8+ Best Beer Bongs For Party Animals [Top Rated]

Kickstart your party with a beer bong, and today we'll be looking at eight of the best bongs you can buy online from as low as $5. 

Whether you want to down a bottle of beer in under 2 seconds, or finish an entire six pack in 10 seconds, there's a wide range of different options out there.

Beer bongs were made famous at tailgate parties in the USA, most notably Senator John Kerry being photographed at an Iowa University event that made International newspaper front pages. 

But you don't need to be as famous or slow as Mr Kerry, with these best beer bongs Australia has to offer to suit every party. 

The Best Beer Bongs Reviewed

1. Beer Bong Small Bottle

  • Down a full beer in seconds
  • Simple snorkel design
  • Affordable

This is a great starter product for those new to drinking games. This attachment can be placed on the cap of any beer bottle and allow alcohol to be consumed in seconds. When a person is chugging down a drink, the rest of the group can sing along to many drinking songs.

This is a low maintenance product that can just be washed to use again and again. It is a great tool for pre-drinks before heading out to the club or just for drinking games at home.

This beer bong bottle is recommended for bartenders as well, who have the job of maintaining a party atmosphere. With this product, all adults, young or old can have fun.

2. Beer Snorkel

  • Chug like a superstar
  • Snorkel design
  • Various colour schemes

This beer snorkel is a great addition to any drinking game. It can be placed inside any standard bottle to allow drinks to be chugged down faster. The bottom can be removed to fit onto a smaller bottle.

You just need to place the rod into the drink, put your lips on the plastic and turn the bottle upside down. Racing games can be played between friends over who can chug the fastest. The plastic cover is food-grade and can be used with any sort of alcoholic content other than wine.

This snorkel can be used with wine, soda and even water for those who can’t tolerate alcohol. There are several fun colours to choose and each snorkel comes with a cleaning tool.

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3. The Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe

  • Shoot beer in 2 seconds
  • Great alternative to a bong
  • Famous on social media

This product offers a fun way to consume beer instantly. Beer just needs to be inserted into the tube and then covered with the mouthpiece. Up to 24oz of alcohol can be placed and consumed in just 2 seconds.

This syringe is designed to prevent carbonation and foam so that no belches come about. The mouthpiece ensures the alcohol moves down into the mouth instantly, yet smoothly. It is easy clean and can fit into a bag, making it great to bring along on vacations and trips with friends.

This is a new way of chugging down beer that is both mess-free and convenient. Besides beer, any drink can be poured, like sodas and water for a tamer drinking experience.

4. BeerBong.com Ultimate Funnel

  • Huge funnel capacity
  • Stop-valve for speed
  • Multiple colour schemes

This beer bong funnel can be employed at any special event such as college parties and vacations. Up to 40oz of alcohol can be inserted into the funnel and flow down into the tubing. The tubing is food-grade rated and is thick enough to withstand pressure.

Drinkers can control the speed of their drinking using the valve which can completely cut the alcohol from flowing out. The valve also prevents spills and leaks so that messes do not randomly come about.

Friends can take turns and use this funnel to find out who can chug the fastest. This product is available in several bright colours such as red, pink, blue and black. People can choose colours that match their school or sports team.

5. Beer Blitz Beer Bong Funnel

  • Good gift set idea
  • Hose tap for speed flow
  • Long hose

The Beer Blitz Beer Bong Funnel is suitable for any occasion whether that be for college parties or pre-drink warm-ups. Any alcoholic beverage can be inserted into the funnel where drinkers can consume it at their own pace.

There is a hose tap to control the speed of the drink coming in so that even new drinkers can join in on the fun. Chugging games can be played between party-goers. This funnel provides a great way to kick off any party and get friends drunk faster and sooner.

Any dents in the tube can be easily fixed by inserting some warm water. This whole product can be wrapped and inserted in a bag to bring onto trips and vacations.

6. Head Rush 2 Bottle Bong

  • Down 2 beers in seconds
  • Famous beer bong brand
  • Affordable

This product is a step-up from regular beer bong bottles as 2 bottles can be attached at once. Drinkers can place any 2 standard-sized bottles onto this attachment and instantly chug down the alcohol. Racing games can be played to see who can chug down drinks the fastest between a group of friends.

This product is great for a variety of occasions whether that be a weekend BBQ or a spring break party. Additionally, this tool can easily be rinsed down between uses so that everyone gets to have a go without having to worry about germs.

For people who have gone through single-head bottles, this is a fun upgrade. Besides beer, any alcohol in a

7. Head Rush Necklace (Wear It, Drink It)

  • Good for bucks parties
  • Necklace to keep it safe
  • Affordable

The Head Rush Necklace can be worn so that it never gets lost during fun drinking games and parties. The large funnel allows alcohol to instantly trickle down into the mouth for drinking on the go.

Besides alcohol, normal soft drinks and water can also be inserted for people who don’t drink so that they don’t miss out on the fun as well. This is a great gift idea for people who are new to drinking as small amounts of alcohol can be poured.

On the other hand, experienced drinkers can play chugging games with friends to see who is the fastest. It is easy to clean and due to the miniature size, it can also be packed into a bag for on-the-go convenience.

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8. Bongzilla

  • Chug like an all star
  • Up to 6 drinkers at a time
  • Up to 12 beers in one go!

The Bongzilla is 6 feet tall and comes with a funnel that can hold up to 4.5 liters of alcohol. Up to 6 drinkers can use this product at once with each tube coming with its own separate value to control the speed.

If less than 6 people are drinking, plugs need to inserted into the unused tubes so that alcohol does not flow out. This is a great drinking product to accommodate large groups of friends at once. The 6 feet pole allows it to be comfortable for any person regardless of height.

Additionally, taller people can just squat down and chug from there. The Bongzilla is great for special occasions such as college parties and BBQs.

How Much Do Beer Bongs Cost?

The concept has been around for many years with it's prime being back in 2010. However you can definitely still pickup these essential party accessories online for as low as $5-$10. 

Some larger beer bongs such as Bongzilla can cost upwards of $150. 

The more capacity, the more expensive the bong is likely to cost. If it's got a stop-valve this will be more expensive as well. 

How To Clean Beer Bongs?

The most important rule with these items is to keep them clean. Run some hot water through them after use to keep them clean and sterile. 

Experts we asked also recommend cleaning them before use, but real party animals use Vodka instead of water, as this alcohol helps to sterilise the pipe. 

Caleb McLaughlin