Best Hair Dryers Under $50

Buying a budget-friendly hairdryer doesn’t necessarily mean foregoing the benefits of the latest technologies available for styling and for the health of your hair. 

Today we'll take a look at the best hair dryer under $50 that you can buy in Australia. We bought all ours from Amazon which offers free delivery to prime members. 

Some of those featured are much cheaper than $50 too, but as the price always changes you'll need to tap or click on the buttons to check the best price. 

Best Hair Dryers Under $50

1. Remington D3190AU Aero 2000

  • Long power cord
  • Concentrator included
  • Cool shot button

Remington's D3190AU Aero 2000 is a low budget hairdryer which features three heat and two-speed settings. It has a cool shot as well as a concentrator.

This is a great hairdryer if you don’t have problem hair, need something in a guest bathroom, for travel, for your children’s hair or at the gym.

It’s reasonably lightweight (just under 800g) and very easy and comfortable to use with enough options to suit most people, women and men equally.

With the concentrator on the dryer leaves the hair very smooth, not frizzy, and doesn't dry out the scalp. The cool shot is a very popular feature – it's something that you'll find on most hairdryers for ‘setting' the hair at the end of styling.

This hair dryer is also durable – it can take a drop on the bathroom floor occasionally. And cleaning lint and other built up fluff from around the filter is an easy job. It has plenty of cord length so you can move it to dry your hair from a distance and be away from the powerpoint.

The Aero 2000 is a great budget hairdryer, if not as your primary dryer then certainly as a spare or for other uses which don’t require a top quality and/ or expensive unit. However, many users report using this as their primary dryer and very happily so.

2. VS Sassoon Salon Pro 2400

  • Long power cord
  • Cool shot button
  • Lightweight design

Wanting smooth voluminous hair every time at home without paying a hefty price tag for a hairdryer that will do it for you?

The VS Sassoon Salon Pro 2400 dryer and round styling brush combined can give you the hair you want at a bargain-basement price. You can create beautiful salon-perfect styles at home easily and quickly.

The dryer has a very strong 2400W motor which delivers plenty of wind and heat when you need it, but less when you don’t. And the ionic styling brush allows you to brush and smooth out any frizz as you create the style you’re wanting that day.

The dryer is so comfortable and lightweight to hold and finishes the job so quickly, that you won't suffer any arm fatigue at all.

The Salon Pro has 3 heat and 3-speed settings, a round ceramic styling brush, ceramic technology, ionic conditioning and a cool shot button. It weighs 821g. 

Lastly, the benefit of the ‘cool shot' is that it sets your style at the end of the drying process.

What all that means is that you can put product in your hair and use high heat and airflow on your hair and the dryer and brush will actively work to protect the hair from drying out and becoming frizzy and damaged.

All in all, the Salon Pro 2400 has a lot going for it and seems to be a winning hairdryer at the bottom end of the price range, and will give you smooth sleek hair at the end.

3. Philips DryCare Advanced Hair Dryer

  • Premium design
  • ThermoProtect temperature
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Long power cord

From Philips comes the DryCare HP8233 Ionic hairdryer with massaging diffuser. The dryer has a modern and very sleek design with an extremely elegant profile. The dryer not only performs with excellence but is also manufactured and finished with an eye to high quality.

This hair dryer features a powerful 2200W motor for high heat and airflow when needed. There are six heat and speed settings for absolute control and precise styling, including a ThermoProtect temperature setting which provides the optimal protection from overdrying.

There is also a Turbo boost for super-fast drying if you’re in a rush.

The integrated ionic conditioning provides negative ions for anti-static drying.

That leaves the hair without frizz, and with a smooth finish and beautiful shine. Ceramic elements inside the dryer produce an even distribution of heat to enhance the smoothness of your styled hair.

An asymmetric massaging diffuser is designed to contour the head and spread the flow of air across the hair to make drying healthier by massaging the scalp (releasing natural oils), boosting volume and reducing frizz. The diffuser helps to add bounce and to encourage and shape curls.

The dryer also features an 11mm ultra-slim styling nozzle for concentration of the airflow onto precise sections of the hair so that you can easily set or touch up your hair. The Cool Shot button also sets your hair by giving an intense burst of cold air onto the hair after styling to finish it off.

The dryer has an extra-long 1.8m power cord for flexibility, and an easy to clean removable air filter to keep the dryer at its best performance by removing any build-up of lint, dust and hair.

The DryCare is an impressive dryer at an impressive price.

4. Newdora Professional

  • Cool shot button
  • Extra styling nozzles
  • Only 580g weight
  • Ionic conditioning

With a very new look, the Newdora Professional hairdryer is a budget-friendly hairdryer which is impressing the market.

Its features include a mid-range motor power of 1200W (many hairdryers are around 2000W+). The power level doesn't seem to be an issue for users however because modern technology has reduced the need for super-strong airflow to be a requirement for drying hair quickly.

The lower motor speed (combined with the design of the dryer itself) also makes this dryer a lot quieter than others at its maximum airspeed – only 68 decibels.

Ionic technology is another feature of this unit which is becoming a normal feature of hairdryers now.

That’s the production of negatively charged ions to combat the positive ions in the water in your hair and thereby reducing frizz and drying out of the hair itself and helping to make it softer with shine.

The Newdora has three heat and two-speed settings and a Cool Shot to set your hair at the end of your styling.

The hairdryer is quite small and light – only 13x8x22cm (approx.) and 580g. That makes it ideal for travel, and ergonomically excellent for arm and hand fatigue.

The hair dryer comes with a few accessories including a diffuser and 2 different size styling nozzles.

 Overall, the Newdora looks and feels good, and is a quality dryer at a great price.

5. Remington D2050AU Compact Pro

  • Lightweight portable
  • Very affordable price
  • Does the job

Remington’s Compact Pro 2100 hairdryer is a great go-to for a quick, convenient dry and style. It’s a cheap but good option for the gym bag or the kids’ bathroom or to take on a trip. Many users find that it works beautifully as their principle dryer despite its low-price tag and lack of features.

Despite its size, it has a powerful 2100W motor so it can deliver quite a punch if you are in a hurry.

The dryer has 3 speed and 3 heat settings for styling options, and a Cool Shot for setting your hair at the end. It also has a nozzle concentrator for styling.

Although the Compact Pro boasts nothing particularly fancy it does an excellent job at drying quickly without leaving your hair frizzy. And the Cool Shot really does work. On the lower heat and speed settings, it can be used just fine for styling, even with sticky hair products.

Remington has such an excellent reputation for quality that it’s no surprise that this little hairdryer would prove to be just as good as other Remington products are, for what it is. It doesn’t promise the world but it certainly delivers what it does promise, if not a lot more.

How To Choose Best Hair Dryer?

There may well be technologies that you haven’t even heard of so doing a bit of research before you buy is a good idea.

Price alone is not the best way to choose your next hairdryer, especially when there are so many options in the low-priced hairdryer market. However, setting an affordable price limit is a good starting point, i.e. $50. 

Consider: Best Hair Dryers Under $100? 

After that working out what you want in a hairdryer is the best next step.

Only you know and understand your hair – what it needs, how it reacts to heat, moisture, wind speed, products etc.

By the same token there are some fairly new technologies which have been designed to combat the more common issues we all have with our hair, in particular, hair damage, split ends, frizz, shine and holding a style without too much product.

Your lifestyle is also a factor – you may always be in a rush and need a dryer which fits in with that. Or you may need to be very couture and need a dryer that will deliver salon-quality results from your bathroom.

Let’s look at the issues you need to think about personally and then the features in a hairdryer that may or may not be something you need and/or want to have, whether they be new technologies or not.

So, firstly, here are some things to consider about your hair and your lifestyle which will impact your choice of hairdryer:

What hair type do you have – fine or coarse/thick; long or short; straight or wavy/curly; dry/frizz-prone or oily? And as a rule, do you style your hair or not?

What is your lifestyle mostly – relaxed or busy; rushed or plenty of time; casual or dressy; travel or not; gym/exercise or not?

Your answers to these questions will give you some ideas about the features you need in a hairdryer.

So now let’s look at the features that you’ll see in most modern hairdryers, budget or not. Some budget choices will not have some of the newer technologies but you’d be surprised at how many of them do now.


The power of the motor determines the heat and speed that a dryer will produce. Although indeed, it is not the motor alone which does this or which affects the quality of the results you get, the power is important in determining how fast your hair dries and that’s really important in how dry and frizzy it might become.

If you have hair that tends to frizz (eg fine or wavy), go for a higher wattage motor – above 1800W for thinner hair, even above 3000W if it has all the other features you want.

You need to be able to remove as much as 90% of the water from your hair as quickly as possible before you start slowing down to finish off drying with an attachment (ie a diffuser) and/or to start styling.

Size and Weight

The physical size is important for a few reasons. If you're travelling or taking it to the gym etc then you won't want a large heavy dryer.

Likewise, if you take a long time to dry and/or style your hair you don't want to be holding the dryer above your head for prolonged periods. The size and weight of a dryer don't determine its performance necessarily but it may be very important to your comfort.

Heat and Speed settings

You do need variable heat and speed settings, preferably 3 of each. The higher settings can be used to get most of the moisture out of your hair. 

After that, you can use the lower settings to style your hair. There is nothing worse than over-heating for over-drying and damaging your hair but you also need to get most of the water out fairly quickly so those high settings are your friends to a degree.

The lower settings are vital to keeping your hair as healthy as possible while you’re styling it – there are other features now which are greatly improving hair health and we’ll cover those a little later.


Anyone with fine, curly, wavy or coarse hair understands the value of a diffuser. That’s the large attachment which spreads the airflow around the entire hair area being dried and dries it slowly and gently to avoid over-heating and fizziness and flyaway hair.

Stying nozzle(s)

Equally, narrow styling nozzles are a must for styling smaller areas of hair into deliberate waves or straightening flyaways and just generally smoothing your hair through the drying process.

Ionic technology

A newcomer on the scene is Ionic Technology. This is a feature which provides negative ions to offset the positive ions in the wet hair for anti-static drying. That leaves the hair without frizz, and with a smooth finish and beautiful shine.

Ceramic technology

Another recent innovation is Ceramic Technology which has introduced ceramic elements inside the dryer produce an even distribution of heat to enhance the smoothness of your styled hair.

Cool Shot

The Cool Shot is one of the more recent hairdryer technologies which is common now and it is what it says: a blast of cold air which sets the hair at the end of the process into the style you’ve created once the hair is dry.

Cord size and length

These may not seem important considerations, but the cord of a hairdryer can become quite tangled through daily use and rotation. They are often the first component of the dryer to fail.

Choosing a dryer with a strong thick cord may well extend its life. And the length of the cord affects the ease with which you can move comfortably around your bathroom with it. A power cord which is too short will impede the drying and styling process.


As indicated at the outset, there are a lot of things to think about when buying a hairdryer. The fact that you are on a tight budget doesn’t shorten the list of considerations. All the features discussed above can be found in hairdryers at the lower end of the price market. And it’s not hard to find them if you look.


When it comes to buying the best hair dryer under $50 you don't need to forgo the latest technology or features. We've shown five of the very best that combine features, affordability and built quality at a rock bottom price.

If you want our pick of the bunch then we'd hands down buy the Remington D3190AU and consider it one of the best hair dryers out right now. 

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