5+ Best Waterproof Floating Backpacks

We've all seen dry bags, dry duffels and backpacks, now what if you combine them all together, what would you get? Well...you'd get a waterproof backpack, that floats!

Today we're looking at the best waterproof floating backpacks for every adventure. Perfectly suited for rafters, kayakers, SUP users and out on the boat, where you want something more secure than a dry bag, with all the uses of a traditional backpack.

We've taken a look at various options to suit every budget from brands such as Skog Å, IDRYBAG, Earth Pak and Piscifun, plus some less known brands such as FE Active. 

1. Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro

The BackSåk Pro from Skog Å Kust can carry up to 35L of items, making it perfect for camping trips of weekend getaways. It is made out of 420-denier ripstop nylon for protection in all terrains. The ripstop nylon is covered with TPU to prevent water from seeping in.

This roll-down backpack has several straps and pockets for on-the-go convenience. There is a waist strap and sternum attachments to comfortably carry the bag.

Additionally, the shoulder straps are fitted with padding to prevent them from digging in. There are reflective stripes throughout for high visibility.

The interior includes a large pocket for a laptop, a zippered compartment and a mesh sleeve specifically designed to store keys. There are side pockets to place water bottles and umbrellas.

The exterior includes an airtight compartment which is rated IPX-7 waterproof. It is designed to safely store necessities such as smartphones and money.

This waterproof backpack is available black, black and grey.

2. Piscifun Wrapper Dry Backpack

This waterproof backpack from Piscifun is available in 20L, 40L and 50L capacities, all in a black finish. It is the perfect bag for any outdoor enthusiasts.

This product is constructed out of 500D PVC to fully waterproof and protect contents stored inside. There are welded seams and a roll-down mechanism to keep items secure.

Storage compartments include a main interior for valuables such as electronics and clothing. The interior is decorated with slots and pockets.

There are side pockets to store water bottles and a front pocket reinforced with a splashproof zipper. Additionally, all zippers are made out of corrosion-resistant metals.

This backpack was designed with comfort and durability as priorities. There are cushioned shoulder straps in addition to waist and sternum attachments for extra support. The entire back of this bag is fitted with padding. Reflective strips also decorate the exterior for safe night excursions.

The Wrapper Dry Backpack comes with a waterproof 6.6-inch case for carrying smartphones. 

3. IDRYBAG Waterproof Backpack

The IDRYBAG Waterproof Backpack is available in black, grey and yellow. It features a roll-down top and can carry up to 45L of items.

This product is made out of 500D PVC which completely waterproofs the bag and prevents dust from settling in. This bag is also reinforced with a top cap for protection against snow and other harsh weather conditions.

The main compartment features a removable laptop sleeve which can contain a 14-inch device. There is a mesh sac at the front to store wet items and prevent water from damaging other goods. There are side pockets to store drinks, in addition to a d-ring for carabiner attachments.

The shoulder straps are lined with sponge to provide comfort during long outdoor trips. Side buckles are also included to safely secure contents and fasten the bag. There is are large reflective patches on the front to enable high visibility in low-light environments. 

4. Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

The Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack is available in 35L and 55L capacities. It comes in 6 different finishes: black, blue, green, grey, tan and yellow. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, biking and kayaking.

This waterproof backpack is constructed out of 500D PVC which is both waterproof and dustproof. This material protects delicate items such as laptops and tablets from damage. It features a roll-down top to completely secure contents.

The main compartment is lined with mesh pockets and sleeves to store clothing and other goods. The front features a water-resistant pocket lined with a splashproof zipper. There are d-rings for other attachments as well.

This backpack is lined with cushions on the back and curved should straps for high comfort and security when carried. There are also sternum and waist buckles for additional support. On the front is a reflective strip for an added layer of safety in low-light environments.

5. FE Active Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack

This waterproof backpack from FE Active can hold 30L of product. It comes in a single black colourway decorated with the FE Active logo. It is a dry bag that is suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.

This product is constructed entirely out of eco-friendly materials. The main fabric is a vinyl tarpaulin reinforced with welded stitching. This material can stand up to harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain. It also holds an IPX8 rating which makes it suitable for scuba diving.

This active dry bag features a roll-down top. There is a dedicated pouch to store necessities such as passports and money. There are meshes positioned at the sides to place water bottles and umbrellas.

The shoulder straps are decorated with mesh for efficient ventilation. The entire back is also fitted with padding to ease tension from the lumbar region. 

How to choose the best waterproof floating backpack?

There's a few factors to consider, the first is the size of the backpack and the amount of storage. You'll find most backpacks offer up 20 - 35L depending on the size. Anything more than 35L is more of a hiking backpack rather than a portable backpack. 

Next you'll want to consider the material, is it actually a dry bag? Allowing it to float and also be waterproof. Some backpacks claim to be waterproof, but are just water resistant. Ensure the material is IPX7 and IPX8 if you're going to take it under the water. 

Price is another important consideration. You can spend as much or as little as you like with most models costing around $50 - $100. Some of the more premium brands cost $100 - $150. You can pickup budget deals from as low as <$50 but you generally get what you pay for! 

You've seen the best waterproof floating backpacks, now checkout these guides:

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