10+ Best Kitchen Gadgets [Trending Products]

How many times have you seen a gadget for the kitchen you never thought you needed or wanted until you saw it in action? 

We've spent the last few weeks scouring the web using Thieve.co, for the latest kitchen gadgets that are trending around the world. Joseph Joseph products came up a lot, but we've found some other quirky gadgets too. 

Whether you're looking for a gift idea, or something for yourself, you're sure to find something below. Plus with fast delivery, you will be using them in no time at all. 

1. Joseph Joseph Spiro

Spiralled and grated food looks great but often comes at a messy price and leaves your kitchen covered in noodles and food scrapes.

The Joseph Joseph Spiro offers and quick and stress-free solution. The cleaver and compact design come with three separate blade types; a coarse blade, a fine blade, and a grating blade.

Create uniform curly noodles out of almost anything with the coarse and fine spiralling blades, and grate up cheese, fruit, vegetables, and salad with the grating blade. Best of all its all collected in a see-through canister at the bottom, and not all over your kitchen bench.

2. Easel Book & Tablet Stand

Are your cooking books full of stains, spills, ripped, and stuck together pages? Then its time for an Easel book & table stand.

No need to rearrange the mixing bowl, chopping board, and knives to make room for your tablet or recipe book, just pop them in the easel and continue to cook up a storm.

Made from a light Beachwood and small enough to fit in your kitchen draw, simply adjust the angle as needed, and fold down again for easy storage.

3. Lemoniere Citrus Juicer

When life gives you lemon, you need a Lemoniere Citrus Juicer. Don’t waste a drip and make juicing lemons fun and easy with a two in one juicer and watering can.

The juicer separates pulp and seeds so you can easily pour the lemon juice straight over your vegetables, fish, salads, or any meal you want to add a little zing to.

The thick handle and wide spout make pouring simple and when you’re finish the juicer separates into two separate pieces for easy clean, and storage. Try it out with oranges or grapefruits and have fresh juice at breakfast every morning.

4. Smart Avocado Saver Clip

Every Aussie loves avocado and knows the struggle of finding it has gone bad in the fridge overnight. Save yourself the pain of throwing away the unused “avo” half in the trash or chopping away brown and unsavoury bits until there’s almost nothing left.

The Smart Avocado Saver Clip does exactly what the name suggests and saves your avocado halves from oxidization keeping them fresher for longer. Perfect for big and small avocados, simple and easy to use, and dishwasher safe this is a must-have in every kitchen.

5. Joseph Joseph Yolkcatcher

Scared of all the mess and difficulty that comes with separating egg yolks for the whites? Fear no more. The Joseph Joseph Yolkcatcher makes it easier than ever. The Yolkcatcher can separate up to a dozen eggs at a time, so if it’s a 6 egg white omelet or an Australia day Pavlova you’re sorted.

Designed with food-grade BPA free and dishwasher safe plastic, the Yolkcatcher catches the egg yolks in the lid above and allows the whites to drain through the specially devised holes collecting underneath.

The lid is removable so you can pour the whites out where they need to completely mess-free.

6. Infusion Food & Drink Smoker

Create that unique smoky flavor without the need for a smokehouse and the fear of lighting the house on fire. The infusion Food and Drink Smoker allows you to make mouth-wateringly smoky dishes in under two minutes.

Just place the desired food in a bowl, container, or zip-lock bag with the smoker tube, then add the wood chips to the smoker.

The smoke is defused over the food or drink and within a few minutes, you’ve created that subtle smoky taste only real smoke can make. Smoke everything from meats and cheese to sauces, cocktails, and more.

7. Joseph Joseph Doorstore Chopping Boards

Is your kitchen getting more and more cramped every day? Why not take advantage of the space behind your cupboard door? The Joseph Joseph Doorstore Chopping boards are easily attached to any cupboard door completely tool-free with a slim silver storage case.

There is two boards differing in size and colour. The two boards have a knife friendly textured finish, have non-slip feet, and are completely BPA free and dishwasher safe.

8. 4 Raclette Tealight Candle Cheese Melters

Cheese toasties, Mac and Cheese, Nachos, and Pizza, it's official, everything tastes better with cheese. Don’t believe me? Try it at home with 4 Raclette Tealight Candle Cheese Melters.

Place a tealight candle inside the cylinder, light it up, place your mini frying pan on top, add the cheese and within minutes you'll have delightfully melty cheese ready to pour over the food on your plate.

The Raclette set comes with 4 metal cylinder stands, 4 mini frying pans, and 4 wooden spatulas. It’s easy to use, delicious and fun; you’ll soon find your self adding melted cheese to everything.

9. Joseph Joseph Sink Pod Caddy

Between the sponge, scrubbing brush, and steel wool your skink can be full even before the dirty dishes start pilling up. The Joseph Joseph Sink Pod Caddy can help with that. 3 strong grip suction caps allow you to store your cleaning tools conveniently and neatly to the side of your kitchen sink.

Made with a BPA free plastic and designed with drainage holes so it doesn’t fill up with water. Cleaning is hassle-free as it divides up into several pieces. Ideal for small kitchens with minimal bench space

10. Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

It’s 5 pm somewhere, so crack open a cold one with a Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener. You won't need to go scrambling through the third draw in the kitchen or blunting another knife, your bottle opening is now conveniently on your fridge.

This means you won't need to track down the bottle opener at parties or find someone’s chipped the corner of the table. The bottle opener is devised with an exceptionally strong Rubberised magnetic back so it won't be going anywhere even when in use.

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys