5 Things To Do In Niue Should You Visit

Niue is a small island nation in the South Pacific, near to Tonga, Samoa and Cook Islands. Getting there is difficult, with infrequent flights from New Zealand. But once you do, this tiny country is waiting to be explored. 

Niue is one of the world's smallest countries but offers a travel experience like no other. Lush unspoilt beaches, crystal clear waters and some of the best seafood you'll experience. 

The capital Alofi offers just seven hotels, so you'll get the sense of being on your very own desert island, just a few hours from Auckland. 

So grab your camera, hydration pack and get exploring. 

  • Population: 1,624
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollar
  • When To Go: May - Oct 

5. Visit Capital Alofi

The small capital of Niue, Alofi, with its 400 inhabitants, is the smallest in the world and is the main tourist centre of the island:

here are the main services for travellers who have just landed at the airport and the main tourist facilities.

In Alofi, you can visit the Huanaki cultural centre and museum, the only museum institution on the island that allows you to know in detail the history of Niue and its traditions, as well as a rich exhibition on the island's natural and geological characteristics.

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4. Visit Local Villages

To move between the small villages that dot the Niue territory, the main and only road artery of the island is used, a ring about 60 kilometers long which follows the coast a short distance away.

The best choice to explore it is to rent a car or motorbike to be able to travel comfortably and independently, also because Niue is free of public transport.

Another activity not to be missed in Niue is the search, during the low tide hours, of the "secret beaches", the sandy areas that form along the coast in ravines hidden by the water that retracts, forming real corners paradise where you can walk and observe the corals in the shallow water.

3. Enjoy the Tamakautoga & Utuko beaches

Despite the appearance of a typical tropical paradise, Niue does not boast a large number of beaches, although the two most famous Tamakautoga and Utuko are real jewels where you can spend a wonderful day admiring the sea breaking on the coral sand.

Given the rugged nature of the coast, the most spectacular way to swim in the beautiful waters of Niue is to look for the natural pools that form at the base of the cliffs, where there is shallow water perfect for snorkelling and closely observing the incredible variety of corals and marine animals that live among the rocks.

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2. Visit Togo Chasm

The most famous and visited place of Niue is Togo Chasm, an incredible bio-geological formation formed by the fossilization of thousands of ancient corals that have created a truly lunar landscape where it is possible to admire an entire canyon that starts from the tropical forest in the hinterland and goes to the waters of the ocean.

The jagged ridges of petrified coral framed by the wonderful panorama of the Ocean are one of the most spectacular views of all Niue and although it is in one of the most remote areas of the island it is not uncommon to meet other travelers who remain in this area for a long time enchanted by its beauty.

1. Enter Niue's Caves

Niue is full of caves and ravines. At 500 meters from the village of Liku, on the east coast, there is a path that leads to the sea and caves. In these parts, it is full of openings with their small beaches, large 5 to 15 meters.

Go there to relax, sunbathe and explore the lagoons surrounded by the coral reef; come back before the tide goes up, though. Bring food and water.

Niue has no lakes or rivers, and the only freshwater resource is found in the Anapala pit, near the village of Hakupu. Another pool where you can swim after a short walk is in the Avaiki cave, near the village of Makefu.

The cave is open on one side towards the ocean, so you can take a walk on the coral reef. Water activities are the main way to spend time on Niue.

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How To Get To Niue?

Niue is only available with infrequent flights from Auckland on Air New Zealand. There is no direct flight from Australia. There are no flights from other pacific island countries. 

The flight time from Auckland is only 3 hours 25 minutes. 

Kirsty Scott