5+ Best Things To Do In Solomon Islands

A vacation full of adventure, outdoor fun and scenic tours is best had in the Solomon Islands, here are the top 5 things to do in Solomon Islands while you're there.

Jam-packed with historical relics, deep rooted traditions and picturesque natural wonders, the Solomon Islands have more than just beautiful beaches to offer. 

Snorkelling, kayaking, surfing and volcano climbing are just a few of the amazing once in a lifetime experiences you can have while on the islands. 

Fulfil your tropical vacation dream in the untouched, ecological expanses of the Solomon Islands and make the most of your experience with these top 5 things to do.

  • Population: 615,000
  • Currency: Solomon Dollar
  • When To Go: May - Oct 

1. Scuba Wreck Diving

The picturesque beauty of the Solomon Island's marine life will take your breath away. With more than five kilometres of reefs full of life.

There are trigger-fish, grey reef sharks, and orange neon slugs that habituate the island. Don't worry about the barracuda and sharks. Local tourists will guide you to a safe diving spot. 

Be amazed by the WWII wrecks surrounding the island. Wreck diving is another favourite tourist to-do-list on the island. The island is famous for the remnants of WWII ships, aircraft, and submarines. 

The largest saltwater lagoon is situated on the island and is frequently visited by diving enthusiasts. The Marovo saltwater lagoon is uninhabited and screams pure beauty of the marine life.

2. Go Surfing

The Solomon Islands is not only known for its world-class diving. Surfing is another bucket list when visiting the island. November to April is the season of surfing in the Solomon Islands.

These are the best months where the North Pacific Ocean swells. It has the perfect Northwestern facing islands that come alive during surf season, The best part? It is uncrowded so surfers can enjoy hours of riding the waves. The main surf sites on the island include; Fatboys Resort, Sanbis Resort, Papatura Island Retreat, and Kagata Village Stay.

3. Go Trekking

Aside from the abundant marine life and big waves, Trekking can also be enjoyed on the island. An excursion in the trails of the local villages and beaches of Honiara is something that must be enjoyed while staying on the island.

Tourists can also climb Kolombangara, a volcano with a perfect cone shape situated in the Western province. This is not for the faint of heart, though. 

The two-day trek involves overnight camping in the deep rain forest. Local tour guides will accompany tourists for the crater rim viewing and the whole trekking adventure.

Don't forget to witness the spectacular Mataniko waterfalls. Tourists can hire a local tour guide to explore the hidden cave, learn the WWII history, and float back to the village.

4. Bird Watching

Another tourist attraction on the island is bird watching. Tourists need to travel by boats or small planes, trek the mountains, and prepare to be on the best level of fitness. 

The best parts of the island to watch birds are Kolombangara, Makira, Isabel, Malaita, and Guadalcanal. A variety of bird species can be witnessed around the island. What makes the island unique is the Moustached Kingfisher, which is only found in the Solomon Islands.

5. Soak Up The Culture

Step back in time with the simple living of the locals. No internet, no electricity, no malls, and the best part no noise. The only noise heard is the sound of the ocean waves, the ancient ceremonial shrines will amaze and, at the same time, cause goosebumps.

For adventure seekers, skull hunting of the island's legends is a must. Or actually visiting Skull Island if you're overly keen

Finish the trip with paintings, jewellery, and basket shopping. These are all intricately designed and handmade by the locals. They are portraying their rich culture and creativity. The items are for sale in the markets and villages throughout the island.

How To Get To Solomon Islands?

Getting to the capital, Honiara is pretty straight forward with daily flights from Brisbane with Virgin Australia and Solomon Airlines in partnership with Qantas. 

There is no direct flights from any other city in Australia so if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Cairns or Darwin, you'll need to fly via Brisbane first. 

Fiji Airways offer a partnership with Air Niugini via Nadi so you could combine your trip with a visit to the Fijian Islands as well but this is an expensive ticket to purchase. 

Elsewhere in the pacific there's a once a week service from Nauru on Nauru Airlines. There's also a once a week service from Port Vila in Vanuatu on Solomon Airlines and Air Nuigini. The latter flight continues on to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea

If you're flying from within Asia, Singapore Airlines have an infrequent service from Singapore. 

Once you arrive, Honiara Airport is located just 12km east of the vibrant capital city and with taxi's and shuttles you'll be in the thick of the action in no time at all. 

Kirsty Scott