5+ Best Stunt Kites Under $100 [Top Rated]

Are you looking for the best stunt kite under $100? Perfect stocking fillers or gift ideas for your children, these stunt kites have a little pull but nothing compared to the larger traction kites that cost upwards of $100. 

We look at the dual line stunt kites from major brands such as HQ, Prism and In the Breeze as well as cheaper options from brands such as Babyeden to give you a wide range of options. 

All these stunt kites are available to purchase online in Australia and are portable. 

Best Stunt Kites Australia

1. Prism Synapse 140 Dual-line Parafoil Kite

  • Lightweight, only 160g
  • 2 lines for beginner use
  • 135cm wing span for good pull

This kite has dimensions of 135 by 12 by 8cm, with an extremely light weight of 160g. It was designed for portability, with the ability to be folded down to just 25 by 12 by 6cm.

This kite is targeted at beginners, and is great for getting the hang of 2-line tricks such as figure 8’s and dives. The frameless design ensures that you don’t have to be concerned about small pieces breaking during flight.

This product comes with a travel pouch and flying lines to get started right out of the box. It is available in red, green and blue

2. HQ Kites Symphony Pro 1.3 Stunt Kite

  • Great pull for only 130cm kite
  • Awesome colour scheme
  • Lightweight, only 200g

This kite from HQ Kites and Designs is constructed out of ripstop nylon, which can tolerate wind speeds up to 50km per hour. It measures 60 by 130 by 5cm and weighs just 200g.

This product is designed for adults and younger children alike. It is ideal for teaching kids and beginners on kite flying.

The kite flies seamlessly thanks to the low-drag and durability of the nylon. The structure of this kite is frameless, with a wing shape that does not flip even during high speeds.

There is a winder, straps and flying lines included. It is available in a multi-colour scheme.

3. Babyeden Red Sport Stunt Kite

  • Traditional stunt kite design
  • Designed for new pilots
  • Avoid crash safety string

This 2-string kite from Babyeden is large, with a wingspan of 213cm. Despite the big size, it can be packed into dimensions of 90 by 13 by 5cm, with a weight of just under 400g.

The kite itself is constructed out of 201T polyester and supported by a fiberglass frame. This durable design ensures that it can perform smoothly in winds from 8 to 40km per hour.

This product is catered towards new kite flyers and experienced ones alike. It comes with a 164 line and travel pouch.

It is available in a red, black and white colourway.

4. In the Breeze Tie Dye 62 Inch Sport Kite

  • Offers a good pull
  • Large 160cm wing span
  • Lightweight, only 160g

This 2-line kite from In The Breeze comes in a flashy tie dye design. It has a wingspan of nearly 160cm and weighs just 160g.

The kite is made out of a ripstop material which is best suited for wind speeds from 10 to 40km an hour. For maintenance, a fabric loop is provided.

This product is recommended for those new to flying and more seasoned pilots as well. Kite lines just need to be attached to the fabric before launch.

There is a 25m line on winder and a tie dye travel case included with this item. 

5. HQ Quickstep II Kite (Graphite)

  • Good for beginners to intermediates
  • Adjustable drag force tail
  • Slick looking colour scheme

The Quickstep II from HQ Kites consists of a ripstop polyester fabric supported by a fiberglass frame. This durable design allows it to be controlled in wind speeds from 6 to 40km per hour.

This product is designed for beginners and intermediate flyers alike. It is just over 300g and measures 135 by 60 by 5cm.

The drag force of this item can be adjusted by taking out the tube tail. It flies smoothly thanks to the wind-shaped structure.

A flying line is provided with this kite. It is available in a red, yellow and black colour scheme.

How to choose the best stunt kite?

When it comes to choosing a stunt kite you need to consider the type of stunt kite. Stunt kites have two lines which is different to a conventional kite which has one line.

This allows you to perform tricks. You then need to choose your style, do you want a traction kite which looks like a parachute or a triangle kite. Traction kites offer much more pull and if it's windy enough can easily pull you along the beach. 

If you want to do stunts and aren't fussed about being pulled down the beach, a triangle style stunt kite is definitely the best option. The HQ Quickstep II from HQ Kites is a good option, as it's lightweight and can be controlled in wind speeds up to 40km/h. 

Most of the small stunt kites we looked at today are around 1.3-1.6m in size. Once you get over 2m in size the pull generated is much greater. You often need to go to 4 lines for kites over 2-3m. Kites can go up to 10-15m with 4 lines, often for kite surfing. These will pull you off your feet! 

Today we've looked at budget friendly stunt kites under $100. You'll struggle to get a kite bigger than 160cm at this price. This is a good starter kite for beginners and is a great Christmas, Birthday gift or stocking filler. 

You've read our thoughts on the best stunt kites under $100, why not checkout some of our other guides and articles on outdoor toys and games. 

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