6+ Best ghd Gift Ideas In Australia [Top Rated]

 Are you looking for the best ghd gift ideas for a special someone, a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or simply something for yourself then you've come to the right place. 

Today we will be looking at the best ghd products in a wide variety of different categories from hair stylers, professional hair dryers, wave wands, hot brushes, and paddle brushes.

ghd is one of the most popular brands in the hair and beauty industry and here in Australia there are a wide variety of different products that you can purchase from them for as low as $15 up to $300, with something for every budget.

Below we have summarised the main features and benefits of each product, with a link to check out the best price on these products with free delivery within Australia. 

What does GHD stand for?

ghd stands for good hair day and is a manufacturer of hair and beauty products based in the United Kingdom and they are one of the Pioneers and market leaders of hair straightening products that are sold in over 50000 salons across the world as well as countless online stores such as Amazon.com.au. 

When was ghd founded?

The company was founded back in 2001 and has annual revenues of over $300 million. GHD have won numerous awards for their hair dryers as well as their hair straightening irons which are now used by an endorsed by many celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Joe Biden and many others. 

The Best ghd Gift Ideas Australia

1. ghd platinum+ styler

  • 185° smart temperature
  • Super fast heat up (20s)
  • Highly rated online

The ghd platinum + is a hair straightener that can also be used to produce wispy waves and bouncy curls. A styler is included to help protect and nourish the hair.

This product features a smart monitor which maintains the styling temperature at 185°. This is listed as the best temperature for stronger and more luscious locks.

The straightener is made out of a plate guard and gloss plates. This creates a sturdy device but also enables a quick heat-up time of just 20 seconds.

This straightener uses advanced technology to automatically modify functions according to hair texture and thickness. This allows a personalised look every time the product is used.

With a wishbone hinge, the ghd platinum + allows you to manipulate the barrel easily for straight or curly hair.

2. ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer

  • High airflow (120km/h)
  • Various settings
  • Multiple colours available

Like the name suggests, this hair dryer from ghd is designed for professional stylists.
The ghd Helios uses aeroprecis technology to evenly distribute airflow to the masses of hair. It is fitted with a DC motor which enables airflow at 120km/hr.

This product is designed to quickly dry hair and thus decrease the amount of frizz and fly-aways. Ionic technology is also integrated to allow more shine and a healthier appearance to dry hair.

There are controllable heat and temperature settings, which makes it useful for all hair types, whether straight or curly.

This hair dryer has 3 + 2 power settings and uses 2,200W. It is incredibly lightweight which makes it easy on the arms.

This item can be used with ghd styling products for increased heat protection. 

3. ghd Mini Styler

  • Super fast heat up (30s)
  • Great smaller option to full size
  • Plate guard for immediate storage

The ghd Mini Styler is designed for use on short hair and fringes. This product can be used to either straighten or create bouncy locks with just a twist of the barrel.

This product is fitted with half inch ceramic plates which take just 30 seconds to fully heat up. A temperature of 185° is automatically activated which leads to the appearance of silkier and healthier hair.

The Mini Styler also features a plate guard, which allows it to be placed into storage immediately after application. This also decreases the risks of burns and saves time when in a rush.

This product has an automatic sleep mode, which turns on after 30 minutes of zero detected activity. This minimises the risk of electrical accidents. 

4. ghd Classic Wave Wand

  • Great for long/short hair
  • Smart temperature controller
  • Ultra-zone technology settings

The ghd Classic Wave Wand features a 38-26mm barrel which can be used on both short and long hair. This product is versatile, and can produce loose beach waves, or tight bouncy curls.

The temperature of this device is maintained at 185° to protect hair from excessive heat damage, and produce more luscious looking locks.

There is ultra-zone technology which automatically detects the hair texture and modifies settings accordingly for a customised styling.

The ghd Classic Wave Wand includes a systemic sleep mode, which gets activated after 30 minutes.
This product comes with a safety stand which can be used to properly set down the curler without damaging nearby items.

The handle allows you to easily manipulate the barrel for easy flat wraps and twist wraps.

5. ghd Glide Hot Brush

  • Great for dry hair
  • Suitable for straight or wavy hair
  • Smart temperature gauge

The ghd Glide Hot Brush is designed to be used on dry hair. With superior ionic technology, this product easily removes frizzes and tames fly-aways with minimal effort.

This hot brush consists of both short and long bristles that suit a variety of hair textures and lengths. The large surface area of the brush itself makes styling a quicker job. Whether you have bone-straight hair or wavier locks, this product can help curate a cleaner and healthier appearance.

