5+ Best Bread Makers In Australia

Ever wonder if home-made bread is worth the hassle of kneading and proofing? With this list of the top 5 best bread makers, it's easier than ever to achieve the taste and smell of freshly baked bread.

Who has the time or money to make bread from scratch with a work life, kids to take care of and household chores? Like many other kitchen appliances such as steamers, pressure cookers and rice cookers, they make our lives easier. 

While the manual process of preparation can take hours at a time, a typical bread maker can take as little as 5 to ten minutes to prepare, leaving more time to relax.  

These top 5 picks come with updated accessories, functions and styles that make for the absolute best bread makers since sliced bread!

Best Bread Makers Australia

1. Breville Custom Loaf Pro

  • Pre-programmed recipes
  • Create many types of bread
  • 60+ settings
  • 100% automatic

If you just love the smell and flavour of home baked bread but simply do not have the time or energy to make it yourself from scratch (it does take a while), then an automatic bread making machine may be for you. And the Breville Custom Loaf Pro is one you should consider.

Combining the ability to use automatic pre-programmed recipes with your own personal favourites the Custom Loaf Pro is a winning bread maker.

You may be a beginner when you buy it but it’s so easy to use that you’ll soon be creating all sorts of delicious breads that your family will never tire of. You can use it to create so many different breads including gluten free, fruit and nut, crusty, yeast free, pizza dough, pasta, etc.

Fully automatic, this little wonder provides a blade platform for kneading the ingredients which then collapses in on itself to allow the dough to rise and then bake.

If the recipe calls for fruit, nuts or other additional ingredients they are automatically dispensed when the time is right. And all the while the progress of the baking is showing on a bright LCD display.

This bread maker has 60+ settings to choose from, which sounds daunting. But to sort it all out there is a very clever interface which computes temperature and baking time when you make a selection, and helps you get started with a ‘turn and confirm’ dial to start the recipe.

There’s a 13-hour delay timer to start the baking process so you can have your bread ready when you want it to be, breakfast is the favourite!

2. Sunbeam Bakehouse

  • Portable unit
  • Programmable
  • Nut dispenser

One budget-friendly bread maker on the market is the Sunbeam Bakehouse 1kg Breadmaker.

Finished in a stylish brushed stainless-steel, this little unit will bake your bread the way you want it to be using the different settings for Type (eg White, Gluten-free, French, Yeast-free, Rye, and so on), Crust, Turbo and Bake.

There are even settings for Dough and Artisan Dough which allow you to make the dough in the appliance, shape it as you like, and then bake it in the oven.

This feature is ideal for pizza base dough and pasta dough. Even cakes can be prepared in this little machine.

Features of this bread maker which stand out are its fold down dough blade and the timer function, which allows you to set it so you can wake up to fresh bread every morning. It makes horizontal loafs which are a good size for sandwiches and toasting.

The machine also has a fruit and nut dispenser which automatically releases the mix-ins when it’s time for them to be added.

The Sunbeam bread maker is programmed with a number of its own recipes or you can use your own. It’s a winner.

3. Breville Baker's Oven

  • 23 different bread recipes
  • Rapid bake option
  • Pre-set timers

Surprisingly priced at the lower end of the bread maker market but a great little performer is the Breville Baker’s Oven Bread Maker.

This Breville bread maker is one which works consistently well and has a few very attractive features.

It comes with a great instructional booklet which includes recipes for a variety of interesting breads as well as other doughs that can be mixed in the bread maker and cooked in the conventional oven.

Apart from the written recipes, the appliance is pre-programmed with 23 different bread recipes including Crusty White, French, Rye, Gluten-free, Multigrain etc. Or you can experiment and try your own recipes.

There is a Rapid Bake option for making a loaf under two and a half hours. And you can get the crust type you prefer as well with settings from light to dark. It has two loaf sizes: 750gms and 1kg.

The machine has a pre-set timer to delay starting up to 13 hours so you can have the bread ready when you want it to be.

The LED display shows you the progress of the cycle.

The bread which the Breville Baker’s Oven produces will be consistently excellent, whichever recipe you are using.

4. Panasonic Breakmaker SD2501

  • 13 programmes
  • Jam and compote mode
  • Fruit and nut dispenser
  • Delay start timer

The SD2501 Breadmaker from Panasonic is praised for its reliability and consistent quality of results. This is a new release from Panasonic and is packed with extra features to excite interest in the marketplace.

First up is the new Jam and Compote mode which enables you to make jams and spreads to be eaten with the freshly baked bread.

The appliance has 13 programmes for bread making including a Speciality Mode for breads like Spelt and Gluten-free.

If you’re wanting to create even more speciality breads and get other ideas about how to use the bread maker, Panasonic has created a website devoted to its kitchen appliances including the bread maker. 

It has a large automatic fruit and nut dispenser which adds and mixes extra ingredients into the dough at the right time.

Choose between three different crust colours, and three different loaf sizes.

Time the start of the bread making cycle to your liking with the 13-hour delay start timer so you can wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread.

As for clean up, this is so easy with the Panasonic unique Diamond-Fluro coated bread pan and kneading blade which stop the dough from sticking to the pan.

The Panasonic bread maker produces a beautifully delicious loaf of home-made bread (and more) every time with no fuss.

5. Sunbeam BM7850 SmartBake

  • Pre-set menus
  • Portable, only 1.25kg
  • Large viewing window

Once you try home-baked bread you just can’t go back to store bought unless you get there at four o’clock in the morning when they’re still baking! And even then, it’s just not the same.

And once you’ve used a bread maker (one that works that is) you’ll never go back to making bread by hand – that’s just way too time consuming. Use that time on something else!

The Sunbeam SmartBake gives you all the pleasure and delight of home baked bread without the time and effort of making it yourself.

Choose from its pre-set menu of breads or use your own. The pre-set options include Traditional White, Rye, French, Gluten-free, Sweet Pastries, Fruit Loaf and many more.

The automatic fruit and nut dispenser makes sure that added ingredients are mixed in at the right time and are spread throughout the dough. Choose the colour of your crust as well – light, medium or dark.

You can even make pizza and pasta dough and cook it in the conventional oven later.

If you like to create your own recipes you can keep track of your progress using the SmartBake display and save up to eight new bread recipes for future use.

The bread maker can make loaves of different sizes, up to 1.25kg.

There is a large viewing window to watch the progress of the bread and an LCD control panel for easy selection of options.


There's nothing quite like baking your own bread, but if you're always on the go, then why not buy a bread maker and let the technology do everything for you. 

Modern bread making appliances come with cool features such as nut dispensers to create your own nutty breads, as well as jam and condiment makers. Others offer up to 60 different recipes for different breads. 

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