Best Everfit Trampolines In Australia [Review]

Are you looking to buy an Everfit trampoline for your backyard? Today we're looking at the best Everfit trampolines you can buy online with fast delivery in Australia.

Everfit is well known for their cheaper alternatives, without compromising on build quality, warranty and safety. It's no wonder then, that they are one of the most popular trampoline brands with high ratings and rock bottom pricing. 

Everfit offer trampolines in 8/10/12/14 and 16 feet and most common with a safety enclosure which usually is an optional addon with other brands.

Their trampolines are orange or multi-coloured and can handle weights of up to 120-150kg. They also come with a basketball hoop to keep your kids entertained for hours! 

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Everfit Trampolines Review

There are a number of trampolines from Everfit which share one single purpose: to provide fun for all family members and friends. With several different sizes and colours to choose from, Everfit is sure to satisfy both functionality and aesthetics.

Each trampoline can be placed in outdoor areas such as a backyard or even front porch. With a weather-resistant construction, there is no need to be concerned about sunny or rainy days.

For guaranteed family-friendly fun, Everfit trampolines should be checked out.

What are the features of Everfit Trampolines?

Everfit trampolines are available in 5 different sizes: 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet and 16 feet. For large families, or just those who like to host big gatherings, the 16 feet trampoline is the best option to choose from thanks to its roominess. Smaller families may opt for the 10 to 14 feet sizes.

The 8 feet size is 244cm in height and a net width of 201cm. The 10 feet option measures 256cm in height and includes a breadth of 261cm.

The 12 feet size has an overall height of 260cm and width of 322cm. The 14 feet trampoline is 260 in height and has a width of 382cm. The largest diameter is 16 feet, which carries a height of 269cm and net width of 433cm.

Everfit Trampoline Build Quality 

Each trampoline is constructed with high-quality materials, with the top priorities of safety and strength kept in mind. The frame is constructed out of marine-grade steel and has anti-rusting properties which ensure long-term use for years to come. 

The frame can also withstand several tough weather conditions, whether that be heavy rain or intense sunlight. Thanks to the sturdiness of the chassis, there is a weight limit of 120 to 150kg depending on the size chosen.

Despite the strength of the steel frame, this section is also lined with foam to prevent accidents. To enter the trampoline, there is a zipper closure through the mesh netting.

The mesh is made out of polyethylene, and is designed to allow ventilation while also cushioning the impacts of bounces. For younger children to get inside (min age: 6), there is a step ladder provided. Safety systems include a double-lock system.

The mat of the trampoline has undergone vigorous testing. This includes a 5000-hour UV test, which makes it safe for kids to jump on without damaging themselves.

The mat is constructed using hot-roll mechanisms from the United States. There is open weaving incorporated which reduces drag, and increases the amount of bounce.

What enables the bounce of each trampoline is the complex spring system. There are 72 individual spring pieces which are sturdier than regular elastic bands.

The strings are covered with a 20mm thick cushion. This cushion incorporates nylon mesh for extra protection, and is UV stable. This means that it counteracts harmful UV radiation through absorbance, or other measures.

All trampolines from Everfit come in a curved shape for two different purposes. Firstly, this allows more room to perform larger bounces and air tricks. 

The curved design also enables sturdiness by evenly distributing the pressure from the bounces. There are sturdy safety posts which reinforce the C-shaped silhouette.

Unlike other trampolines, these products come with several areas for storage. There are different pockets and pouches throughout the outer edges for stockpiling different toys and items. Personal belongings such as smartphones, keys and wallets can also be safety stored.

What comes with Everfit Trampolines?

Besides the trampoline itself, each package comes with a step ladder. All Everfit trampolines that are 10 feet or over come with a basketball hoop and ball pump.

This provides additional fun for any children who loves basketball, or just sports in general.

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Everfit Trampoline Colours & Warranty

There are two different colour schemes to choose from, no matter the size of the trampoline. There is an orange colourway with the safety posts in black and safety mat in orange. 

This option should be chosen for parents who prefer a sleek and modern look, that doesn’t clash with any landscaping design.

There is also a multi-colour option for all trampolines. With this colour scheme, the safety posts are lined with blue, yellow, pink and green ABS.

The mat is also splashed with a variety of bright colours. This is the most attractive option for kids and hosting parties in general.

With a strong construction that ensures both high levels of safety and the utmost bounces, trampolines from Everfit are great products to incorporate physical activity in outdoor areas.

All their trampolines come with a 1 year warranty as standard. 

Check out this testimonial from Catie:
“The kids absolutely love this product, and it is providing hours of enjoyment.”

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