Best Party Speakers Australia (Reviews + Ratings)

A party without music is not only boring, it's just plain awkward! For a party everyone will remember, you need the best party speakers to pump up the volume. 

Powerful volume and a thunderous base is a necessary ingredient to an energetic party and a fun time, as music is the foundation for setting the tone and atmosphere of the party. 

Your guests emotions and energy levels will adhere to the music you play, therefore, you need party speakers that will produce only the best sound quality.

We have 5 options lined up for you to choose from, each with its own independent features, accessories and particular style. 

The Best Party Speakers Australia

1.Sony MHCV72D Wireless Speaker

  • 360-degree sound
  • NFC One-Touch
  • LED party lights
  • 39 controls

Featuring both party and speaker lights, wide-angled tweeter units and Bluetooth-enabled controls the Sony MHC V72D party speaker system delivers a powerful sound which fills the room.

The 360-degree surround sound and superb natural tones at all frequencies come from the engineered front and rear tweeters, a jet bass booster, and an open-backed cabinet construction.

The sound is projected to the party all around the room. The bass notes are enhanced by a tapered reflex system which focuses the bass airflow so it can be fully heard and felt wherever you are.

The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and when paired up with your Smartphone can be controlled by touch or by voice command using Fiestable.

Use NFC One-touch for the connection and you’re instantly streaming. LDAC is also enabled for three times the data flow to the speakers, noticeably increasing the quality of the sound. And DSP Technology gives the music a ‘live’ feel so your party will take on the atmosphere of a real concert. Even compressed music files are restored to high fidelity via DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine).

And then there are the visual effects of the speaker system. The Speaker and Party Lights flash and change colour in response to the music. The entire system can be controlled by the Fiestable app on a Smartphone, selecting Voice Control.

There are 39 commands including controls over the music, the lights and even Karaoke. This also includes gesture controls. The system also includes an integrated DVD player, HDMI Output, and multi-device connectivity.

2. Sony GTK-XB7 Extra Bass

  • Diasy chain multiple together
  • LED party lights
  • Multi phone pairing

The wireless Extra Bass speaker from Sony is a battery-powered Bluetooth-enabled compact audio system designed particularly with digital (compressed) music files in mind.

The use of DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) restores digitally compressed music files close to their original recorded sound, taking away the ‘tinny’ effect that compression gives to music files, and reinstating the detail, richness and depth of the music you love.

And to add even more life to the party the speaker has multiple LED lights around its perimeter and rear, with a variety of colours and effects including rainbow and strobe which synchronise with the beat of the music being played.

Using Wireless Party Chain, the Sony system allows you to connect up to ten compatible wireless speakers using Bluetooth and synchronise the music and the lighting for a truly ‘big’ party atmosphere.

LDAC is a technology which transmits three times the data than normal Bluetooth, further enhancing the quality of the music. The Bluetooth technology enables you to control the entire system from your Smartphone by downloading the Sony Music Centre app and the Fiestable plug-in.

You can choose voice mode or gesture mode to control not only the music (skipping, cueing, playlists, volume etc) but also the lighting and DJ effects.

Multiple Smartphones can be paired simultaneously, giving even more musical choice and control with a built-in battery but the capacity for being wired to a power outlet (thereby saving battery power), you can enjoy your music anywhere.

The battery life can be further lengthened by using Stamina Mode.

3. Aiwa Party Speaker

  • Powerful woofer and tweeters
  • LED party lights
  • Affordable luxury

At an affordable price tag, the Aiwa Bluetooth Party Speaker delivers a big sound and an exciting light show for a great party atmosphere. The speaker can be controlled from a Smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Once paired the device is good to go with a simple tap from then on. Stream from either the music files in your library or from FM radio channels. There are USB, micro-SD card and AUX device ports for other sources of audio input. And two microphone input jacks for karaoke or more serious singing sessions.

There are 2 x 10” woofers and 2 x 3” tweeters in this unit, and it produces a very powerful 100W sound. It also features a 5-band equaliser, adjustable bass and treble levels, and a Bass Boost function.

The result is an impressive depth and richness of tone at all frequencies, removing the superficiality that digital music can have due to the compression effect.

In addition, the speaker has colourful LED lights which react to the music being played. There is a convenient slot on top of the unit to hold the phone, tablet or other device being used to control the music and lighting.

4.Bose Home Speaker 300

  • Crisp deep bass
  • AirPlay 2
  • Connect to Bose products
  • Voice control

The Bose Home Speaker 300 is a super-compact mono speaker that packs a punch. Setup is simple with the Bose Music app. Once that’s done there are several options around how you control and use this little trooper.

You can add the Bose 300 to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant family of devices. Or you can simply use WiFi, Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay 2 to pair it up to your Smartphone or other devices. You can also wire it up to your audio source with the 3.5mm jack.

And it can be synchronised to your other Bose smart speakers and soundbars for a multi-room or truly surround sound effect by connecting it to your Bose SoundLink Speaker. Stream from any compatible music service or use your own audio sources.

This speaker features built-in voice control with a six-microphone set up to pick up the command even in a loud external environment.

It also has presets on the top for tapping certain frequently used commands such as play, pause, skip etc. The speaker produces a powerful and realistically deep bass.

The sound is a 360-degree immersion effect for optimum enjoyment. Small and sleek in Triple Black or Luxe Silver the Bose 300 speaker is a great little addition to your home’s sound system.

5. Sony MHC-V90DW High Power

  • Huge nearly 2m tall
  • Powerful bass
  • Multiple LED party lights
  • Automatic WiFi streaming

Sony’s recent addition to their home audio system collection is an imposing 175cm tall speaker called MUTEKI which delivers both superb sound and an impressive lighting display to pick up the party mood in an instant.

The speaker features a wide sound angle and a strong air pressure to fill the room with music. Its horn-shaped design pushes the sound out over longer distances. And the open-back of the cabinet means that the music reaches the rear of the space as well, delivering a truly immersive atmosphere.

Built-in coloured lighting glows from within and projects onto walls and other surfaces to envelop listeners in radiance which pulses to the music and creates a club-like atmosphere.

The speaker is Bluetooth enabled so can be controlled by a Smartphone or other device with the Sony Music Centre app, and features Sony’s LDAC technology, which transmits three times the data than normal Bluetooth, further enhancing the quality of the music. Fiestable plug-in gives ultimate control over the speaker’s lighting and different modes.

Chromecast is built-in, meaning that you have automatic WiFi streaming, as well as access to your own media sources from compatible devices.

There is a Gesture Control mode, as well as Karaoke and DJ modes. Inputs for music sources also include microphone and guitar jacks.The speaker can be easily moved around with a sturdy caster wheel on the base.


If you're having a party, you've got to get yourself one of these epic party speakers. You will definitely throw the best party if you start playing your tunes on these crazy speakers that are priced up to $1,000. 

If money isn't an option and you want the best party speaker with the deepest bass and crystal clear audio then you should buy the Sony MHC-V90DW. If you're less focused on bass but want something premium then the Bose Home Speaker 300 is a worthy winner in any home or apartment. 

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