Best Touchscreen Gloves (Reviews + Ratings)

Touch screen gloves are an easy and affordable way to solve small daily struggles, such as exposing your hands to the crisp winter air to use your phone. 

They differ from ordinary gloves in that they are made of conductive material and have low resistance so as not to prevent the electricity from your fingers transferring to the screen. 

This may seem like an insignificant obstacle, however, when it comes to using electronic devices in the arctic or other harsh outdoor environments, touch screen gloves can be a life-saver.

Though there are types suited for heavy duty hiking, biking or outdoor expeditions, there are also more stylish models available for everyday use. 

Find below the very best touchscreen gloves on the market, to make using your device in the cold that much easier.  

The Best Touchscreen Gloves

1. OZERO Winter Gloves

  • Deluxe and fashionable
  • Cold weather gloves
  • Five sizes available

From OZERO are these deluxe and fashionable winter gloves designed for the coldest of winter conditions and continuous wear even when driving, cycling, skiing, working and using your phone or other touch screen equipment outdoors.

These gloves are made from a blend of thickened velvet, cotton and artificial suede for comfort, warmth and durability. The entire inner is lined with a waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry no matter what the conditions or what you’re doing.

The touchscreen fingertip on each glove are designed with a special sensitive mesh to enable versatile and flexible touchscreen use at any angle.

And the palms are made from a non-slip silica gel, making them safe for driving and riding.

The wrists are made from a knitted wool to elasticise them for easy pull-on and off. This part of the glove is not waterproof.

Cleaning is easy - simply wipe the exterior with a damp towel and occasionally hand wash and air dry.It’s important to purchase the correct size to maximise the fit of the touchscreen fingertips.

The gloves come in five sizes between Small and XX-Large. Instructions on how to measure your hand for the correct sizing are on the Amazon site.

2. Mujjo Winter Gloves

  • Double-insulated
  • slim stretch knit fleece
  • Multiple sizes

In winter we all want to wear warm gloves when outdoors but they can be extremely annoying when it comes to using the phone, driving a car, riding a bike or otherwise using our hands.

Taking them off and putting them back on all the time is often not worth the effort. These ultimate touchscreen winter gloves from Mujjo are double-insulated and designed to be able to be worn whilst undertaking any of these tasks. 

They are the highest level glove on offer by this manufacturer, which is acclaimed for producing affordable leather accessories for Apple and Samsung products.

They are made from a surprisingly slim stretch knit fleece which has been impregnated with a highly conductive treatment which allows for easy and comfortable phone use (and larger devices with touch screens) with all five of your fingertips as well as your palm and knuckles on both hands. The construction of the thumbs is optimised for use on larger screens.

The fabric stretches in four directions for a firm yet comfortable and curved fit which moves naturally with your hand without any constraints.

The palms and inner fingers are also lined with an anti-slip silicone patterned grip line for safe holding of the phone or other device. The uppers are triple-insulated and 3M laminated with Thinsulate for greater warmth and wind-proofing.

And the outer shell is a denser Micro Pique. The cuffs are a knitted stretch fabric with a layer of Micro Fleece which fit snugly around to prevent cold air from seeping in.

The result is a glove which permits the ultimate control of a touchscreen with deluxe warmth and comfort in the coldest of weather.

They come in four sizes and are compatible with most phones including all iPhone 11, iPad, Apple Watch, all Samsung devices from S8, Note 9 and Galaxy Tab, Wearables etc. Please check on Amazon for further details.

3. GLOUE Touch Screen Gloves

  • Cold weather gloves
  • Grey colour only
  • One size fits all

Designed for women, these GLOUE touch screen winter gloves are the perfect solution to cold winter outdoor wear and smartphone use without the need to take them off.

They’re also suitable for other touchscreen devices, and great for cycling, driving or simply being outdoors in the cold. Stylish yet so practical, the gloves are also extremely affordable.

Made from a soft suede with an outer knitted fabric and an inner of soft fleece which is warm and beautifully comfortable. Faux fur at the wrists add a level of style which others in this category lack, as well as an added level of warmth.

The expert sewing makes them strong and durable for more than a single season’s use. The touchscreen design is perfect if you do spend a lot of time outdoors in winter.

They don’t compromise on the dexterity of the palm, the outer or the fingers or the sensitivity of the fingertips (the thumb and forefinger are touchscreen enabled on each hand).

The gloves come in one colour, grey, and one size which is designed to fit most hands (the middle finger measures 8cm in length and the palm width is 8.5cm across). 

4. Achiou Touch Screen Winter Gloves

  • Comfort and warmth
  • Three fingers only
  • Three sizes

Able to be used on all touch screen devices the Achiou winter touchscreen gloves are made from a high-quality Acrylic material and velvet/woollen blend lining for comfort and warmth – while perhaps not on the coldest of days certainly in normal non-Arctic winter weather.

The palm and underside of the fingers are lined with a non-slip Silicone-rubber triangulated pattern for a better grip.At the wrist is a zipper closure to secure the glove comfortably and to prevent seepage of warmth and entry of cold.

The materials used in making the gloves are elastic and will stretch to fit most hands easily and snugly with great flexibility of movement of the whole hand and dexterity of the fingers.

Three of the fingertips on each glove (the thumb, index finger and middle finger) are touchscreen-sensitive, enabling use of a touchscreen without removing the gloves.

They are easy to clean: simply hand wash in cool soapy water and air dry. Do not iron. The gloves come in three sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large they do run small but there is a size guide on Amazon to assist with choosing your size). And several colours and thicknesses. The price range is extremely affordable.

5. EnergeticSky Gloves

  • Winter weather gloves
  • Waterproof, Windproof
  • Flip-back finger flaps

Enjoy your winter activities and everyday outdoor life with these EnergeticSky touchscreen friendly gloves from RIVMOUNT.

The gloves are filled with 3M Thinsulate which provides a great deal of warmth in a non-bulky feel, these are waterproof, windproof and breathable. They seal in the natural body temperature of your hands yet allow full flexibility in the use of the whole hand and fingers.

3M Thinsulate has been shown to be the most effective thin thermal insulation material in the world. The outer layer is a water-resistant Polyester and the palms feature an extremely effective non-slip design.

Flip-back thumb and index finger flaps with strong hidden magnets to secure them allow easy and quick access to your touchscreen, camera or to whatever else you’re wanting to access (like baiting a fishhook or operating a camera) without the need to take the gloves off.

The fingertips also have a sewn-in conductive material to allow for touchscreen use without using the flaps. They have an adjustable Velcro wrist strap to keep them sealed for greater warmth and a comfortable fit.

The gloves come in five sizes Small though to XX-Large and three choices of colour. They do run on the small size so best to buy larger for a good fit.


Using your phone or tablet without removing your gloves is now possible thanks to these best touchscreen gloves, that include finger tips on the end of the gloves that mimic the human hands. 

There's many different brands out there to choose from, but hopefully we've given you some insights into which ones to consider buying. 

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