11+ Best Jet Boating Tours In Australia [Adrenaline!]

If you've never been on a jet boat, you're missing out! Maybe you want to try jet boating, that might be why you're here? Or maybe you want to try another boat, in your next holiday destination.

We've spent the last few months, researching the best jet boating tours in Australia. There's over 15 different companies offering tours, but we believe these are the top rated. 

By using our 29-point criteria, you'll only be dealing with the very best jet boat operators across the country, from river runs, to open water, there's something for all.

Plus with all that competition, pricing is very affordable too! So grab your camera, and be prepared to get soaked, experience 360-degree spins and more on these jet boating tours. 

1. Paradise Jet Boating

  • Location: Gold Coast 
  • Price (Adult): $52
  • Duration: 55 Minutes

Paradise Jet Boating Gold Coast provides fun for all with rides across Broadwater and Moreton Bay Marine. Paradise Jet Boating offers a premium ride called the Broadway Adventure which spans over 35 kilometers in distance.

During this cruise, passengers get to immerse themselves in the Gold Coast’s rich biodiversity with marine creatures and land animals in Moreton Bay Marine Park. As of late, the Broadway Adventure is the only tour in the Gold Coast that is permitted to enter this park.

Additionally, they will get an unobstructed view of SeaWorld Theme Park, as well as Sovereign Island’s luxurious architecture.

With 55 minutes of stunning scenery and adrenaline rushes available, this ride is catered for everyone. The price for an adult ticket is listed at $52 while the price for children is $34.

2. Thunder Jet

  • Location: Sydney
  • Price (Adult): $59
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

One of the most popular rides from Thunder Jet Sydney is the Thunder Thrill Ride. This is a 30-minute expedition across the Sydney Harbour that brings passengers close to the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Riders get to be spoiled with stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. In contrast to the peaceful scenery, heart-stopping twists and turns are guaranteed on this rapid-fast ride.

There is also video recording available on the Thunder Thrill Ride, with 8-12 minutes of boat action available for passengers to save and share on social media.

Pre-booking is required in order to secure footage of the ride. For a child, the ticket costs $35. An adult ticket is available for $59 each. Prices may vary depending on the sales and tour rides available.

3. Bad Fishy

  • Location: Cairns
  • Price (Adult): $72.50
  • Duration: 35 Minutes

The Bad Fishy ride allows passengers to sightsee the gems Cairns has to offer. This 35-minute voyage across Trinity Inlet exposes customers to the abundant wildlife that Cairns is popular for.

Passengers will also gain a wealth of knowledge about the plants and animals sighted, through the Captain onboard. The Captain is known for his witty humour, which is sure to bring about laughs during this thrilling journey.

The Bad Fishy ride offers adrenaline rushes that satisfies both adults and children, making it a great option for families.

For a child, a ticket is priced at $47.5. For an adult ticket, the cost is listed at $72.5. There are also high-quality cameras on the boat which take photos of reactions during the ride. For an additional $20, 5 photos can be printed out.

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4. OZ Jet Boating

  • Location: Sydney
  • Price (Adult): $68
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

OZ Jet Boating Sydney is famous for the Shark Attack Thrill Ride which immerses passengers in a fast-paced journey across the Sydney Harbour. This 30-minute ride and starts of at Circular Quay.

Riders get to be greeted with postcard-worthy views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Passengers will also get a taste of Australian luxury with multimillion mansions in full view.

Additionally, they’ll get to see the gorgeous Clark and Sharks Islands which are only a distance away from the city centre. The Taronga Zoo, which is the largest zoo in Australia can also be seen during the ride.

All of the Captains are Sydney natives that bring authentic knowledge of the city. An adult ticket costs $68 while a child ticket is priced at $39.2. Photos can also be purchased at an additional cost.

5. Huon Jet Hobart

  • Location: Hobart
  • Price (Adult): $85
  • Duration: 35 Minutes

A Huon Jet journey brings riders on a 35-minute cruise across the Huon River. This ride covers a total distance of 12 kilometres and is full of 360-degree turns which are sure to bring adrenaline rushes.

Throughout the journey, passengers will be pampered with glimpses of wildlife such as sea eagles and platypuses. Scenic views of unspoiled Tasmanian nature can be appreciated during various spots.

