travellers then resort to those blow up neck pillows that airport stores make a fortune from.. selling them for $15 when they cost $2 at the local dollar store.

The blow up neck pillows are uncomfortable and smell pretty bad.. Chinese factory much. Then there's the slightly more comfy neck pillows that retail up to $40. BestFive has gone even better with these epic travel pillows.

You don't need to dig deep either and while some look outrageous, they are super comfortable, allowing you to sleep nearly anywhere!

Best Travel Pillow Australia

1. BCOZZY Travel Pillow

bcozzy travel pillow
  • Ergonomic design shape
  • Chin support built in
  • Many positive reviews online
  • Multiple sizes available

If you’re looking for a travel pillow that is comfortable and provides support for your neck at the same time, then check out the BCOZZY Travel Pillow.

This travel pillow is patented for its ergonomic shape that stops your head from falling forward as it wraps around your neck to provide support.

The unique chin support keeps your head in a sitting position to prevent your head from falling and maintaining comfort. If you sleep to your head on the side, rest assured that the BCOZZY has side support with booster sides for extra support.

So, you can nap comfortably while sitting in the aisle, middle, or leaning against window seat.

Also Available As: Kids Travel Pillow

You can pick any of three sizes; child, adult and XL to choose the best fit that is right for you. The XL adult size is perfect if you’re neck is 16 inches or above.

The child size is recommended for children between that ages of 3 to 8 years old and is great for travelling in a car or plane.

The BCOOZY travel pillow is great to take while you’re on the go as it is lightweight and easy to carry. The snap strap lets you attach the pillow to the side of your carry on or can easily be compressed into your bag.

2. MemoryMate Travel Pillow

  • Moulds on to your head
  • Removable outer layer
  • Phone pocket to store things
  • Travel bag

Get ready to travel in comfort with the Memory Mate Travel Pillow.

This travel pillow will be sure to change your travelling experience as though you are floating in the clouds.

Unlike most traditional travel pillows, the Memory mate is made with 100% eco-friendly, high-grade materials that moulds on to your head, neck and chin to provide 360 degrees of comfort.

The outer layer of the travel pillow is removable so you can give it a wash to ensure your travel pillow is always clean and soft.

You can use the Memory Mate in multiple ways to keep you comfortable whether you are travelling or simply need support while you’re working, reading or watch tv.

The Memory Mate comes with a phone pocket so you can store your phone or travel documents. If you’re not using it, you can pack your Memory Mate into the durable drawstring carry bag that comes with the pillow so it’s always ready when you are on the go!

You’ll be sure to get rest with the Memory Mate coupled with the free 3D fitted sleep mask and noise cancelling ear plug meaning that you’ll have a good sleep without any light or noise disturbing you.

3. Ostrich Pillow Light

  • Unique circular design
  • Comfortable sleep anywhere
  • Drawstring adjustable
  • Well-known brand name

If you’re wanting a travel pillow that is unique and like no other, then you’ll love the Ostrich Light Travel Pillow.

The Ostrich Pillow is a new product aimed to help you take power naps anytime and anywhere you need to. The unique circular design with microbeads offers you a microenvironment where you can privately take a cozy power nap with ease even within a public setting.

With the circular design, if you’re leaning against a window sitting up straight, you can get comfort from every direction.

The Ostrich Light offers you a neck pillow and eye mask all in one, either way, you choose to use the pillow will improve your travelling experience. The Ostrich Light can block out light to help you zone out faster.

This travel pillow is super lightweight and can be worn as a neck scarf on cold mornings and when you’re ready for a nap, just pull it over your eyes and you’re good to go.

Use the drawstring to adjust the pillow to your level of comfort.

This travel pillow is reversible so choose from either two colours which suit your mood for the day.

4. Ostrich Pillow Go

  • Highly supportive design
  • Memory foam
  • Velcro strap adjusting
  • Mixed reviews online

The Ostrich Pillow GO is a game changer in the travel pillow market. When you’re on a flight, you realise that comfort is most important when looking for a travel pillow and the Ostrich Pillow GO gives you just that.

The highly supportive core of the pillow is made out of memory foam. This means that you can mould it into any shape to fit your body and it can easily be compressed down into the travel bag. This makes it easy for you to take your travel pillow on the go with you.

This travel pillow comes with a Velcro strap for adjusting the Ostrich to a comfortable fit and combined with the soft viscoelastic sleeve, this travel pillow is guaranteed to give you the perfect custom fit that is comfortable, to help you fall asleep with ease.

If you end up drooling on your pillow after a good nap like me, you can easily remove the outer sleeve to give it a good wash, making it always fresh and ready for you to use when you’re about to head off on a trip.

5. HugSnug Travel Pillow

  • Fully adjustable design
  • Memory foam
  • Snap-closure
  • Well reviewed online

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After looking at the best travel pillow Australia has to offer, we've come to the conclusion that the BCOZZY is the markets favourite pillow. Offering a range of sizes for kids, teenagers and adults, it's unique design supports your neck, chin and face depending on your sleeping style. Closely followed is the MemoryMate which we could find no fault with and comes with a carry bag. 

Last Updated: November 11, 2019 by Rhys