Masterclass Review Australia: Is It Worth Joining?

Are you looking for a MasterClass review? We've looked at the platform from an Australian perspective, in terms of pricing and features available to those down under. 

With over 90 different classes in 9 different genres, there's plenty to learn, but is it all hype? Or can you actually learn from your role models? Let's find out. 

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What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is an e-learning platform run established by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen. This company has been operating since 2014 and has headquarters in San Francisco, California.

What separates MasterClass from other educational websites is that the instructors are renowned personalities that are extremely established in their field.

MasterClass stars Gordon Ramsay to for cooking classes and Neil deGrasse Tyson for science. There are over 70 famous celebrities and athletes teaching content.

Content in MasterClass goes above and beyond regular lecture recordings. There is Hollywood-style videography and editing to fully immerse viewers. Besides learning from just the video content alone, there are PDF exercises available for each course.

Currently, classes are only available in English with some containing Spanish and German subtitles. Content can be viewed on a laptop or through smartphones using the MasterClass app, available on both Android and iOS devices. Chromecast is also now supported.

What can you learn on

MasterClass has videos across 9 different topics, with more than 90 classes available. Topics available include: food, arts and entertainment, home and lifestyle and writing. 

There is also sports and gaming, design and style, business, music and science and technology. Each class is typically divided into 20 10-minute lessons.

masterclass review australia

For the cooking category, the most popular class stars Gordon Ramsey, a MasterChef judge and Michelin chef. He teaches how the absolute basics of cooking from choosing the right ingredients to learning how to correctly use a knife.

Sports fans get to spoiled with lessons from Stephen Curry and Serena Williams. Stephen Curry is a two-time MVP who brought championships to the Golden State Warriors.

He has lessons available to help perfect the fundamentals of basketball, from stance to dribbling. Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam title. Her class not only includes tutorials for groundstrokes, but also how to mentally prepare for big games.

Art fans can watch lessons instructed by Natalie Portman, an Oscar-winning actress. Using both her personal and professional experience, she teaches people how to bring their character to life. There are also looks at Portman’s roles in iconic films such as Black Swan and Jackie.

Fashion enthusiasts get to have a rare look into the mind of Anna Wintour without the presence of trademark glasses. Wintour is the main driving force behind Vogue’s success. Her lessons provide tips on time management and decision-making. Fans also get to take a trip down memory lane, with videos covering past Vogue issues

Business majors might want to look into Howard Schultz’s lessons. The former Starbucks CEO who grew up in public housing managed to build a coffee powerhouse with almost 30,000 stores across the globe. Schultz teaches both young and mature minds, the art of being an entrepreneur and securing investors. 

Those interested in music may be thrilled to look into Timbaland’s lessons. This iconic producer has worked with celebrities like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Timbaland provides step-by-step tutorials on beat-making and layering.

Masterclass has PDF documents to supplement learning from the videos. Worksheets and exercises can be uploaded, where feedback will be provided from the student community.

There are occasional interactive activities with celebrity instructors. However, a schedule is not provided and an email will be sent out instead to students.

Masterclass Pricing, Payments & Guarantees

MasterClass has an annual subscription fee of $300. This is known as the All Access Pass, where all classes and lessons can be viewed in HD quality. This yearly subscription allows up to 2 people to share. All content with the annual subscription can be downloaded onto laptops and smartphone devices to watch.

MasterClass subscriptions can be purchased using a credit or debit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted. There is an option to gift subscriptions to family and friends.

Those unsatisfied with the content on Masterclass can apply for a refund. Refunds are available within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Masterclass Testimonials

MasterClass has received praise for featuring A-list stars and providing an immersive teaching experience. The content available is not only educational but also highly entertaining. It has been mentioned in The New York Times, Billboard and Vanity Fair.

Robert left this glowing testimonial:

“I’ve learned a positively immeasurable amount of things from Timbaland and Natalie Portman. It gave me this sense of possibility. Like I can actually do it. I can get a Billboard hit single, and it’s not that far away.”

Masterclass Free Trial Australia

MasterClass currently has a 3-day free trial for first-time users. There are also discounts available for organisations looking to purchase more than 20 memberships. Non-profit organisations can also directly contact MasterClass to potential receive free access to lessons.

Masterclass Review Australia

Masterclass is a great platform for learning some interesting topics from world famous individuals, however the courses are pretty short and definitely will require further study! Theres over 90 classes for a reasonable yearly fee of around $300 and you can watch or download classes on desktop, phone or TV. A growing library of classes in 9 categories.

Overall Rating:
4/5 stars




value for money


Frequently Asked Questions

What famous people can I learn from on MasterClass?

Currently they have classes from over 90 people including Serena Williams, Jimmy Chin, Armin Van Buuren, Wolfgang Puck, Marc Jacobs, Tony Hawk, Usher, Alicia Keys and Timbaland.

What classes are available on MasterClass?

You can take classes on 9 niches including, writing, arts & entertainment, business, community & government, food, home & lifestyle, sports & gaming, design & style, music, wellness, science & technology. 

How much does cost?

Currently it costs around $25 per month, which is billed annually. This means you'll pay around $300 per year. You can't pay monthly unfortunately. 

Is available in Australia?

Yes, it's available to purchase, stream and use in Australia. You'll pay in AUD but the payment is processed in USD, so it may be a little more expensive or less expensive than the price displayed on the official website. 

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