5+ Best Camping Showers In Australia [Top Rated]

One of the downsides to camping in the bush is the lack of showers, but with the help of these genius products, you can create your very own hot or cold shower anywhere you'd like.

Today we're looking at the best camping showers Australia has to offer, from budget friendly solar powered showers, to powerful options that make your home shower look tame. 

For those looking for a lightweight option the Coleman solar water shower is definitely a smart buy, simply add water and leave it in the sun for a few hours and it'll be up to 40 degrees warm when it comes to taking your shower. 

Best Camping Showers

1. Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Heating Shower

  • Good for camping/hiking trips
  • Very lightweight & compact
  • Up to 40 degrees warmth

This shower from Coleman is ideal for families going on camping or hunting trips. The bag is large enough to store 5 gallons of water. Thanks to the heat-absorbent cover, this product uses solar energy to warm up water inside. Warmth is still maintained even if left in cool environments.

There is an in-built valve for turning the water on and off. The valve can easily be attached to any shower head. This product also has a sturdy handle to easily transport and hang onto branches as well.

Additional accessories include faucets and showerheads. 

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2. AZXJC Portable Outdoor Shower

  • Powered by batteries
  • Connects to a water source
  • Various mounting options

This product from AZXJC is powered by 22000mAh batteries which can be charged using a regular USB cord. It has been rated PIX7 waterproof and can be positioned up to 4.5 meters away from a water source.

It comes with a 1.8m hose and showerhead which offers 2 flowing rates (low: 3L/min, high: 4l/min). The showerhead allows for handheld or hands-free showering.

This item is designed to be connected to a water tank or other water sources with the hose for showering. It can be attached to a car or branch using the suction cup or hook included.
This item is decorated with 3 LED lights. 

You can charge this shower via USB which takes 4-5 hours and has a run time of 80 minutes. 

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3. OZSTOCK® 40L Portable Solar Shower

  • Solar heating
  • Hang from a tree
  • Very portable

This water bag from OZSTOCK® can carry up to 40L of water. Thanks to the PVC fabric, solar power can be used to warm up contents up to 45 degrees Celsius within 3 hours.

This item comes with separate ropes and hooks to easily hang onto a branch or car. There is a 62cm shower tube and head set included. The showerhead offers a flowing rate at a low speed.

This item comes in a black colour which allows more heat to be absorbed. It can be taken to camping or hunting trips to provide safe showers.

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4. Elikliv 20L Portable Shower Bag

  • Great for portability
  • Temperature gauge
  • Carry straps and pump

This shower bag can store up to 20L of water. This capacity is suitable for about 2 to 3 adult showers. This product is constructed out of TPU which allows water to be heated up using solar power.

There is also a temperature gauge which gives reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Water is released through a water hose which is powered using a foot pump. Both a water pump and hose come included.

There are shoulder straps to easily transport this product around. It is ideal to bring along to camping trips or the beach.

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5. Rinse Kit Portable Sprayer

  • Various output speeds
  • Long 6ft hose for use
  • 7 different flowing patterns

This product has a maximum capacity of 2 gallons. The nozzle included provides pressurised showers which lasts between 3 to 4 minutes. 7 different flowing patterns are enabled with the nozzle. This includes jet streams and mists.

There is a 6 feet hose included which is useful for reaching long distances. There is also an in-built valve which easily turns on and off to conserve water.

This item is shaped like a bucket and can be filled up within 20 seconds. It has a sturdy handle which makes it easy to transport between destinations. This product is designed to be placed on the ground.

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