5+ Best Man Cave Products (Reviews + Ratings)

So you want to find the best man cave products available in Australia? We have everything you need to deck out your private room away from the spouse and kids. Use some of our recommendations to create a fantastic man cave in your own home. 

All the products below are sure to turn a boring house into something special and whether you're looking for something different or something unique you'll find it below. 

There are many different places you can purchase man cave products from in Australia but we found all these on Amazon which offers fast nationwide shipping. Other websites you could checkout include YellowOctopus and ManZone. 

Best Man Cave Products

1. KSports Pub Size Pool Table

  • Includes all accessories
  • Not too heavy
  • Fast assembly

Pool tables are not all equal. If you want one which will last you forever, which has a surface as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom yet as fast and tight as a drum the KSports is for you.

This pool table is a high-quality item for a serious player who appreciates the finer details of a top-notch table.

The high-speed blue wool felt playing surface is 25mm (1 inch) thick. The table weighs 150kg making it strong and durable and giving it a long lifetime.

It’ a pub size table measuring 2.45 x 1.3 x .85 metres with 50mm extra thick legs for solid support and stability. The leg height can be adjusted by around 1 inch. The table has a ball return.

Accessories included with the table are 2 x ½ cue sticks; 1 x cross pool assist cue; 1 x score counter; 1 x set of pool balls; 1 x set of snooker balls; 1 x set of Kelly pool; 1 x wall-mountable cue stand; 1 x triangle for balls; 1 x box of chalks; 1 x table brush; and 1 x water-resistant table cover.

Assembly is required but the pack comes with detailed instructions and a link to a YouTube video.

This table will be just the thing to attract your mates for an arvo or Saturday night in your man cave – you may need them to help set the table up to start with!

2. ZJchao Electronic Dartboard

  • No need to keep score
  • Up to 4 players /game
  • Optional games

Are you wanting fun man games to play with your mates in your man cave? Or something to do as a family with your teens? Darts are a really great way to have some fun without needing much space.

It’s engaging and it’s not a kids’ game. There’s no limit to the number of players you can have and there are many variants of the game to keep everyone happy. ‘Around the Clock’ is a popular starter game as you’re learning and then you can get progressively more difficult.

The ZJchao dartboard is a bit special because it has an electronic interface which monitors where the dart hits the board, records that score and recalibrates the overall scores.

The results are all shown on an LCD, using four colours to differentiate between the players. The board also keeps score through numerous game variants described in the Instruction Booklet.

The board has an ultra-thin spider which reduces bounce outs and also allows for closer dart groupings. Plastic dart tips prevent damage to the board’s surface. The target face has a regulation standard 15” diameter.

The board comes with 6 darts and an Instruction Booklet which includes descriptions of dart game variants.

The board is battery operated (3 x AAA not included).

3. Shadow 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair

  • Super comfy
  • No assembly needed
  • Looks sleek

Floor rocker type gaming chairs are becoming increasingly popular as a budget-friendly way to find a comfortable gaming chair. These chairs also fold up for easy storage when not in use.

The Shadow 2.0 gaming rocker chair is both compact and comfortable. It’s compatible with most major gaming devices including PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and Xbox One.

The headrest has an integrated analogue sound system for a surround sound experience while you immerse yourself in your games.

To play PS4 or Xbox One you may need a digital to analogue converter (not included) if the necessary sound outputs aren’t available on your TV.

Given that it’s sitting on the floor this chair can handle quite heavy weights compared to pedestal gaming chairs.

No assembly is required beyond connecting it up to your TV, and it comes in a range of colours.

If you’re a grown man who likes to play games on the TV, like Xbox, then this rocking chair may be perfect for your man cave.

You’ll be super comfy, rockin’ away and lost in the game with the sound in both ears from a couple of inches away. And no interruptions. That’s what the man cave is all about, right?

4. Go Pong Beer Pong Table

  • Perfect drinking game
  • Folds away for storage
  • Sturdy, not cheap build

What on earth is beer pong I hear you ask? Well, I asked. So, I looked it up. Apparently, it's a popular drinking game which involves one player throwing a ping-pong ball across a table (like a ping-pong table) trying to get the ball to land in a full cup of beer at the other end.

There are several cups of beer at each end of the table and a few players on each team.

The beer pong table is a must-have for a man cave. There is an undeniable connection between men, beer, man caves and drinking games.

This table includes the 6 balls you need so all you have to supply are the cups, the beer and the players.

The table is 2' shorter than beer pong tables normally are so the game is not quite as challenging, but the smaller size makes it easier to fit it into a normal size room.

The table is 6-foot long and made from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium with a beer-proof MDF top which is easily cleaned.

The legs and top fold into a compact briefcase size with carrying handles for easy storage. And portability! Take it on family holidays as well or camping trips to add some diversion and fun.

5. vidaXL 10 Seater Casino Poker Table

  • Full size poker table
  • Choose carpet colour
  • Drink slot, dealer chip store
  • Comfortable arm rest

Whether you’re playing with real chips at a real casino, or with real money or plastic pretend chips at home, card games are fun, and poker is an especially popular favourite with the big boys.

Perhaps because there are so many variations of the game around, the pace is fast, and the stakes can get high. Luck can turn on a dime, and if you miss the best time to call it a night then you may be in trouble at home the next day!

So how better to furnish your man cave than with a casino-style poker table?

The vidaXL is a fabulous 10-seater casino table with all the features you’d want and accessories on top.

The table measures 208(L) x 107(W) x 81(H)cm. It has a casino-grade green padded felt playing surface and an extra comfortable padded leatherette armrest.

The table’s racetrack is studded with 9 built-in stainless-steel cup holders so drinks are safely held and spills are avoided. The croupier (dealer) area is equipped with a chip tray (which is removable for cleaning) which holds 500 chips.

The table is very sturdy, sitting on solid semi-circular MDF legs. It will last a long time.

Assembly is required but is not difficult.

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