The Glide Hot Brush works at a temperature of 185° which minimises styling time and enables the look of stronger and silkier hair.

As a safety measure, this product comes with a 60-minute automated sleep timer. It is also extremely lightweight, making it travel-friendly. 

6. ghd Paddle Brush

  • Good for mid length/waist length
  • High quality bristles
  • Great stocking filler

The ghd Paddle Brush is designed for mid length and waist length hair. It is designed to quickly tame frizz without creating static.

This brush can be used everyday to clean up appearances, throw the hair into a ponytail or any other hairdos.

This paddle brush features bristles which effortlessly glide through long strands of hair. It easy detangles minor knots and ensures a put-together appearance. The handle makes it easy to grip and rotate between sections of hair.

This device can also be used for a blow-dry. Just use a hair dryer to dry the hair until it is about 20% wet. Afterwards, use the paddle brush to go through the hair while keeping the dryer on.
This item can be used at home or in a professional salon.

Why women like to buy ghd products?

GHD products are built to such a high standard that they attract a high price, but why do women like to buy these? They offer a superior build quality, longer warranty and unique feature set such as smart technology heating, Ultra-zone technology and aesthetics that you won't find elsewhere.

If you mention the word GHD to another friend or family member then they will instantly know what you were talking about. They have built a brand on a acronym that many people are now are of, similar to Apple and having a brand name product in your collection at home is also a status symbol that most want to have. 

How much do ghd products cost?

GHD products are some of the most expensive hair straighteners & hair dryers in the beauty market today and you can expect to pay upwards of $250 to $350 for the top of the line models.

You can however get some cheaper models which retail around $200 such as the mini hair straighteners. Additionally to this, they now offer a wide variety of different accessories to complement these products such as hair brushes which retail around $25 - $50. 

Where to buy ghd in Australia?

GHD originally started out as a brand that was purely sold in hair salons and this is how they quickly got their products in hands of those who used it the most. 

You will likely find these products at pretty much any hair salon within Australia that is a decent size, for example you probably won't find guests at a small boutique hair salon in a village however some of the larger salons within the cities such as Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane will likely sell GHD products directly to consumers.

One of the best ways to purchase GHD products is by using online retailers such as Amazon were you can get the best price in Australia for a wide range of GHD products.

I personally liked amazon.com.au because you can see when the product is on cell, what the actual retail price is, and how big the discount is that you are getting on the product.

Being a luxury brand there is often not many discounts on their products so it pays to check out many different retailers to see if they're offering any type of sale or incentive to purchase a ghd product online. 

Beware of fake ghd models online

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a ghd online is that you are buying a genuine version and not a cheap knock off from China. 

You should only purchase from an authorised distributor or retailer here in Australia to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine hair straightener or hair dryer. 

Inferior and knock off GHD models are floating around on site such as eBay, Gumtree, Facebook and many other websites.

If it sounds too good to be true then it generally is, and if someone is selling a brand new GHD for a lot less than the retail price you can almost guarantee that it will be a fake or that there will be something wrong with it.

Inferior products often have electrical issues and could cause a fire in your home or worst could damage your hair which is something that you definitely do not want to happen.

If in doubt only purchased from a reputable online retailers such as Amazon or a hair salon where you can physically inspect the packaging and check the box to ensure that it is a genuine product.

How to spot fake GHD hair straighteners?

The easiest way to quickly spot a fake is by looking at the retail box that your product comes in to ensure that is in a strong cardboard box and that the colour and branding are high quality and not a low quality gold for example on the gold series.

Check to ensure that the GHD logo is large and the dots are correctly in their place. Also check the voltage on the back to ensure that it is supported in Australia and is not a US only voltage of 110 volts. This is a good indication that it is fake as it is likely be manufactured in China for the American market and is not safe to use in Australia. We use 220 - 230V here. 

Come with a register booklet which features a QR code that can be scanned by your smartphone QR reader to validate the product. If you are buying a second-hand GHD then you're want to ensure that this booklet is included in the purchase so that you can verify the authenticity of the product before you hand over the cash to the seller.

Additionally new GHD products come with a guarantee booklet and you should check to ensure that this is high quality and the positioning and spacing of the logos and the images are high quality.

New GHD products come with a hologram label on the power cable and it should say original and it will also have a serial code which can be entered into the official GHD website to check the authenticity. If you enter something in that does not work, you have a fake. 

Finally new GHD products have an information sticker located on the inside arm and this has a date code which act like a serial code and you can go to the GHD website to register your styler or hair dryer and this will also check the authenticity of your product at this time as well. Are you back again

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