5 Best Things To Do In Tuvalu Should You Visit

Tuvalu is one of the world's smallest countries by land mass, but in terms of spread, is one of the largest as their island chain is over 670km. 

It's also one of the least visited countries on the planet, so it's a paradise waiting to be explored. Today we'll be looking at the best things to do in Tuvalu, should you visit. 

If you've been all over the Pacific and are looking for something new, why not give Tuvalu a week and explore their amazing culture and find your paradise. 

  • Population: 12,000
  • Currency: Tuvaluan Dollar
  • When To Go: Year Round 

5. Funafuti Conservation Area

The Funafuti Conservation Area is a large protected area of 33 square km. At first glance, you have the classic postcard image.

This area consisting of six islets, coral reefs, and lagoons is a national treasure born less than 30 years ago to protect the local vegetation and fauna, which includes several species of birds and fishes. The two activities practised here are bird watching and snorkelling, so as not to endanger the local fauna that includes endangered species of turtles, crabs, and sea birds.

4. The atoll of Funafuti

You can see it from the airplane moments before the landing at the Funafuti International Airport: the Funafuti atoll is a set of minute islets that stretch over the ocean for over 20 km.

This place is a magical corner of the world with the hours counted: a relaxing sanctuary embraced by the ocean. You should visit it as soon as possible: according to experts' predictions, thanks to climate change, Tuvalu may completely disappear if the sea level rises.

3. Fongafale

Fongafale is the largest islet of Funafuti. Every tourist experiences meeting the locals as they move among people who sleep peacefully outdoors on the side of the roads where you will travel on.

During the day, the locals watch the planes landing as they settle down in peace to pass the time, and meet the tourists.

Aside from this unusual image, in Fongafale you can change your currency to the Australian dollars you need there. You will find a village, Vaiaku, where you can access the internet thanks to some internet points.

2. Second World War Wrecks

If you travel to Tuvalu from May to October, when the weather permits, I recommend reaching some of these places: Fuagea, Fualopa, Tefala, Fuafatu, and Vasafua.

These are other enchanting islets where you can enjoy beautiful beaches. Finally, if you are a history lover, head to Te Ava Tepuka.

The island has on display some wrecks from the Second World War all over the place.

During the other seasons, travel to these zones may be dangerous, so these destinations are not guaranteed out of season. If the weather is fine, you can visit all the little areas where you can see other artefacts.

1. Visit atoll of Nui

Probably, the most enchanting atoll of all is Nui.

There are 11 islands located on the right side of Tuvalu. Most of them have wonderful white sand beaches, with high coconut palms swinging in the wind.

For a unique experience, head there when there is low tide. You will be able to walk from one of these islands to the others. If Nui is not available, an alternative may be the atoll Nanumaga.

Nanumaga has nothing to envy to Nui: it is oval shape contains two internal lagoons. In the northern part of the lagoon, you get a wonderful view of everything around you.

In the southern part, you might play with some of the fishes in the area. They will come to play between your legs and you will be able to caress them without any problem. Since there is an absolute ban on fishing, you will surely have an extraordinary experience.

How To Get To Tuvalu?

Tuvalu is one of the most remote countries in the world, located 1000km north of Fiji, in the central pacific. There are six atolls and three islands that make up Tuvalu, only 25 square km of land, spread out over a distance of 676 km.

Getting to Tuvalu can be difficult with no direct flights from Australia or New Zealand. The only regular direct flight is a three weekly service from Suva, Fiji on Fiji Airways. 

Additionally there is a once a week service on Air Kiribati from Tarawa on a small 35 seater Dash 8 100 series aircraft.

Air fares to Tuvalu from Fiji and Kiribati are expensive and cost a minimum of $350 USD per flight.

You can also travel on one of the few cargo vessels that visit the Pacific Islands and Tuvalu. You may need to track down a company willing to take you. Additionally some yachts frequent Tuvalu during the warm dry months. 

Tuvalu is one of the few countries that charges departure tax direct to passengers. You will need to pay $30 Australian Dollars in cash to leave the country. 

Tuvalu doesn't offer any credit card or EFTPOS facilities, so make sure you take sufficient travellers cheques or cash (Australian Dollars).

Caleb McLaughlin