There will be time to take photos of native Huon pine and soothing landscapes. Huon Jet Hobart is a great option for families as there is a playground and a picnic area nearby.

There is a dine-in area called Boat Shed Café where hearty meals and light refreshments can be purchased. The cost of a ticket for one child is listed at $60 while an adult ticket is priced at $85.

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6. Jet Adventures

  • Location: Dunsborough, WA
  • Price (Adult): $69
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Jet Adventures Perth offers various jet rides across Dunsborough and Busselton. The Dunsborough Thrill Ride is a 30-minute journey for thrill-seekers with fishtails and 270-degree rotations. Speeds on this ride are said to reach a maximum of 90 kilometres per hour across wide-open seawater.

Each ride is manned by a licensed skipper for an exhilarating yet safe experience. Cameras are not allowed to be brought along and there is a single price of $69 per person. The Busselton Thrill Ride offers the same features as Dunsborough and also costs $69 a person.

It is also recommended that swimsuits be packed along for both trips, as there is often a chance to take a quick dip. After the ride, all passengers are treated to free photographs captured during the trip, which are available to download.

7. Pioneer Jet Airlie Beach

  • Location: Whitsundays, Queensland
  • Price (Adult): $69
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Pioneer Adventures offers 30 minutes of adrenaline rushes that is geared towards thrill-seekers. The journey kick starts at Coral Sea Marine where passengers are rushed along the crystal-clear waters of Pioneer Bay.

Full-frontal views of luxurious real estate and the Whitsunday islands will be available for all to admire and fawn over. Each boat is manned by an experienced pilot who is trained in the art of performing manoeuvres such as power break stops and 360-degree rotations.

After all the tricks have been performed, a slower pace will be maintained to allow passengers the opportunity spot sea turtles, stingrays and other marine creatures.

Each jet boat has a camera onboard to take reaction photos which can be accessed for free. An adult ticket costs $69 while the price of a child ticket is listed at $49.

8. Noosa Thriller

  • Location: Noosa, Queensland
  • Price (Adult): $70
  • Duration: 90 Minutes

The Noosa Thriller from Noosa Thriller Adventures gives customers 90 minutes across the Noosa river. During this ride, heart-stopping tricks such as figure-eights and 360-degree spins are scattered throughout to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Passengers are sure to receive unfiltered views of Noosa River, which is known for the extensive amount of birdlife. Dolphins are also known to be spotted throughout this area. Customers will get to experience the river’s salty water during ocean swells.

Prices begin at $70 per person, which is the cost regardless of age. All tours take place on a 500HP jet boat for the most powerful and thrilling ride. This is a great option for families and business outings. There is a perfect mix of both thrilling and tranquil moments to cater to all people.

9. Port Jet

  • Location: Port Macquarie
  • Price (Adult): $60
  • Duration: 40 Minutes

Port Jet has a ride known as the Ocean Blast which brings passengers across Port Macquarie. The journey begins at North Shore and ends at Lighthouse Beach for picturesque views of the coastline.

During the 40-minute expedition, customers will experience rapid-fast speeds across some of New South Wales’ bluest waters.

The 900HP boat carrying customers is regarded as one of the speediest commercially in the entire state and can endure the turns and swells that take place during the ride. During the ride, amazing wildlife such as dolphins and whales can also be spotted out.

There is also the occasional sea turtle sighting as well. There is a pause at Nobby’s caves for the opportunity to take photos of Port Macquarie’s gorgeous coastline. The price starts at $60 per person for both children and adults.

10. Rottnest Adventure Boat Tours

  • Location: Perth, WA
  • Price (Adult): $70
  • Duration: 90 Minutes

The adventure boat tour from Rottnest offers visitors a 1 hour and 30-minute cruise across Rottnest, an island accessible from Perth. Passengers get to be spoiled with photographic views of white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water.

Additionally, New Zealand fur seals can be sighted at Cathedral Rocks. For the opportunity to see humpback whales, visit during September and November. Passengers are sure to gain knowledge about the wildlife and history of Rottnest from the knowledgeable Captain onboard.

Riders get to experience a mix of tranquillity and thrill on the Eco Express without worrying about their carbon footprint as this tour is eco-certified.

The price for a single child pass is at $35 while the cost for an adult ticket is advertised at $70. This ride is best suited towards thrill seekers who heart-stopping adventures.

