5+ Best Outdoor Speakers (Reviews, Ratings)

Whether you're enjoying a barbecue with friends and family, or perhaps hosting a pool party, finding the best outdoor speaker will take your party to the next level.

Why should the perils of the outdoors stop you from enjoying music outside? Or from experiencing clear, crisp, good quality music for that matter. 

These options will keep the weather elements in mind, while ensuring audio quality is consistent and is dispersed across a larger area. 

Music is the crucial ingredient in creating a fun, laid back atmosphere at your party, and the outdoors shouldn't stop you from enjoying the same level of audio quality. 

Best Outdoor Speakers Australia

1. Bose Free Space 51

  • Waterproof: Yes 
  • Emits: 360-degree 
  • Bass: Deep, powerful  
  • Connection: WiFi or Wired 

Ideal for outdoor settings where wall mounting is not possible, the Free Space 51 speakers from leading acoustics brand Bose are an excellent performer.

They will bring the party to life with all the musical subtleties you want for great listening even in an open space.

The speakers are made from an extremely durable green plastic and can be placed anywhere without concern about impact from the weather.

The downward-firing 4 1/4 full-range driver is water-resistant and the speakers can handle temperature extremes from -30 to 60 degrees C.

They also endure other poor weather conditions for very long periods. They can be permanently mounted or secured, or simply placed and moved as desired.

Each speaker emits sound in a 360-degree radius for the optimal sound through the entire garden or other areas. The size of the space is virtually unlimited.

These speakers challenge the sound of an open-air live concert even when used at a long distance from the source and with other competing noises.

They do not distort the range even when turned up loud.Simply connect them to your stereo or other receiver with appropriate speaker cable and you’re ready to rock’n’roll.Each speaker measures 32*32*32cm.

2. Bose Environmental 251 Speakers

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Emits: 180-degree 
  • Bass: One 13cm woofer
  • Connection: WiFi or Cable

With a tough exterior shell designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, the Bose 251 Environmental speakers are proven to deliver the best of audio quality even in a large outdoor space.

With cabinets made from mineral and glass-filled polypropylene, they will survive snow, rain, salt and extreme temperatures, with weather-resistant hardware included as well.

The speakers are capable of producing a surround sound experience even in an open space. No more hunting for the ‘sweet spot’ in your outdoor entertaining or living area.

They use an Articulated Array design for a wider field of sound than is found in normal indoor speakers. This involves the use of two full-range drivers at angles which produce strong natural stereo sounds as you move around.

Twiddler drivers with glass composite cone and silky light surrounds to create clear notes at high frequencies under all conditions.

And on top of that, the speaker cabinet encasing the woofer is multi-chambered to inhibit distortion and clarify low-frequency notes for a more natural effect.

Each speaker measures 34.3H*14.6W*20.3Dcm and weighs 3.6kg. They come with mounting hardware (screws and anchors), self-adhesive rubber feet, four knobs and two brackets. Speaker wire is not included.

3. Sonos Outdoor Speakers

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Emits: 180-degree
  • Bass: Crisp  
  • Connection: Wired

Designed and engineered to withstand all weather and to deliver amazing audio in an outdoor setting the Sonos Architectural Speaker Series by Sonance are an investment in your home. The series includes both indoor and outdoor speaker sets.

These are what’s called ‘passive’ speakers. That means that they do require an amplifier to function, and the Sonos Amp is the recommended device to team the speakers up with.

The set up then works as a streaming console for the entire home, both inside and out because the Indoor speakers can be installed inside the home in the ceilings or walls if desired as part of the architectural structure of the home.

The Outdoor sets are speakers which can stand up to humidity, water, sea-salt, heat extremes, UV rays, and freezing temperatures.

To set up the speakers with the amp and audio sources you need to wire the speakers to the Amp and install them where you want them to be.

Download the Sonos app and you can then also access AirPlay 2 and loads of compatible streaming services including Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music etc.

You can pair up to six Sonos Architectural speakers (three sets of two) with a single Sonos Amp. That will be more than sufficient for most homes.

Outdoors you’ll experience the same superior sound as you can inside your home. No distortion or lack of volume or clarity. They are designed as a right and left-hand pair so placement is important to achieve the best quality stereo sound.

The set comes with FastMount pivoting wall brackets for ease of sound direction control. They are extremely versatile in the way they can be installed – flush against a surface, on a pole, horizontally or vertical, under an eave etc.

Again, they do need to be wired to the Amp using suitable speaker wire, and they will be streaming capable once paired to the downloaded streaming apps you have already installed to that amp.

First timers need to add the Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi Amp. 

4. Polk Atrium6 Loudspeakers

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Emits: 180-degree
  • Bass: Powerful 51/4" woofer
  • Connection: Wired

The Atrium 6 outdoor speakers from Polk are a sturdy pair of speakers designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and produce a great audio experience even in an open outdoor space without shelter.

The speakers are a compact design but give great bang for the buck. The bass is a pleasant surprise coming from a small 51/4” woofer – it’s big and natural and strong without distortion or heaviness. The mid-range and higher frequency notes are dispersed evenly over large areas with clarity and no loss of detail.

There is a depth and balance of tone which belies the fact that these are outdoor speakers competing with external environmental factors. It’s rich and crisp and natural. This remains true at all volumes.

The materials used in their manufacture include aerated polypropylene, butyl rubber, anodised aluminium, and neodymium, all contributing to an all-weather certified endurance product with an exceptionally long effective life. Aluminium gills and brackets together with brass hardware are rust-resistant forever.

Simply wire the speakers to your audio source/receiver and they’re ready to go.
The speakers are available in paintable black or white.At the price point, these are excellent value for money and very well received by the market.

5. Klipsch AW525 Outdoor Speakers

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Emits: 180-degree
  • Bass: 51/4" woofer
  • Connection: Wired

Featuring a UV-resistant ABS external cabinet and rustproof aluminium grill the AW525 Outdoor Speaker set from Klipsch is a hard-wearing all-weather loudspeaker for outdoor settings such as poolsides, patios and BBQ areas. These also suit outdoor movie nights.

The speakers each have a 51/4” IMG woofer and 1” titanium dome tweeter paired with a

square Tractrix Horn (patented) designed for the optimal audio experience in an open-air setting. The bass is delivered via dual front-firing ports for best effect.

The sound delivered is true, rich, undistorted and natural even when the volume is cranked. Distance is not a barrier either, with the sound remaining clear and crisp even at 20+ feet away. These do not sound like typical outdoor speakers and compete favourably with much more expensive rivals.

The materials and design of the speakers also include an easily drained input cup and a heavy-gauge zinc C-bracket and threaded insert for mounting.

All included hardware is stainless steel. The external cabinet is available in black or white but can be painted to suit its surroundings.Installation is very easy – simply wire to an appropriate receiver with suitable speaker wire and you’re set to go.


Buying outdoor speakers for your home doesn't need to be an expensive purchase, unless you want the highest quality speakers available, but for most people the standard speakers on offer are best for them.

Due to the advancements in technology and cheaper components, you can pickup outdoor speakers online for a reasonable price. You can often install them yourself, or hire the services of a local audio technician to help you. 

Most now offer some form of WiFi connection to your internal speakers, thus only requiring outdoor power instead of wiring back to the main hub too. 

If you want to buy our recommendation on the best outdoor speakers Australia has to offer then checkout the Bose Free Space 51's. 

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