Best Hair Straighteners [Jan 2023] Australia Under $200

Are you looking for the best hair straighteners Australia? If so then you’ve landed on the perfect buyers guide. We’ve reviewed five of the very best you can buy nationwide that offer change from $200.

You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune when buying a hair straightener and you can get brands such as GHD, Apalus and Furiden, all big name brands in this space offering competitive models.

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve been testing the best hair straighteners in Australia to give our readers the best buying decision.

Best Hair Straighteners Australia

1. Apalus Hair Straighteners

Best Hair Straighteners Australia
  • Fiberglass fabric heating plate
  • Reduced heat = energy savings
  • Rapid 60 second heat up.

Salon straight hair is now easier to achieve in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Apalus Hair Straightener.

This straightener reaches 230ºC (450℉) in 3 minutes so you’re not wasting time waiting for it to heat up.

A unique feature of the Apalus is the fiberglass fabric heating plate that helps to lock in moisture into the hair follicles to provide uniform heating.

This way your hair will be looking shiny and straight without damaging your hair. The fiberglass fabric not only protects your hair but also prevents burns to your fingers with the additional health prevention technology and rubber coated shell.

To top it off, you get free heat resistant gloves in the package, so there are no chances for burns anymore. The package also includes a heat resistant matt and salon clips to section off your hair easily.

If you forget to turn off the Apalus Hair Straightener, there’s no need to frit as it has an auto shut off function if it is not in use for 60 minutes.

The 360-degree swivel with 2.5m power cord with helps me use the Apalus with maximum control to style my hair as I often use it to straighten or even curl my hair.

So, if you are looking for a versatile straightener with salon results, the Apalus is the way to go.

2. Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • One step straightener & styler
  • Worldwide dual voltage.

If you’re wanting a hair straightener and curler while you’re at home or on the go, the Furiden Professional Hair Straightener is the way to go.

This travel straighter and curler 2 in 1 comes with worldwide dual voltage (110-240AC) and an auto shut off function.

You can pack the straightener in your suitcase in the flat iron bag that comes with the package, along with the heat resistant glove, salon comb and salon hair clips.

The Furiden hair straightener reduces your overall hair straightening and styling time significantly as the device heats up within 15 seconds, reaching a maximum of 230ºC (450℉).

This way you aren’t spending hours on end trying to get that salon finish.

This stylish gold straightener comes with a 360°swivel long cord with floating plates with curved edges.

This was you can adjust the straighter to any angle you wish, giving you more control while styling your hair.

Whether you’re wanting shiny, dead-straight hair or bouncy voluminous curls, the Furiden is your new best friend.

3. GHD Original Styler

  • World famous brand
  • Optimum styling temperature
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Rapid 30 second heat up.

Beware of Fakes!

There are many imitation models of this brand on sites such as eBay, Gumtree and other websites. Only buy from a GHD authorised vendor. 

Style your hair with one of the world’s most trusted, multi-award-winning hair styling brands – the GHD Original Styler.

This hair straightener is the original go-to styler for salon professionals as it uses ceramic heat technology to style your hair at the optimum styling temperature, 185°C, locking in the moisture on to hair follicles, leaving your hair smooth and silky without any damage.

The straightener has a 2.7m cord and only takes 30 seconds to heat up, making hair styling fast and easy.

The rounded edges of the barrel combined with the floating plates mean that you’re able to maneuver the styler easily without your hair snagging on to the styler.

The rounded barrels also mean that you cannot only straighten but also curl your hair to get voluminous red carpet like curls.

As I am someone who travels often, having a styler with a universal voltage and automatic sleep mode is important for me, and the GHD Original Styler is just that!

If the device is left on for 30 minutes, it automatically turns off. So, one less thing to worry about when leaving your house. As the brand tag line says, this straighter will give you a Good Hair Day, every day.

4. Philips Pro Range Straightener HPS930

  • Ion conditioning
  • Titanium floating plates
  • ThermoGuard.

The Philips Pro Range Straightener HPS930 is the only styler that gives me salon results that last the whole day, without having to actually go to the salon! This styler is one of a kind with titanium coated plates, rather than ceramic plates used in traditional stylers.

The titanium coated plates mean that you can straighten your hair faster with less damage done to your hair as it is smoother and transfers heat quicker than ceramic.

The straightener has a temperature wheel so that you can precisely choose the best temperature for your hair.

However, the built-in ThermoGuard prevents the straightener from exceeding 200°C to ensure you don’t damage your hair.

An added bonus is that the titanium plates are floating so you can straighten your hair with more precision and control without getting it snagged in the device.

The long 2.5m cord also improves the flexibility of the straighter so that it is easier to manoeuvre and you can use it anywhere you want.

A unique feature of the Phillips styler is that you can provide your hair with instant care with ionic conditioning.

The charged negative ions from the plates are able to reduce frizz by conditioning and smoothing your hair, giving you beautiful, shiny, frizz-free hair every time.

5. Philips EssentialCare Straightener

  • Ion conditioning
  • Fast heat up (60 seconds)
  • ThermoGuard.

This simple-to-use hair straightener gives you the ultimate care for your hair, while you get shiny, frizz-free straight hair.

The Philips EssentialCare Straightener comes with a variable temperature function that can reach a high of 220°C in up to 60 seconds. So, you won’t need to leave the house for a professional finish.

The light pink smooth ceramic coated plates prevent damage to your hair during styling.

The ionic conditioning feature of the straightener makes sure that while you straighten, the charged ions eliminate static and give you conditioned smooth, glossy hair.

Your hair will be looking lush without the need for hair products.

The Philips EssentialCare Straightener has a 1.8m power cord and with a universal voltage, making it easy to take with you while you’re travelling.

Additionally, it has a closing lock mechanism which locks the plates so that it is quick and easy to store.

That way you can ensure you don’t accidentally damage your straightener while travelling. For a simple yet effective on-the-go straightener, the Philips EssentialCare Straightener is your best choice.

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