5 Things To Do In Easter Island Should You Visit

Easter Island is one of those dreamy destinations that's so far away from the rest of the world, that most travellers give up at the thought of getting there.

But for those that do, there's a lot of things to do in Easter Island that will keep you entertained for a few days until your flight back to Tahiti or Santiago. 

So grab your action camera, pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. 

  • Population: 100,000
  • Main Town: Hanga Roa
  • Currency: Peso
  • When To Go: May - September 

5. Sunrise Watching at Tongariki

As one of the most iconic sites on the island, Tongariki is backed by amazing mountains facing the sea. This spot is popular amongst tourists to gaze upon the graceful sunrise.

Which rises behind the Moai statues that had tumbled and washed inland during a tsunami in 1960. Japan came to the rescue and helped restore the historical monuments to its original positions.

You can take the time to walk along the small trail to see petroglyphs and be amazed by the heavenly view.

Sunrise in Tongariki usually occurs at 8 am, but be prepared to come early to avoid the crowd, and don't forget to take your camera with you!

4. Anakena Beach

Anakena beach is the main beach on Easter Island and boasts beautiful turquoise water, calm waves and coconut palm trees. Its white sand makes it the perfect place to unwind and relax.

The great thing about the beach is that the water temperature maintains at a comfortable 20ºC throughout the year - inviting many to dip in and enjoy a good swim.

The crystal clear waters of Anakena Beach also allows you to see colourful fishes swimming around you. Other fun activities you can do on Anakena beach are shore fishing, kayaking and picnicking.

This remote and unspoiled beach is located 18 kilometres northeast of Hanga Roa and is easily accessible by car.

3. Papa Vaka

Papa Vaka is an archaeological site situated on the northern road of Easter Island, sandwiched between Pu o Hiro and Ahu Te Pito Kura.

Being near the sea, it’s unsurprising that most of the unique petroglyphs there represent marine scenes such as sharks, octopus and the main highlight - the large canoe.

Legend has it; it was carved in remembrance of the boat that brought the ancient people of Rapa Nui to the island.

A display provides informational details about the petroglyphs available on the site with easy walking trails to follow.

2. Easter Island Dancing Show

Watching a live show of the mesmerising Rapa Nui dances and music is something you shouldn't miss when visiting Easter Island.

The performances are one of the ways the locals preserve their culture, and to educate the younger generation to appreciate and love their beautiful heritage.

The dances narrate everyday life, love and war. There are several dance groups and performances you can watch on Easter Island, and one of the popular ones are Kari-Kari Cultural Ballad and Raai.

During a Tapati Festival, you can watch a dancing show at Anakena Beach under the palm trees. 

1. Ride a bike around the island

Biking around Easter Island is fun. This option allows you to enjoy the beauty of the island at your own time and pace, and let the fresh sea breeze touch your face while you cycle.

Most of the roads in Easter Island are finely paved, but some stone paths could be challenging during your ride around the island.

Be careful when the rain pours as some trails can get quite slippery. You can rent a bike from most hotels or tour agents on the main street. Bike rental can range from $15 to $25 daily.

How To Get To Easter Island?

Getting to Easter Island is easier than you'd think, despite being one of the most remote inhabited Islands in the world. You can fly direct to Santiago from Melbourne and Sydney with a connection in the airport with a 4-5 hour flight to Hanga Roa. Flights operate daily to Easter Island.

Another more adventurous option that can also be cost effective as seeing three countries is a Qantas, Air Tahiti Nui and LATAM codeshare flight from Melbourne or Sydney to Auckland, to Tahiti to Easter Island. A stopover is usually permitted in your ticket so you could stay in Tahiti.

This flight only operates once a week so you'll either need to spend a week in Tahiti or fly on an earlier Air Tahiti Nui flight which will likely add $200-$300 to your ticket. 

However, you can still see three countries as part of the trip. You can then usually continue to Santiago, explore Chile and return on the direct Santiago - Melbourne or Sydney flight as part of a round trip ticket. Now that's a bargain, right! 

Kirsty Scott