5+ Best Things To Do In Vanuatu

A trip to Vanuatu is one that you will always remember, it's boundless beauty cannot be enjoyed in anywhere under 2 months, but here are the best 5 things to do in Vanuatu. 

Floating in the warm, clear blue waters of the south pacific ocean, are the 83 islands known as the paradise of Vanuatu.

A blissful combination of active volcanoes, hospitable locals, humble villages and some of the most heavenly beaches, Vanuatu is full of sights to see and adventures to have. 

Treat yourself to a relaxing and euphoric holiday and take a trip to this enchanting place, take in its unique beauty with these top 5 things to do while you're there. 

  • Population: 275,000
  • Currency: Vatu
  • When To Go: April - October

5. Visit the island of Efata

This is the most populated island of Vanatu, and its capital is Port Vila, the hub of tourism on the islands, and the only city that is closest to the western lifestyle.

Given the influence of both the British and French population, you will find restaurants focusing on both styles of cuisine.

Among the most important attractions, we find:
•the National Museum of Vanuatu with its collection of local artifacts
•Independence Park and the Parliament Building
•The enchanting Mele-Maat Cascades Waterfall, located a few kilometres away from Port Vila
•The Eton Blue Hole is a body of water where you can admire the beauty of nature in absolute tranquillity

4. Visit the island of Epi

Epi is an island not far from Efata, famous for the Lamen Bay. Here, sports enthusiasts can rent kayaks, canoes, and even measure themselves against a reef fishing experience.

Burumba is the most peaceful part of Epi, located near a lush tropical forest.

South of the island of Epi, we find Valesdir, which includes the homonymous plantation. Here history lovers can visit the historical remains of an ancient palace, an airfield, and an enchanting bay.

3. Visit the Island of Tanna

On the east side, you can visit Mount Yasur, one of the most accessible volcanoes in the world. To the east of the volcano, you can reach Sulfur Bay, where a hot spring flows onto a black sand beach.

You can find the wonderful White Sands beach just a few kilometers up north from there. Here you can enjoy the best snorkeling, diving or swimming experiences

In the Yakel Village, history seems to have stopped centuries ago: the villagers wear pelvic cases and skirts, live in huts and perform ritual dances.

The village chief explains to the visitors that the residents, even though they know the customs, habits, and objects of the "whites", don't know what to do with them, they simply refuse them.

The only evidence of modernity may lie in a pen and a notebook on which to leave a comment

2. Visit the island of Espiritu Santu

Espiritu Santu is the largest and most beautiful island in the Vanuatu archipelago. Try to imagine mountains up to 2000 meters, impenetrable vegetation, mysterious caves.

You can relax at Champagne Beach, where you can enjoy snorkelling among beautiful corals, reef fish, and turtles.

The village of Port Orly rises on a coast with painted houses that have all shades of blue. The Riri River offers the most characteristic attractions: the blue holes.

Onboard pirogues, you cruise between transparent streams that reach a blue hole in which to bathe.

1. Choose a different adventure plan

These are other destinations for the adventurous who desire contact with nature or the divine.  The island Ambryum is the center of the practice of witchcraft, which supposedly gets strongest in the presence of volcanoes.

Pentecost is the island famous for its grandiose panoramas and the naghol rite, during which men plunge from high towers to ingratiate themselves with the gods.

On the island of Gaua, you find ancient monoliths, places of ancient ritual dances, the Siri waterfall, characterized by frozen water and Leta's lake, suitable for swimming.

How To Get To Vanuatu?

Getting to Vanuatu is pretty simple with direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. These are operated by Qantas as well as Air Vanuatu. These are full service flights with in-flight entertainment, meals and baggage included. 

Virgin Australia also offer flights via Brisbane. Additionally you can combine a trip to Fiji with a trip to Vanuatu, like I did last year with my family. Fiji Airways usually offer free stopovers and a round trip to Port Vila, Vanuatu can be the same price as flying direct to Nadi, cool right? 

If you want to fly direct to Luganville, Espiritu Santo then you'll have to take the infrequent Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane which is a direct 2.5 hour service. There are infrequent regional flights from the Island back to the capital Port Vila. 

Other islands with regional flights from Port Vila include Tanna and Norsup. One way flights typically cost at least $150 which is surprising given how low the average income is in Vanuatu. 

Kirsty Scott