Best Adult Kick Scooters (Reviews + Ratings)

Are you tired of fighting cars on the road in your daily commute to work or school? Or looking for a way to build in some exercise and fun into your busy working day?

A kick scooter may be the answer. You don’t have to ride a scooter on the road. A pavement is just fine – of course there are pedestrians but not until you hit the busy city landscape and then you can fold up and carry these modern adult kick scooters. 

It’s hard keeping up with your kids on their scooters so you really do need one of these numbers, a fully adult size scooter with high-speed oversized wheels and adjustable handlebar height. No charging, no need to speed thousands and get fit too. 

Best Adult Kick Scooters

You can purchase an adult kick scooter from a wide range of Australian retailers and online eCommerce platforms however we found all these on Amazon which offers free worldwide delivery to Australia on orders over $39. 

1. Fuzion Cityglide B200

  • Lightweight frame
  • Head turner
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • One touch fold.

The new Fuzion Cityglide B200 has a lightweight aluminium frame which folds up for easy carrying when you’ve arrived at your destination. 

It will support a rider who weighs up to 220 pounds (around 100 kilos) and the BIG wheels provide great traction and suspension over all types of terrain. 

The scooter has two brakes, front and rear, for additional safe stopping ability. The rear brake can be activated by foot or by the handbrake.

The telescopic handlebars adjust to any height so if you’re on the tall side you’re back will still be upright and comfortable.

The B200 gives you an effortless and really stable smooth ride with the larger wheels, lightweight yet solid frame and low to the ground profile. It’s also pretty quiet.

The easy fold mechanism means that you can easily carry and store wherever you go. It comes with a shoulder strap for carrying as well, a nice touch CityGlide!

Visually, the CityGlide B200 scooter is definitely a head turner – the colour, huge wheels, frame and brake wiring all really stand out!

2. Globber One K 180

  • Rigid extruded frame
  • Low to the ground (3")
  • One click collapse
  • Larger than usual wheels.

Globber produces a range of scooters for people of all ages and sizes and the K180 is one for adults.

Its rigid extruded aluminium frame is an extremely strong and stable base and features mud guards to protect your shoes and pantlegs from splashes.

The foot pad is 5.5” wide and low (3” above the ground) to prevent wear. And the choice of aluminium makes it light for easier transportation.

The frame folds down with a single ‘kick and press’ action and you can then lock the handbrake to secure the wheels and store the scooter vertically, or use its trolley-mode to roll it along as you walk, or lean it up against a wall if you’re only leaving it temporarily.

The scooter has a kick stand so you don’t have to hold it upright or lean it against your body when stopped for a short time.

The handlebar is fixed at 33.5”above the foot pad (38.75” off the ground) to suit all riders, and is a wide long 19” curve with flexible grips designed for comfortable daily use.

The large wheels (180mm diameter) are made from a high-quality polyurethane roll which is high rebound to smoothly roll over cracks, potholes and bumps. The bearings are ABEC 7 for durability.

In terms of safety the scooter has a front brake which is engaged by a lever on the handlebar, and a long rear brake which covers the entire rear wheel.

The scooter will handle weights up to 220 pounds (100 kilos).

3. Hudora 205

  • Larger than usual wheels
  • Famous German brand
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Carrying strap.

Coming from Germany, renowned for its engineering prowess, and weighing in at only 4 kgs, the Hudora 205 adult kick scooter has all the features you’re looking for in a scooter for commuting or just as a recreational item. 

Although it is light it’s made from aluminium, so it’s very strong and durable as well as being rustproof.

The scooter has really large wheels - 205mm diameter - which are made from highly elastic and wear-resistant polyurethane, and really good quality ball bearings, so it sails smoothly over potholes, bumps and cracks.

It will support a weight up to 100 kgs (220 pounds). The deck of the scooter is a good 12.5” long and 4-5” above the ground, a little higher than others, which has its advantages (more shock absorption) and disadvantages (more work for your legs).

The handlebar is adjustable in height between 790mm – 1040mm and the grips are a comfortable and sturdy foam.

The scooter has a brake on the rear wheel only.

The scooter features a new one-step folding mechanism and a carrying strap so you can quickly and easily carry it around with you or store it away in your car or under your desk.

4. Rampmu Scooter

  • Low to the ground
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • One click fold up
  • Sturdy stand.

Featuring a lightweight and transportable aluminium alloy frame which will support weights up to 220 pounds (100kgs), the Rampmu kick scooter for adults is a foldaway design with oversized wheels for a smoother ride.

The scooter has a front wheel steering mechanism and two brakes, front and rear. The large 200mm diameter polyurethane wheels and low to the ground profile make for a faster and smoother ride even over rough terrain.

The tread board measures a comfortable 15cm x 57.5cm and is designed to be anti=slip. The handlebar can be adjusted to three heights (93cm, 99cm, and 104cm) for comfort of people between 130cm and 185cms tall.

And the scooter is very easy to fold up for carrying and storage.

So, all in all the Rampmu ticks a lot of the boxes of what to look for when buying a scooter. Worth including it in your list.

5. UHINOOS Scooter

  • Larger than usual wheels
  • Greater shock absorbency
  • Easy fold away design
  • Rear fender brake.

Constructed to last from 40% aluminium and 60% steel, the adult kick scooter from UHINOOS has a focus on a smooth ride with a higher than usual distance from the tread pad to the ground. 

The increased distance and large wheels provides greater shock absorbency over rough ground surfaces including pavement and road potholes and cracks.

The wheels, which have a diameter of 200mm, are made from polyurethane which is also great for suspension.

The scooter features an easy fold away design for carrying and storage, with a kick stand for standing it up without having to lean it up against a wall or yourself.

The handlebar height is adjustable to three heights, and the grips are made from comfortable and safe soft non-slip foam.

There is a safe fender brake on the rear wheel – no risk of being thrown over the front wheel.

So, if you are thinking of shaking things up a little perhaps take a look at the UHINOOS. It comes at a good price and has all the features you want in an adult kick scooter.


If you're looking for the best adult kick scooter Australia has to offer then you're in for a treat with a wide variety of brands and models available to suit every budget and desire. If you want to turn heads on your commute then my personal favourite is the Fuzion CityGlide. 

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys