Best Robotic Lawn Mowers (Product Reviews + Ratings)

If you've got better things to do on the weekend than pushing a noisy lawn mower around your backyard, you need to buy into this latest trend, robotic lawn mowers!

Now available in Australia, there's a wide range of different brands and models to choose from to suit every budget. Whether you simply want a budget friendly mower or a fully fledged F1 style mower, we've looked at them all. 

Available for lawns of all sizes, robot lawn mowers are easy to setup and due to their electric battery packs are super quiet allowing you to get on with your day without disturbing your neighbours too. Some require you to setup a perimeter fence around your property while others are smart enough to detect the end of the lawn. 

They don't come cheap though, although we're still in the early days of this technology. As new brands and models launch the price will likely come down. You'll pay more for features such as theft sensors, rain detectors, Bluetooth and Wireless. You'll also pay more for larger robots that can work for more than 2 hours or those that cut larger areas. 

Read on to find out which robotic lawn mower is best suited to your requirements.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

1. WORX WR140E Landroid Robot Mower

  • Award winning fully automated
  • Control via smartphone app
  • Cut to edge, 3 blade cutting
  • Smart auto scheduling. 

Just like robotic vacuum cleaners for the inside of your home robotic lawnmowers for the outside grassy areas are such a timesaver if you have larger lawns. They are effortless and suit lawns up to one-quarter acre.

The WORX Landroid (WR140E) adapts intelligently to the individual features and specifications of your lawned areas. It learns the shape and the growth rates of your grass and develops a suitable algorithm.

The robot is designed to mow more frequently than you would normally mow manually and thus keeps the lawn looking great all the time.

It mows right up to the edge of the lawn for a clean neat finish which requires no manual trimming or touching up.

There are accessories which can be purchased to meet special features of your lawn, such as magnetic strips which can be used to create exclusion areas. And a Garage for the robot to stay protected from the elements in when not in use.

New software developments are automatically updated without you needing to do a thing. WORX has a smartphone mobile App which allows you to control the operation of the Landroid from wherever you are.

It features a patented mowing system which allows the robotic mower to pass through narrow gates and along narrow pathways. It has a rain sensor which alerts it to cease operation in wet weather or if a sprinkler is on.

The Smart Auto scheduling feature means that you can either rely on its recommended schedule or manually programme your own.

Battery-operated, the robot uses the same 20V Powershare Battery Platform that is compatible with all other WORX 20V tools.

2.Ambrogio L60 Robot Mower

  • Up to 50% slope support
  • No perimeter wire needed
  • Brushed motors, 4 tooth blade
  • Long battery life.

Designed for smaller gardens up to 200 square metres and with slopes up to 50% gradients, the Ambrogio L60 Deluxe robotic mower from Italian manufacturer ZCS, is as simple as 1,2 3 to use.

Simply turn it on and let it get to work. (It takes two Lithium-ion batteries and the manual charging point is easily located at the top of the unit).

There’s no need to set up perimeter wires or other auto-stop devices - the robot can be immediately used from the box once charged. The average running time on a full charge is two hours.

The cutting edge is 25cm and height is 42 – 48mm.

It features a reinforced bumper for durability and protection of the unit as well as walls, garden beds and edgings. Note however that the Ambrogio has extremely effective sensors anyway to avoid it running into obstacles.

There are a tip-over sensor and an emergency stop button. It does not have a rain sensor however and should not be used if the grass is wet.

It’s also advisable to maintain the lawn regularly so that the blades are not over say 6cm or thereabouts for best results.

Commands are included in a user-friendly and intuitive LED keypad design, and it also has a Bluetooth receiver so it can be completely controlled from the cloud via a smartphone.

3. Lawnba E1800S4

  • 55% allowable slope support
  • 2.5 hours of continuous cutting
  • Requires perimeter wire
  • Returns home when finished.

The Lawnba E1800S4 robotic lawnmower can manage areas up to 1,000 square metres but will need recharging every 400 square metres (that’s three hourly) and successfully mow approximately 180 square metres per hour.

It has an adjustable cutting height of 2.5 – 5.5mm and a cutting width of 21cm. The three retractable blades rotate at 3,000 rpm. It can manage slopes up to 30 degrees.

This is a very quiet machine (60dB).

It can be operated manually with a push-button control interface, or via WiFi connectivity using the free App for both IOS and Android devices.

A perimeter wire is needed for prevention of the robot hitting obstacles or falling into pools and so on. However, it does have bumpers and safety sensors which make it turn around. If lifting occurs while it’s operating it will automatically shut off completely. And for additional safety, there is a large Emergency Stop button on the top of the unit.

The mower can be programmed to work up to six areas in a set schedule, bearing in mind the battery life of around three hours, when the unit will return to its charging base. The rain sensor will also prevent the mower from leaving its station or from continuing its schedule until the rain has stopped. The unit is weather resistant though so is not required to be housed undercover.

4. Ambrogio 400i Delux

  • 11 hours of continuous cutting
  • 45% allowable slope support
  • Smart partition cutting system
  • Touch display
  • Costs $23,000!

From Italy comes the Ambrogio 400i Deluxe robotic lawnmower.

This is a unit which can manage very large gardens, including those with separated areas of lawn.

The robot is WiFi-enabled and can be fully controlled from compatible Bluetooth devices via the Ambrogio Remote App.

You can programme its schedules, tell it to stop and Go Home or to Work Now, be alerted to it leaving your garden by either Geo-Fence or Anti-theft alarms and much more. Alternatively, the robot comes with a tablet which can be used exclusively to control the robot via a user-friendly touch screen interface.

The robot has recall and will store virtual maps (including the use of a compass system and GPS) to maximise the efficiency of its work time.

If it senses that an area has not been mown for some time it will spiral cut the grass first before cutting it to the optimum height. Similarly, it will detect grass which is already short and not mow that area to reduce work time and increase efficiency.

A blade brushless motor and high-efficiency wheels have a longer life and require less maintenance than others. They also have lower noise levels and energy consumption levels.

There is a total cutting width of 84cm spread over three separate independent blades which allow for mowing on uneven and sloping surfaces.

An emergency stop button the top of the unit allows you to stop the machine if necessary.

5.Gardena Sileno City 250

  • Mows up to 250 square metres
  • Weatherproof, incl heavy rain
  • 3 blade pivoting razor
  • Returns to home on completion.

The Gardena Sileno City 250 robotic lawn mower is a  labour-saving device capable of taking care of all your grassed areas at home. Gardena is a subsidiary of well-respected brand Husqvarna and this machine has hallmarks of the quality of products with that brand name.

This robot arrives with the option of using an online tutorial assistant to help you programme a mowing plan designed for your needs or designing a plan yourself. It is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled (including programmed)  from a compatible device.

The unit can manage areas up to 250 square metres. It runs on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which is charged when the unit is in its docking station.

Using boundary wires (which can be laid down as a permanent fixture) to delineate the mowing area, it also has sensors to alert it to obstacles which it then moves around or away from. If by chance the unit is tilted or lifted there is an auto-stop function to allow the user to touch it safely.

It manages 25-degree slopes and the Easy Passage function allows it to navigate narrow passageways quite easily.

The robot is weather resistant and can be operated in any conditions, even pelting rain. The PIN code requirement for turning it on and off is also an effective anti-theft feature.


If you're looking for the best robotic lawn mowers Australia has to offer then you can do no wrong with the five mentioned above. Each have their own pros and cons, we particularly like the WORX WR140E

Some websites such as offer the biggest range from a wide range of brands with fast shipping. 

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