5+ Best Digital Kitchen Scales Australia (Buyers Guide)

Whether you’re a professional chef, or an ordinary at-home cook, a digital scale is necessary to perfecting any recipe. But which is the best digital kitchen scale?

Ensuring the correct measurement of ingredients is mostly reliant on a good quality scale, and is therefore a staple for any professional or home kitchen.

Accuracy, functionality and the capacity of your digital kitchen scale are factors that need to be brought into consideration when searching for the best scale for your kitchen.

That being said, all five of the following models fulfil these criteria and are fantastic options for a new digital kitchen scale.

1. 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Measurement from 1gm to 5kg
  • Positive action buttons
  • Auto-off function

With a widescreen LCD display and measurements shown in an option of units (grams, ounces, pounds, and millilitres) this kitchen scale will suit all kitchen chefs, home or professional.

Built with a superior quality strain gauge, the 1byone digital scale gives precision in measurement from 1g (0.4oz) up to 5kg (11lbs). And finished in painted chrome plastic it is safe for all food to be placed directly on the measuring surface.

The latest generation sensor technology provides instant results, and the Unit Change button means that you can see the measurement in different units without removing the food from the scale.

The scales also feature auto-zero, auto-off and tare functions for fast calibration. Other pleasing design features about the 1byone scales are that the buttons are a positive action type, not touch-sensitive, so the user has control over the functioning.

The auto-off function is not too quick and allows time for you to load the food being weighed on to the scales. The scales are a good size and the 5kg upper weight limit is very useful for roasts and larger items.

The 1byone kitchen scales are battery-operated (2 x AAA), and the batteries are included for immediate use after purchase. Finished in elegant black and chrome, the 1byone scales are pleasing to look at as well.

2. Godenzi Kitchen Scale

  • Measure from 1gm to 5kg
  • Combine chopping block & scale
  • Wipe clean design

Simple and stylish yet functional the Godenzi kitchen scales are made from a combination of bamboo and ABS plastic.

The weighing platform is a natural, tough yet lightweight bamboo which looks great on the kitchen bench and contains no glass to shatter.

The weighing mechanism with the sensors is contained in sturdy and waterproof ABS plastic for durability.

Under the platform are four high precision sensors which will weigh the food (or whatever else you want to weigh) to within 1gm accuracy. The scale will weigh in units of grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms.

The LCD screen displays the weight as you add ingredients, and you can convert on the go by pressing the UNIT button.

There is a TARE function to measure separate ingredients as they are added, and a ZERO function to re-start measuring. The scales also have an auto-off function for energy saving.

The bamboo used to make the weighing platform is an ecologically sustainable product. There are no chemical sealants used so your food is safe to place directly onto the surface.

It’s easy to care for – simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and occasionally apply a little coconut or olive oil to keep it from drying out. The Godenzi scales are battery-operated (2 x AAA included).

3. HogarTech Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Measure from 1gm to 5kg
  • Anti-fingerprint technology
  • Sleek design

HogarTech digital kitchen scales are equipped with high precision sensors for accurate weighing of even the smallest of amounts, including lightweight jewellery if you like.

They have several functions to improve your weighing experience including a TARE function which allows you to weigh individual ingredients as they are added to the container on the weighing platform, an auto-off function for power saving, and a low battery indicator.

All the functions and the weights are displayed on the bright easy-to-read LCD display on top of the platform. The scales measure in grams, ounces, kgs and pounds with quick conversion between them as you go.

Volume measurement is also enabled. A maximum weight of 5kgs will suit most home cooks, and a minimum 1gm should meet the needs of most gemologists!

The scales are battery operated (included). The scales are lightweight, compact and portable and can be easily stored away when not in use.

They are finished in sleek stainless steel with anti-fingerprint technology which is easy to maintain.

Baking is pretty well impossible if you can’t accurately measure the ingredients. The HogarTech digital kitchen scales will open up a world of perfect baking results with no-fuss accurate weighing.

4. AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Measure from 1gm to 3kg
  • Portable design
  • Simple buttons

The AMIR digital kitchen scales are a compact unit which measures between 1gm and 3kg. Ideal for baking, dieting, general cooking, jewellery, medicine, and other weighing jobs around the house.

The scales measure in gm, oz, ozt, dwt, ct and gn. They will even allow you to count numbers, eg the number of screw or beads.

With a clear blue backlit LCD screen, you can move between different units with the M button, as well as adding pieces and counting as you do so with the PCS function.

The Tare function provides a net weight. The easily legible display also alerts for low battery, overload and uneven surface placement.

The scales come with two trays (10cm and 13cm) for holding items being weighed. They are an excellent add-on for ingredients like spices, rice etc. 

The weighing platform is made from high-quality stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean and maintain.

The whole unit is designed to be strong, accurate, fast and user-friendly. Measuring only 4” x 5” x ¾” the AMIR mini scales are small and portable and ideal if you’re wanting to watch what you eat on the run. The scales are battery operated (2 x AAA included) and come with complete User Brochure and Instructions.

5. Digital Kitchen Scale by IDAODAN

  • Measure from 1gm to 10kg
  • Large LCD back-lit screen

If you’re into baking or general cooking in large quantities the IDAODAN digital kitchen scales may just suit your needs.

With a maximum weight capacity of 10kgs, they are double the size of most other kitchen scales out there. Yet they are still quite compact and will fit comfortably into most kitchens.

These scales are made from a combination of ABS plastic (underneath) and food-grade stainless steel (weighing platform).

You can measure foods or liquids and the scales will measure in gm, oz, lb, fl oz and ml. The large LCD display and function button screen are backlit for ease of reading.

The scales have a Zero function which allows you to remove the weight of a container being used to hold ingredients being weighed.

There is a Tare function which lets you weigh new ingredients as you add them to the container being filled on the scales.

There is an Auto Shutoff function for power saving. The Low Battery alert will let you know when to replace the batteries, and the Overload alert will tell you when you’re reaching the maximum load-bearing range of the scales. The scales are battery operated (3 x AAA included).

The IDAODAN scales will most definitely help you with whatever you need to weigh, whether that be food on a weight loss programme, ingredients for cooking, herbs and spices, coffee beans, or other items such as parcels for posting.

James Hunter

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