5+ Best Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA Rugged Cases

Finding the best Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra rugged case for your new phone is absolutely necessary to keep your rather expensive piece of equipment safe and sound.

There is more reason than ever to keep your phone protected, as the new Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with an impressive 6.9 inch screen, an updated processor and wide-angle rear camera. 

Getting a replacement screen due to a smash can cost up to $650. Given a rugged case can be purchased from as low as $20, it's a big chunk of money, that you could avoid spending. 

A phone that big and expensive needs proper protective gear with cushioning and shock absorption and that doesn't have to come at a premium.  

So be sure to checkout our top 5 picks for S20 Ultra rugged cases in Australia. 

Note: Some links below redirect to sizing different to the S20 Ultra, so make sure you've chosen the required size before checkout to avoid disappointment. 

1. SUPCASE UB Pro Series

  • Winner CNET drop test
  • 360-degree protection
  • Rotatable holster clip

Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone only, the SUPCASE UB (Unicorn Beetle) Pro series is the winner of the CNET’s Best Case Scenario Drop Test.

Its dual-layer shock-absorbing design provides the ultimate protection against damage from accidental dropping. The frame combines with a non-slip surface to help prevent dropping the phone in the first place. The case also has an integrated screen protector.

What this means is that the case provides 360-degree protection for your phone. The materials used in its manufacture are heavy-duty multi-layered TPU and Polycarbonate.

Access to all ports, camera lens, speaker, and other controls and features is allowed by precise cutouts in the design of the case. And elevated bezel feet on the base help to balance the phone when it sits on uneven surfaces, also protecting the case from wear and scratches.

An additional and convenient rotatable holster case for attaching your phone to your belt is also included. It’s a sturdy holster clip with a strong grip which doesn’t easily move once in the position you’ve chosen.

A diagrammatic guide to set-up, as well as a QR code and link to an installation video, are also provided to help you with the initial set-up.

2. PULEN Full-Body Rugged

  • 360-degree protection
  • Slim, lightweight
  • Anti-scratch surface

Made for the brand new release Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra the PULEN Full-Body case is a stylish and rugged 360-degree protective case with all the features you need and want in a phone case. And it’s priced extremely competitively.

It’s made from heavy-duty PolyCarbonate and TPU materials for extra strength and its features include a non-slip surface to reduce accidental dropping, an anti-scratch surface to keep your phone looking brand new, and of course, the ruggedness to protect your phone from damage if it does by chance get dropped.

The back of the shell is also transparent and clear, meaning you can still enjoy the original colour and features of your Galaxy S20 Ultra. And you can still enjoy decorating the back of your phone if you that’s your thing.

The case has precisely placed cut-outs for accessing all the ports, controls, and other features of the phone. And the camera lens has a raised edge around it for complete scratch protection.

And the raised bumper around the entire outer edge of the phone provides absolute shock absorption. The case supports wireless charging – no need to remove the case, ever.

Because it’s very slim the case doesn’t add any weight or bulk to your phone.
This case does not have a screen protector.

3. i-Blason Ares Case

  • Good shock-absorption
  • Certified for up to 20 ft
  • Transparent back cover

From i-Blason comes the Ares case for the new Samsung S20 Ultra. This is a lightweight and rugged case which features an all-round raised bumper for ultimate shock-absorption in the event of the phone being accidentally dropped.

The case is made from PolyCarbonate and TPU materials. These are CNET (military) certified for protection from drops at 20 feet. Integrated air cushions and multi-layered TPU mean that the bumper is incredibly strong and effective against hard knocks and drops.

Reinforced and raised corners give even more protection. It also protects from dust and dirt, with precise port covers and cut-outs giving easy access to all phone controls and functions.

A textured rubber finish means that your grip on the phone is more secure to reduce the risk of dropping it, and it’s comfortable as well.

The case has a transparent back so you can still enjoy the original colour and style of your new phone. It also provides invisible scratch resistance. The bumper around the edge is black.

The screen and camera lens are protected by raised bumpers. The case is extremely slim and light and won’t add any bulk to your phone. This case does not come with a built-in screen protector.

4. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

  • Streamlined slim case
  • Matte black finish
  • Raised outer bumper lip

Specifically designed and manufactured for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Spigen ACS00711 Rugged Armor is a protective case which has been designed with the features of luxury motor cars in mind.

This is a streamlined slim case, with textured carbon fibre accents and glossy details. A flexible TPU material makes the case fully shock-absorptive, with a spider-web and air-cushioned interior fibre for shock dispersion, and a raised outer bumper lip which provides screen protection.  

A raised reinforced edge around the camera screen means that your lens won’t get scratched. Precise cutouts around the ports and function buttons provide easy access to everything you need without ever removing the case. And the case supports wireless charging.

The matte black finish is textured for drop-resistant grip.  The understated yet sleek Spigen logo is a nice feature on the back of the phone. And the black goes well with the screen of the S20. It’s lightweight and very slim so won’t add bulk to your phone.

The case does not include a screen protector. For the price point, this case is available at it’s is a great buy as an excellent phone protector with a great look.

5. Simicoo Samsung S20 Plus Military

  • Military grade casing
  • Screen protector cover
  • Bulky case, 250grams

Released for the Samsung S20 Ultra, the Simicoo Rugged shock protective case is an extremely tough all-round case made from military aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium plus silicone for superior strength against accidental drops and knocks.

The case has been tested with drops up to 6 feet. It is not only shock-proof but also water-resistant and dust-proof. The case is designed for the protection of your phone during rugged outdoor activities.

For this reason, the design includes a screw-in screen protector which is non-responsive to touch control so you do need to remove the screen protector to use the phone’s touch screen.

When you’re not needing to use the screen protector, i.e. when you’re just doing normal daily activities, you can leave it off.

With the screen protector attached the case is quite bulky, weighing almost 250gms. The case does allow for wireless charging, even with the screen protector on.

The case is a hybrid mix of a rigid back with reinforced corners and a shock-absorbent all-round bumper which does afford screen protection itself without the use of the separate screen protector.

The phone’s function buttons are covered but are still highly responsive to touch pressure.

How To Buy The Best Galaxy S20 Rugged Case

If you're about to purchase a new S20 ultra on a monthly plan from Optus, TelstraClear or Vodafone then buying a durable, rugged case before you get the phone is a smart idea. Sites such as Amazon.com.au offer fast shipping nationwide (sometimes free with prime). 

You can usually buy some cheaper cases from mobile phone retailers however they aren't usually graded for being rugged or military grade which means the phone will likely still get damaged in the event you drop your phone. 

Brands such as Spigen, Ballistic, Simicoo, i-Blason are well known in the mobile phone protection market so if you can find these brands, they all offer similar features. 

What Features to Look For In a Rugged Case?

You'll want to consider various features when choosing the best S20 ultra rugged case:

  • Shock Absorption

You'll want to ensure you S20 ultra is protected well with a case that offers a high level of shock absorption. This keyword should be included in the packaging. If it doesn't, I'd avoid buying. 

This usually involves internal foam padding that helps to absorb the shock when your phone hits the ground during a fall. 


Nearly all cases allow you the ability to easily press or access buttons, as well as access the headphone jack and the charging port. This is good for connecting your powerbank, charging at home without removing the case, or using your wireless earphones on the go. 

Some of the waterproof cases make it harder to access these ports, so decide on your use case and whether you need to frequently access the charging port. 

  • Drop Tested

Most models offer a drop test and what they believe their case can withstand. It's not foolproof or guaranteed, for example your phone lands on stones, this could still smash the screen. 

Some brands offer drop tests up to 20 feet while others offer 4-6ft which is the normal height used by someone on their phone walking down the road. 

If there's no rating on the drop protection, you may wish to consider another brand, with the exception of Spigen who are notorious for not including such information in their sales pitches. 

  • Front Cover Lip

You'll want a case that offers a raised front cover lip or bezel. If your phone lands face down, you'll want some protection on the screen. This means the screen would never hit the ground, instead the raised lip or bezel will instead, hopefully protecting the screen from damage. 

Cases without this might work if the phone lands on it's side or back but it's too much of a risk to take in my opinion. 

  • Screen Protector

Some S20 ultra rugged cases come with a screen protector that integrates with the case. It's a portable screen protector that can be removed to clean or when taking off the case. It's not a permanent screen cover like you might see advertised in phone stores.

This screen protector is nearly always plastic as it won't smash should you drop it. The screen protector can also help to make your phone waterproof, dust-proof and sticky finger proof! 

  • Special Features

Some rugged cases come with accessories such as a belt holder mount which is great for tradies and those out and about all day. They usually provide a plastic holder that connects to your belt and your phone slides in face down, protecting the phone from knocks. 

You may also find some cases offer a complete casing, which makes your phone capable of going underwater. While we haven't looked at any of these models today, you could do some further research on Otterbox cases which offer such cases. 

Final Verdict

I've dropped an expensive phone (P30 Pro) and it cost a small fortune to get fixed. While some consumers take out the additional phone insurance, most don't as it makes the phone much more expensive. Others have home and contents insurance that won't cover phone damage either. So the best option is a rugged case, for less than $50. 

We've looked at a few of the best S20 ultra rugged cases available to buy in Australia. If you are a regular at dropping your phone, these cases might be the best investment ever. 

Caleb McLaughlin

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys