Best Petrol Pressure Washers For The Ultimate Clean

Petrol pressure washers are a good choice for cleaning up in and around your home, as well as for any commercial cleaning jobs such as patios, driveways and renovations. They also perform well when it comes to cleaning up around the house or outside.

This article will be about how petrol power washers can provide convenience and efficiency while cleaning anything. Today we'll be looking at the best petrol pressure washers to suit every budget, from cheap and cheerful, to powerhouse units for those that simply want the very best.

What is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a device that uses pressurized water and chemicals to clean surfaces. Pressure washers can be used to clean outdoor and indoor surfaces. This can include outdoor surfaces such as concrete driveways and patios, or indoor surfaces such as shower walls and grout. It is also a very popular tool for cleaning pools, spas or jetted tubs, and is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean.

Why buy a petrol powered pressure washer?

Commonly they are available as electric units that connect to your home or business electrical sockets, however they are limited in their power and portability as electricity must always be required. While water is still required, it's easy to pick up a 100 or even 200 metre hose pipe that connects to your tap.

It's unlikely you'll find anything more than a 30m power extension cord, making a petrol washer a much better option for hard to reach areas, round the farm, or for commercial use where electricity may not always be on hand.

Petrol pressure washers are also much more powerful due to the size of their engines, petrol fuel and internal pressure generated.

Don't get us wrong, most electric pressure washers work as intended for most people, but those than want the very best, or hard to remove grout and dirt, you will definitely get better results with a petrol pressure washer.

How much do pressure washers cost?

Petrol pressure washers are much more expensive than electric pressure washers, for most people they cost around $1,500-$5,000 but for those who want the very best, this is a good investment as a petrol pressure washer will last much longer than a cheap electric pressure washer.

However, today we're going to show you some budget friendly options that you can buy for less than $500 - what a bargain! 

The Best Petrol Pressure Washers In Australia

1. Jet-USA 4800PSI Pressure Washer

  • Powerful engine
  • Built-in detergent tank 
  • Suitable for cleaning vehicles

This machine is equipped with a 212cc 4-stoke OHV engine with a maximum pressure of 4800PSI. There are several different nozzles available for a variety of cleaning tasks. The 0° and 15° narrow nozzles are suitable for heavy-duty work like the driveway and paint stripping.

The 40° tip is best for low pressure chemical washing. The 25° wide spray can be used for cleaning vehicles and other medium-duty tasks. Lastly, there is an 84° tip nozzle for releasing soap and other cleaning solutions.

All these nozzles complement the spray gun and can be used on brick, concrete and wood surfaces. This machine also includes a separate detergent tank attached to the main body. This model can tolerate water temperatures at a maximum of 50°C.

The handle is wrapped in a cushioned pad to rest the hands. This is a compact product, standing at 100cm in height with a low weight of 33kg.

After use, the top handle can be detached from the body to save space and store this machine. A purchase of this pressure washer comes with 5 nozzles and a 10m hose. This item is available in a black and red finish.

2. Giantz 4800PSI Pressure Washer

  • Powerful pressure water
  • Suitable for deep cleaning
  • Portable and lightweight

This pressure washer from Giantz runs at a maximum force of 4800PSI with the use of a 210cc 4-stroke OHV engine. It runs at 3600RPM to make cleaning a quick and efficient task. The include hose is 20m long but can be lengthened to 30m with the extender.

There are 5 nozzles available, each catering to a specific task. There is a pencil jet spray for targeted cleaning, a narrow spray for more intense washing, a wide spray for day-to-day activities and a low-pressure spray for fragile areas.

There is also a nozzle specifically for soap spraying. Additionally, a turbo head is provided for deep cleaning. There are 3 spray lances at different angles to create an easy cleaning position.

A maximum water temperature of 60° is compatible with this pressure washer. Extra soap can be placed into the in-built detergent tank.

This machine is 87.5cm tall with a weight of 40kg, making it both portable and lightweight. The handle can be folded which makes storing this product hassle-free.

This is an ideal household addition for cleaning vehicles, walls, decks and other surfaces. It is available in a black and bright yellow finish. 

3. Kolner K7500

  • Powerful Engine
  • Great Functionality
  • Convenient Construction

The Kolner K7500 is fitted with a 210cc 4-stoke OHV engine with a maximum pressure output of 4800PSI. This product can be used for a number of cleaning jobs in the house from light vehicle washing to getting out stains from decks.

There are 5 nozzle heads included which cater to a variety of conventional cleaning activities. Narrower nozzles should be used for vigorous spot cleaning while wider nozzles can handle light-duty and more intense cleansing.

There is a dedicated nozzle to release soap, detergent and other solutions. Cleaning solutions can be stored in the detergent tank as well for easy access. J-shaped and U-type lances are also available to wash hard-to-reach regions.

This item can be used on a variety of surfaces from wood, stone and hard plastic. Conventional water temperatures should be applied.

There is a long 30m hose which is included in the box. This pressure washer stands at 100cm high with a small weight of 39kg. This compact size makes this machine easy to transport and move around.

There is a soft grip handle to adhere to the bar and provide seamless control. This machine comes in a bright yellow/orange and black colourway.

4. ETOSHA 4800 PSI Pressure Washer

  • High pressure water 
  • Built-in detergent tank
  • Suitable to clean vehicle

This pressure washer from ETOSHA is made up of a 210cc 4-stroke OHV engine that can provides a force of 3000PSI with typical use. However, the power can be upgraded to 4800PSI for heavy-duty cleaning.

There is a rotation speed of 3400RPM, ensuring fast work. There are 5 nozzle tips available that are designed for target-spotting and more wide, heavy-duty washes and chemical applications. Cleaning solutions and chemicals can be placed in the in-built soap tank.

This machine is compatible with water at a maximum temperature of 60°C and can be used to clean vehicles, walls and floors of different materials.

Concrete, brick, wood and plastic surfaces can be cleaned thoroughly with this pressure washer. An 8m hose comes included to be used in conjunction with this machine.

Movement can be directed through the all-metal handle which has enough space to fit 2 hands comfortably and provides a firm gripping point. This is a smaller household product with a height of 105cm and low-weight, providing on-the-go convenience if needed.

The small size also allows a low noise level as well, preventing neighbours from being disturbed. This item comes in an orange and black finish.

5. Certa Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

  • Self-suction capability
  • Convenient hose roller
  • Suitable for any cleaning

This machine is fitted with a 196cc 4-stroke OHV engine that is suitable for everyday cleaning at home. This pressure washer can be used to clean roof tiles, light vehicles and many other surfaces. There are 5 nozzles made out of stainless steel included.

These nozzles are each angled differently to provide spot-cleaning, heavy-duty washes and to apply soap as well. Additionally, cleaning solutions can be stored in the in-built detergent container.

There are also 3 lances at various shapes, namely curved, angle and straight to make it easy to reach tight areas and corners. Water temperatures ranging from 0 to 40°C can be safely used to clean with this machine.

This pressure washer is designed to be environmentally-friendly with smart utilization of water. It is a smaller pressure washer, standing at a height of 82.5cm and a low-weight of 36.3kg. The small frame makes it easy to move around and store.

There is a soft grip handle which ensures firm and precise control over the machine. There is a 20m hose included to provide a long travel distance without having to move the product. This item is available in an all-black finish with bright red accents throughout.

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