11. Ocean Jet

  • Location: Gold Coast
  • Price (Adult): $69
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Ocean Jet offers a unique jet boating experience across the Gold Coast. Passengers sit in an air-conditioned room and are fully protected from splashes thanks to the glass enclosure.

The boat that riders reside in is an 880HP jet that zooms at speeds at up to 100 kilometres per hour, making it perfect for thrill-seekers.

Expert pilots transport passengers from the Marina Mirage and journey into the Pacific Ocean. 360-degree spins are performed near the Gold Coast skyscrapers before the boat makes its way to the South Stradbroke Island.

Passengers will get to immerse themselves in the white-beaches of this island and take gorgeous photographs. This tour can also take place on rainy days and there are photographs available for purchase, if desired. A child ticket is priced at $59 while an adult ticket costs $69 each.

What is Jet boating?

According to Bill David, a Jet Boat operator from Western Australia, "it's a boat propelled by a jet of water, similar to a jet ski..where water is ejected out of the back of the watercraft." Bill goes on to say, "unlike a traditional boat with a propeller prop, or outboard motor, a jet boat draws water from the front of the boat, and propells it out the back." 

There are no rudders involved. The operator of the jet boat turns the handlebars, which in turn change the direction of the jet, causing the vessel to change course. 

This allows the boat to operate in as little as a few centimetres of water, as the flat hull sits at the same height as the water jet, allowing the boat to go pretty much anywhere. 

Most boats have large V8 engines, capable of propelling the jet boats at high speeds. 

Where was Jet boating invented? 

Like many good inventions (bungee jumping), jet boating was pioneered in New Zealand as a way for hunters to traverse the waterways in the South Island. 

Jet boats can go anywhere, up and down rapids, and can be beached on the side of the river, hence why they make such a good mode of transport up and down the river. 

Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand was the first place on the planet to start passenger jet boating for tourism. Since then, it's become popular around the world, especially in Australia where there's many coastal and river tour companies out there. 

How fast are Jet boats? 

According to Bill, our jet boating expert, "It really depends on the engine, weight and number of passengers on board. Some companies like to make bold claims about up to 100km/h, but in reality the speed may be much less if it's a full board. Most of these companies use this as a marketing tactic to appear like they offer the best jet boating experience."

We are fully aware of what Bill is referring too, as you'll find with Go Karting companies, each claim to offer the fastest carts in the city, to win over business. 

According to our research, the top speed on most jet boating tours seems to be 100km/h, with some providers offering up adrenaline fuelled action of up to 90km/h. 

At those speeds though, it wouldn't matter what speed you were going at, it's still an action packed adventure, and when the driver throws a 360-degree spin, it gets even better. 

Will I get wet Jet boating?

Of course you will, unless you choose the only jet boating company that offers a water tight canopy (Ocean Jet in the Gold Coast) but ultimately the most fun is getting wet. If it's a hot and steamy 30+ degree day, even better! You wouldn't go to a water park and not get wet? 

Jet boating is designed to be enjoyed in warmer weather. I probably wouldn't want to be out in Sydney Harbour in the middle of winter, but each to their own! You can pickup a great deal on winter jet boating activities compared with summer months. 

Some companies offer ponchos if you don't want to get wet. You may also want to ensure you have a waterproof phone case, or camera case if you want to take pics! 

How much does jet boating cost?

We found the average price was around $50-$70 per adult for one tour. Children pricing was around 25-50% cheaper however some companies treat children as adults with a one price policy.

Compared with New Zealand, we found jet boating in Australia was much more affordable. Take the world famous Shotover Jet, it's $119 NZD for 30 minutes. 

Cheapest Jet boating tours in Australia

After looking at all the companies offering tours in Australia we found the cheapest tour (correct as of August 2020) was offered by Paradise Jet Boats, at $52 for 30 minutes in the Gold Coast.

However duration is something you should look at. 30 minutes for $52 seems cheap, but if you took a 90 minute tour with Noosa Thriller, you'd pay $70. For the extra $18 you're getting an extra hour of fun on your jet boat tour. 

It pays to look around too, for example there's 3 different companies competing for service in the Sydney Harbour, although we've only looked at 2 of these providers. Some offer discounts on sites such as Groupon or Bookme.com.au, making it even cheaper! 

Now you know the best jet boating tours Australia has to offer, checkout these guides:

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