5+ Best Nail Guns In Australia (Reviews)

Why run the risk of smashing a thumb or ruining a DIY project, when you could just invest in one of these best nail guns?

A nail gun is a necessary purchase for any tradie or home owner who is always hammering in nails and is worthwhile in the long term, as it deposits nails quickly, precisely and safely, without the risk of damaging your materials as well.

As with many popular products, there are a multitude of models and brands claiming to be the 'best', which is why we've made it easier and narrowed it down to 5 options for a great nail gun.  

Best Nail Guns In Australia

1. Stanley Fatmax Nail Gun

The Stanley Fatmax nail gun is a battery-operated power tool which is designed primarily for home uses and DIY projects such as door and window trims, furniture building, arts and crafts etc.

It has a mechanical action not a pneumatic one and therefore performs well at lower temperatures and is very consistent in its action.

The safety lock is an important feature of any power tool. The tool-free fixing of jams and stalling makes it quicker to get back to the job, as does the tool-free depth alteration.

The latter feature means you can drive the nails into materials of different thicknesses, or to different depths.

The gun uses a rear-loaded nail cartridge which holds 100 nails and accepts nails of 16 to 64mm with a 16-gauge diameter. It also features a LED error indicator and two work lights on its nose for increased visibility of your work area.

The lights are operated by pressure on the nose tip. And the end of the gun is rubberised to prevent marks and indents on the wood.

The tool accepts three different Stanley branded Lithium-ion battery packs: the 18V 1.5Ah, 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah. Neither the batteries nor the charger is included with purchase.

2. Giantz Nail Gun

The Giantz nail gun is a two-in-one power tool designed for interior carpentry work, either for the DIYer or the tradie, which uses either nails or staples.

The tool is powered by 20V Lithium-ion battery (included with charger) and uses a mechanical action. It uses a quick-release stainless-steel nail cartridge which holds 100 nails or staples.

The gun will fire 18-gauge nails of 15 to 50mm, and staples between 10 and 40mm. It has a maximum output of 100 nails/staples per minute.

It has two firing modes – single or continuous, enabling the user to fire just a single nail/staple or to fire many along a continuous line.

The gun also features a depth regulator and a ‘No-Mar’ tip to minimise marks, scratches and indents on the surface being worked on.

Two LED lights on the front end illuminate the workspace. It has an anti-dry fire system which makes it shut off when there are no fasteners in the cartridge.

A warning light flashes when the cartridge is empty, the machine chamber is jammed or the battery is getting low.

With the nail gun itself you'll receive the battery and charger, 200 x 18-gauge 40mm brad nails, 200 x 18-gauge narrow crown staples, sturdy carry case and User Manual.

3. Bosch Tacker PTK

The Bosch PTK 3.6 cordless staple gun (tacker) is a battery-operated hand tool which is both lightweight and compact for comfortable use on DIY projects around the home or arts and crafts activities.

It uses a 3.6V Lithium-ion battery which is included with purchase. The charger is not included. The battery has a long charge life, and there is a charge level indicator to alert you to low power levels. The battery has no self-discharge and no memory effect.

It can be charged whenever it suits the user and holds the charge over long periods of not being used. Electronic Cell Protection prevents overheating and overloading.

The tacker has a Push and Release system so the gun will not fire accidentally, and in addition to that safety feature, it will not fire unless the tip is firmly pressed against the piece of material being worked on.

The magazine which holds exactly one strip of 100 staples is bottom-loaded into the tacker and easily re-filled. There is no risk of over-filling it.

The size of the tool (16.5 x 18.5 x 12.3cm) and its weight (0.8kg) means that it's very comfortable over prolonged use, and the soft-grip handles sit neatly in the hand.

The tacker comes in a sturdy metal carry case, with 1000 staples (type 53, length 8mm) and a charger power cord.

4. Freeman PE2118G Cordless Nailer

This cordless stapler and nail gun from Freeman (the PE2118G) is powerful and fast. Ideal for both DIY and commercial use.

The 18V Lithium-ion battery (two are supplied with purchase) provides strong power for driving in either nails or staples and is quickly and conveniently recharged in 45 minutes while the spare battery is employed. The charger is also included with purchase.

The cordless design gives versatility around movement - no need to drag around a heavy and noisy compressor and long air hose.

The gun fires approximately 400 shots per charge and 30 staples/nails per minute. The cartridge is loaded into the gun from the bottom and will take 18-gauge brad nails (3/4" – 2") and 18-gauge narrow crown staples (3/4” – 1 5/8”). You can select two firing modes: single shot or ‘bump fire contact’ mode.

The latter allows for a fast firing speed of multiple fasteners in a row. A tool-free wheel adjuster allows for the perfect firing depth every time, for different thicknesses of materials or different length nails/staples.

Your work surface will not be subject to any marks, indents or scratches due to special nose-tip provided. And the two-stage trigger prevents accidental firing.

A low nail signal, two side illuminators for low-light conditions, a tool hook, a comfortable grip, and easy jam clearance access are just a few of the other features.

In addition to the batteries and charger, the product comes with 1,000 fasteners and a moulded carry case.

5. Numax 16 Gauge Nail Gun

With an operating pressure of 70 to110 psi (5-7 bar) and a powerful energy rating of 241 in-lb, this pneumatic nail/staple gun from Numax is an ideal choice for the DIYer or art/craft enthusiast.

It works as well through hardwood as it does through balsa wood.

The pneumatic power source gives rise to exhaust and the gun has an adjustable airflow direction.

The weight (1.9kg) and size (305 x 77 x 295mm) of the gun make it extremely manoeuvrable and also a very comfortable tool for prolonged use especially at difficult angles.

And the fact that it is a pneumatic tool means that the user can adjust the power output to suit the task.

The magazine has a capacity of 100 nails/staples and uses 3mm diameter fasteners.

It will accept nails of differing lengths and loads easily into the gun from the top using a slider mechanism. It has an adjustable drive depth which doesn't require tools and a quick jam release mechanism.

The tip (or nose) of the machine is padded to ensure that it doesn’t mark, scratch or make any indents on the work surface. It also provides a non-slip surface against the work area. Overall, the gun is reliable, accurate, sturdy, easy to load and easy to use.

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