5+ Best Kayak Garage Storage Hoists

When it comes to storing your kayak, it's a problem faced by many first time kayakers. You could leave it outside if you're lucky enough to have your own lakefront property, but most of us don't, so we've got to store it inside our garage or shed. Propping a kayak up against a wall is OK but if you've got lots of other tools and toys in there, you'll want to make some space and that's where the kayak storage hoist comes in.

Today we'll be looking at the best kayak garage storage hoists and mounts to suit every style of user and budget. From pullies, to wall hangers, there's something for every budget and their super easy to use by yourself. 

The Best Kayak Garage Storage Devices

1. CrazySales Kayak Hoist

  • Maximum load of 45kg
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Multi purpose

This kayak hoist from CrazySales can bear up to 45kg in weight thanks to the durable steel construction. The hanging components measure 26 by 13.5 by 14.5cm and is lightweight, with a mass of around 2kg.

Hooks and other steel parts are dusted by black powder which allow long-term use without rust.
This hoist allows extra storage in the garage due to the 13m lift pulley network which allows kayaks or bikes to be held securely from the ceiling. It is best positioned in areas with high ceilings.

The straps that come with this item are 180cm in length which can withstand the length of many kayak models. On the other hand, there is 13m of rope made out of dual fibre which is both easy to install and employ.

2. VIVOHOME Kayak Hoist

  • Maximum load of 55kg
  • Premium build
  • Various uses

This hoist from VIVIOHOME allows items like kayaks and bikes to be hung up to 10 feet above the ground. There is a maximum capacity of just over 55kg. The hooks are constructed out of iron and are wrapped in rubber.

This prevents any scratches and dents to be imprinted on hung products. The pulley system has a safety clasp feature involving buckles which prevent any accidents.

This is a beginner friendly product where manipulating the rope can allow heights to be modified. The rope is made out of nylon and is around 13m in length.

When joined together, the metal components are expected to have dimensions of 28 by 28 by 15cm. This hoist comes in black and is lightweight, at only 4kg. 

3. RAD Sportz 2028 Kayak Storage Strap

  • Maximum load of 25kg
  • Stainless steel heavy-duty
  • Use indoors or outdoors

This hooks and straps package from RAD Sportz can endure a maximum weight of 25kg, making it suitable to carry a standard kayak. It is also incredibly lightweight at 350g and can be positioned both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the durable metallic fiber straps, years of use can be expected with little to no tear. With components all joined up, a size of 27 by 21 by 9.5cm is provided.

This set comes with stainless steel bolts which ensure that everything is tightly fastened. The attachment system is made up of quick-release buckles which makes it easy to put up and take down an item.

In total, two straps and hooks are provided to evenly hold up a kayak. This set comes in an all-black colourway.

4. RAD Sportz Wall Hanger Pro

  • Maximum load of 55kg
  • Easily mounts to a walls
  • Perfect for home use

The Wall Hanger Pro from RAD Sportz can be attached to various surfaces such as walls and benches. It can hold a maximum of 55kg, which makes it ideal to store items like kayaks and surf boards.

The straps are made out of nylon and ensure that products are tightly secured without the risk of dents and scratches.

The rack is constructed out of stainless steel which is both sturdy and durable. It is partially covered with padding for extra grip. A measurement of 33 by 4 by 69cm can be expected with all parts assembled.

The Wall Hanger Pro is 2kg in weight and uses a secure buckle system for attachments.
This item can be placed in an office or garage. It comes in an orange and black colourway.

5. Suspenz Universal Portable Boat Stand

  • Maximum load of 45kg
  • With 2 separate stands
  • Indoor and Outdoor use

This set from Suspenz comes with 2 separate stands. Each product is made up of an aluminum chassis which ensures long-term use. A single stand weighs around 3kg with a measurement of 57 by 41 by 10cm.

It is designed to be placed on the ground and can balance kayaks on uneven surfaces. This package can be positioned on the beach and wooden planks as well, allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications.

There is a maximum weight bearing capacity of 45kg using both stands. Each item is decorated with rubber grips and a durable strap which enables even weight distribution.

The stands come in matching yellow colouring. There are several uses including as a working surface or just for simple storage.

6. Malone Auto Racks SlingTwo

  • Maximum load of 62kg
  • Simple no hassle mounting
  • Can accommodate up to 2

The SlingTwo from Malone can accommodate up to 2 standard kayaks, with a maximum capacity of 62kg. It can be attached on the ceiling or an empty wall to free up storage space. The hook and strap system weigh just over 500g to prevent pressure on surfaces.

With the metal components fully assembled, a measurement of around 21 by 4 by 4cm can be expected.

The straps provided are 1.5 inches in width for maximum security when holding up kayaks. Loading and unloading is simple thanks to the carabiners and d-ring attachment mechanism.

The SlingTwo can be positioned in the garage to open up more space below. It is easy to assemble and beginner friendly. It is available in a bright orange colour.

How much do kayak storage hoists cost?

You'll find many different options but you generally get what you pay for. Cheaper models may have inferior materials which could rip apart causing your kayak or canoe to fall to the ground and get damaged. However it's true you definitely don't need the most expensive model in this industry, as it's often a budget model rebranded. 

You can usually pickup a kayak hoist for around $100 - $200. As you've seen here today in this article, there's a wide range of different options around this price point. 

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