5+ Best Vegetable Spiralisers In Australia (Reviews)

The best vegetable spiraliser will revolutionise your regular diet, allowing you to incorporate more vegetables into your meals, for a healthier, more balanced diet. 

You may be wondering what a vegetable spiraliser is exactly, as it is a fairly niche product and has only recently grown in popularity due to the revolutionary keto diet plan. 

This tool basically turns any vegetable into a noodle, ribbon or curl, depending on your food desires and the particular model, and for a fairly reasonable average price too!

This handy tool will make incorporating more vegetables into your diet easier than ever allowing you to cut carbs and grains, promoting better health and even weight-loss.

Keep reading for a detailed list of the top 5 vegetable spiraliser models on the market!

Best Vegetable Spiraliser

1. Sedhoom Spiraliser 4-Blade

  • 4 blade options
  • No hard pressure required
  • Highly rated online

Ideal for creating interesting and super healthy pasta from all kinds of veggies such as zucchini, sweet potato, carrots, etc, the Sedhoom spiraliser is easy to use and easy to clean.

There are four blades options which allow for a choice of pasta/spiral thicknesses and shapes. Excellent for fussy youngsters! And blade changes don’t involve handling the super-sharp blades.

It can be done by simply rolling the gear in backwards. And the blades are made from food-safe stainless steel.

The entire machine is manufactured from high-quality materials which are all of food-grade standard and are dishwasher safe.

To use, simply place one hand on the Push Handle and lightly push the other hand on the Crank Handle to spiralise your chosen vegetable.

No hard pressure is required – gravity does a lot of the work. And the machine has its own container to catch and store the end product.

The blades are so sharp that the job is done very quickly. A suction cup on the base stops the spiraliser from sliding across the workbench and cutting your fingers, keeping it safe at all times. The quality of the spiraliser is first-class. It’s certainly made to last. 

2. Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade

  • 3 different blades
  • Turn the handle
  • Compact and lightweight

From Paderno comes the World Cuisine 3-Blade vegetable and fruit spiraliser. This handy kitchen appliance cuts veggies and fruits into curly ribbons which can replace traditional pasta for those on gluten-free, Paleo or other diets, or make eating these food types more attractive and fun for fussy kids in the house.

Made from strong plastic and with three sets of stainless-steel blades, the machine can produce straight ribbons, long thin spiral strands or thicker spirals.

The thicker spirals are great as an alternative to pasta with a sauce. A straight blade produces long ribbons, c-cuts or half-slices – great for salads and slaws.

And a shredder blade gives you spirals which are perfect for soups, salads, wraps, and stir-fries.

Operating it is straightforward: simply place the piece of fruit or vegetable on to the corer on the blade plate and press the prongs on to the other end.

Turn the handle while at the same time pushing the base toward the chosen blade to achieve the cutting of the food. The spiraliser can handle a piece of food up to 10” long and 7” thick. Ideal foods are zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, apples and sweet potatoes.

The machine is made from quality ABS plastic (BPA-free) and stainless-steel. All elements are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

And it’s quite compact, measuring only 30.5*15.2*22.3cm and weighing 450g. Four suction feet on the base ensure a safe non-slip operation with no fear of being accidentally cut whilst using it.

3. WonerDevg Perfect Slicer

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Featuring 7 blades the vegetable slicer and spiraliser from WonderVeg is a quick and easy way to create interesting meals and side dishes out of vegetables (and fruits). The versatility of having a choice of seven blades puts this spiraliser into a class of its own.

Whether you’re avoiding heavy carbs, starting on a Paleo or other diet, wanting to stun a party crowd or trying to sneak extra fruit and veggies into your kids’ diets this is the appliance you need in your kitchen.

Make ‘zoodles’, homemade potato fries, veggie crisps and fries, salads, healthy soups, vegetable pasta and so much more.

This is a lightweight but sturdy machine with a suction cup base for stability and a nice easy mechanism. The handle turns easily as you cut the vegetable or piece of fruit, not requiring much pressure.

A handy Instruction Book gives you all you need to learn how to use it in a very short space of time and includes some starter recipes.

It comes with a handy drawstring bag with the extra blades, extra suction feet, spare crank handle and a cleaning tool. The blades store within the spiraliser itself.

Clean up is easy as running water and the supplied brush.

4. Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer

  • Hand held device
  • Two Japanese razor-sharp blades
  • Easy dishwasher clean

The Kitchen Supreme Zucchini Spiral Noodle Maker is a handheld spiraliser designed for making vegetable spaghetti/noodles to replace traditional gluten pasta and noodles when you’re wanting to avoid carbs or simply increase your vegetable intake.

This appliance also comes with a ceramic peeler, flexible cleaning brush and nice storage bag. All parts are made from food-grade BPA-free materials.

The two Japanese razor-sharp blades are made from heat-treated stainless steel and are guaranteed to keep their sharpness and to not rust.

You can create some amazing meals with the help of this appliance. The opening of the vegetable slicer is 6cm in diameter so you can transform quite large vegetables into low-carb low-calorie noodles to have with a traditional or vegetarian pasta sauce.

Try zucchinis, squash, carrots or cucumbers. The best vegetables to use are straight and long with minimal bumps and curves. It has a built-in finger-guard and a safety cap to prevent accidental injury. It’s safe for children to use (under supervision of course).

It comes assembled and ready for use and is safe to put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. It’s small enough to be stored in a kitchen drawer. A recipe book is included with purchase so you won’t be lost for ideas.

5. Joseph Joseph Spiro Handheld

  • Sleek design
  • Two different styles
  • Cleans easily

The compact and unique design of the Joseph Joseph Spiro Handheld Spiraliser is hard to go past if you’re in the market for something that’s mess-free and easy to use for creating veggie noodles at home. And Joseph Joseph certainly has a reputation for designing clever kitchen gadgets.

The design is so easy: it’s a jar to hold the noodles which has a soft-grip lid which turns and cuts the vegetable into spirals which drop into the clear glass jar.

The lid, which is made from a slip-resistant material, has two guide arms which hold the vegetable in place as you turn it.

There are two different styles of spiralising blades, coarse and fine, for different thicknesses. It also features a grating blade for cheese etc. This spiraliser is best suited to softer skinned vegetables because of its design.

The vegetable needs to be secured to the top and It does rely on the effort from the hand alone which does limit it to these foods. And it’s also best suited to smaller amounts because of its compact size.

Once you’re done, it cleans very easily and then all the parts fit into the appliance for storage in a drawer or cupboard corner.

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