5+ Best Outdoor Patio Heaters In Australia

Enjoy barbecues with friends and family year-round with some of the best outdoor patio heaters, according to 2020 customer reviews and ratings. 

The chilly winter climate is starting to kick in and it's time to start thinking about how to stay warm, however, this is no excuse to hibernate inside for months until summer rolls around again.

A quality outdoor patio heater will ensure the heat it produces isn't lost in the wind or the air, but is projected directly onto your skin or the objects around you. 

In addition, you are able to choose from a range of types of heaters, including wall-mounting, floor-standing and tabletop heaters, so you can pick one suited precisely for your patio.

Find below the most highly recommended outdoor patio heaters that will keep the party going (combine with party speakers), past nighttime and through the undesirable winter months. 

How To Choose An Outdoor Patio Heater?

Choosing a patio heater often comes down to the use case. Are you going to be using this in your backyard or on a commercial scale such as in a bar or restaurant?

Backyard users can definitely get away with a smaller patio heater, such as area heaters. These are perfect for warming up a table of diners or a couch area. Larger areas such as multiple tables or bar counters will likely need a 2 metre heater that is higher than head height.

These 2m patio heaters will heat up a wider area although they usually cost more due to their size. 

Nearly all patio heaters are gas powered and offer long use, up to 9 or 10 hours of continuous use per bottle. Some smaller wall heaters are electric powered. These are usually cheaper to purchase but long term can be more expensive due to electricity prices. 

If you've got electric power outlets outside then an electric patio heater can be very convenient as you don't have to lug empty gas bottles around, especially if you use your heater regularly. 

Gas heaters usually offer a more intense heat, although electric ones can offer a cosy feel. Commercial grade electric heaters can be beneficial to consider too as they usually mount to a wall outside your house. We haven't covered any below, but it's worth considering. 

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters Australia

1. Gasmate 2m Patio Heater

Whatever the outdoor living or entertaining occasion Gasmate has the answer for you! From heating to cooking to camping accessories you’ll find what you need from this well-respected brand.

Suitable for either home or commercial use the Gasmate 2-meter tall patio heater is a must-have for entertaining outside on those cooler days or nights.

Constructed from sleek and sturdy silver stainless steel, the patio heater is compact enough on the base for guests to gather comfortably around and feel all the radiant heat from the 76cm diameter top reflector.

The appeal of the glowing red ‘mushroom’ at the top of that tall pole will draw everyone in - they won’t want to leave the party! No more numb fingertips or red noses – yours will be a party to relax and enjoy whatever the temperature outside.

A 9kg gas cylinder (not supplied) will last an impressive 9 hours on a maximum 40Mj output.

The heat level is adjustable, and the coverage is an impressive 12.5 square metres. The tall support pole is extra sturdy and has a built-in anti-tip safety switch. The Piezo ignition is easy to light, and the heater does come equipped with hose and regulator.

2. Devanti Gas Patio Heater

Devanti has a patio heater to beat the rest with its ultra-sleek polished stainless-steel gas heater. The slimline look just invites admiration, and when the heat’s turned on all eyes are drawn to the gentle red glow at the top of the silver pole.

The Enders Eco-Plus burner technology incorporated into the Devanti gas patio heater gives it the same heat output as a conventional 12kW electric heater, yet it consumes 30% less gas and emits 305 less carbon dioxide.

This is eco-technology at it’s best: highly efficient, economical, emission-free and all-round eco-friendly.

The Devanti is safe to use around family and friends. Its 9kg gas cylinder is stored inside the stainless steel base and secured with belts behind a lockable hinged door.

There is easy access to its on/off valve. The flame itself is safely away from human contact behind a guard, and the whole heater has tilt protection via automatic gas shutoff when tipped over. The wheels allow for easy and safe manoeuvrability.

The Devanti gas patio heater is fantastic for either home or café/restaurant use. Its heating area of 35 square metres is easily large enough for the home BBQ, and a few will readily cover a commercial dining or bar area.

3. Gasmate Gas Area Heater

Wanting to heat up an intimate area on those cooler nights at home? The Gasmate area gas heater is just what you’re looking for.

This is a squat design (135H x 40W) suited to a smallish area where a few people are seated or standing. The heater takes a 9kg propane gas cylinder and will run for 17 hours at full heating output on that.

The design creates a delightful ambience for small outdoor gatherings. It has an adjustable heat output so you can achieve the atmosphere without full heat output on milder nights.

Safety features include an oxygen depletion system (the gas shuts off if the flame goes out) and a unit tip-over ‘off’ switch.

The heater has an efficient and powerful 27.5 MJ/hr output. Ignition is a rotary direct type. The heater is equipped with a hose and regulator.

The area heater from Gasmate is definitely great value for money. Easily assembled, easy to operate and safe to use it’s a must-have for pretty well every household with a patio area.

It’s an excellent size for every day/night use when you want to take the chill edge off the evening or need some more serious warming up.

4. Heller 2000W Electric Heater

Forget time-consuming heavy gas cylinders which need refilling and fiddling with valves and ignition switches. The Heller 200W electric patio heater turns on with the flick of a power switch and a long 2.8m pull cord.

This Is a super safe heater with no open flame to be concerned about and an inbuilt tilt safety switch. It’s easy to assemble and is designed for simplicity, style and quality. It’s also very portable and a very slim upright shape for easy storage.

The heater has three heat settings which are easily adjusted by the pull cord. It has a coverage of up to 25 square metres and a height-adjustable pole to bring the heat down to the party.

The heater can even be used indoors, in a marquee or under a veranda.

Made from stainless steel and finished in a stunning matt black this is a statement heater to be sure. And it’s cheaper and so much easier to run than traditional gas patio heaters are. 

With all these features the Heller patio electric patio heater certainly delivers a punch and has the flexibility to meet your varying needs.

5. Gasmate Black Pyramid Flame Heater

Gasmate patio heaters are well known for their style, efficiency, effectiveness and ease of use. The Black Pyramid Flame Outdoor Heater is no exception, providing the warmth of gas heating and the beauty and ambience of flames.

Differing from most patio heaters in its style and looks the Black Pyramid is shaped, as suggested by its name, like a pyramid, with the gas-powered heating element rising through the upper half of the central column of the pyramid.

The gas bottle sits underneath in a secured and sealed-off safe compartment. The heater features an Oxygen Depletion Safety System which senses when oxygen levels are low and automatically shuts off the gas.

There is also an auto shut off switch which activates when the unit tips or tilts. And the gas also shuts off if the flame goes out.

This heater sits 175cms high and 49cms wide so is quite a sizeable heater, suitable for large gatherings. It will last 14 hours at maximum heat on a 9kg bottle of gas.

It has an electronic ignition for easy lighting of the gas flame and comes equipped with a hose and regulator.

The entire heater is made from a very attractive black powder-coated stainless steel.


Choosing the best outdoor heater can be difficult with so many different options available on the market. However, we believe these are 5 of the top picks right now. You can purchase these from most hardware stores but the best deals are online so be sure to checkout online pricing before purchase. 

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